Prince: Little Red Corvette &The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

I haven´t listened to this Song in quite some time, reminds me of my youth.

When I was a child, I did not like Prince at all. I found him weird, because I would always see on TV that Video Clip from WHEN DOVES CRY, a famous Song he had back then.

He sat in a bath tub totally naked and was acting a bit feminine, it was weird to me as a child.

Later I was told as a Teenager, that I sing a lot like Prince, meaning my Falsetto Voice, which has always been a complete separate Voice I have besides my “normal” Singing Voice.

I checked out his Music and loved it. The compositions of the Music itself, the instrumentation and arrangement, was phenomenal.

The first Song I noticed, I knew from hearing but seriously, as dumb as it sounds now, had no clue it´s by Prince, is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD.

I love this Song, it is one of my favourites for a long time now and I trained it so perfectly well, I can sing it exactly like Prince. In fact, my first ever professional Vocal Demo I made in a Studio when I was a Teeny was KISS by Prince. The Sound Engineer in the Studio said to me: I have seen many singers, but you are unique. We haven´t had such a good Singer in our Studio in 25 years! I will never forget that. It meant a lot to me. But before that, the very first time I ever entered a Studio to show cast my voice, I sang DIRTY DIANA by Michael Jackson.

Here is a Song for today to remind of the Good Ol´Music back in the Day that was REAL ART.

A Song about how Men think about Women, a well meant disguised Advice to Women by Prince: You need a Love that´s gonna last…


One thought on “Prince: Little Red Corvette &The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

  1. Both links are broken, one has changed the settings into ‘private’ now and the other Little Red Corvette has a broken link, the vid doesn’t exist anymore so I will search YouTube for it, no problem, Never saw the vid because I don’t do videoclips because they are distracting and most of the time very disturbing as well, but I will give it a shot,

    Well the song is nowhere on the internet … but I have the album so I can listen to it anyway … and When Doves Cry is in my Top 10 of most favourite songs of all time …

    Do you know Duncan Brown’s song Wild Places? Check that one if you like and let me know, such an alluring song and it always brings my Michael (MH) to my mind immediately!

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