Music must´ve MOVED TO HEAVEN in 2009: American “Music” Today

Hmm, wasn´t she an Actress originally?

That´s what happens when the “Industry” puts out all kinds of People into the MUSIC BUSINESS to make Profit, who are not real Artists.

I feel a bit bad for her, she wasn´t like that before. And she could´ve also focused on a Film Career, but I honestly cannot understand when People LIVE their LIFE doing a Job that was not made for them.

Since when does being a SINGER means being a STRIPPER?

I am guessing, since Madonna gave People with her Moves the IDEA, that if you CAN´T SING you should just take off your clothes and try at all costs to get attention from the audience with shock value and even displaying disgusting things like, Marilyn Manson and Gaga style, and if they can´t write super great Songs or make up their own creative ideas (it is mostly team efforts, rarely do Artists really control the whole Production like Michael Jackson or Prince!)

they just copy each other, recycle their same tactics again and again, trying to “milk the cow as as long as there is milk still”: get naked, get naked, get naked.

That´s sad.

I remember MTV actually was MADE (Success) because Michael Jackson revolutionised Music Videos back in the days and turned the basic idea of visually showing the SINGERS/MUSICIANS to literal MINI MOVIES with a real film style story line. That is why the life achievement award they got today is named:

Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award

I honestly think American Music Industry is showing a lot of desperation since 2009. I also wondered about this whole electro, auto-tuned vocals, euro-trash-ibiza disco noise they suddenly produce since around that time. Its not real Music. No real Melody. No real vocal ARTS. No real singing like back in the days Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson WHILE DANCING live, Prince, Elvis and all those wonderful and REAL authentic Artists who made Music, because their SOUL loved it truly, not for attention and money.

It´s like the big financial losses the major labels experienced since all the Internet rose and made happen those illegal downloads and all of Music and Albums and Movies and such, they are SAVING money in production and I donno why, because they got enough cash to make better productions. I don´t get it.

And this whole electro-noise-cover-over-the-vocals is really boring me increasingly. Thats the honest truth I am telling you right here. I want to hear again REAL VOCAL STUNNING PERFORMANCE by these Artists they display on Mainstream, while censoring and ignoring thousands of others world wide of different Nations who can do a much better job.

The most displayed and supported and produced, BY THE INDUSTRY, should be the ones the people chose. The audience. They fake now youtube views and all such nonsense too, I mean, its just plain sad man…

Here is a good advice for the American Music Market:


Both win.



He proved this theory: Real Artist combined with real good Business People and Managers and Producers can get lasting popularity, into each corner of the Globe.

Neither Elvis nor Michael ever got naked on stage. Tina Turner, Shirley Bassey and Barry White also did not have to show private parts of their body, to be respected as SINGERS.

Taking off clothes is NOT singing. In fact, it has zero to do with it.

I wonder if the prediction of the TYT hosts is correct. It would be super ridiculous to see porn on the next MTV Shows… 🙂

I feel a bit bad for Robin Thicke, he has a really good Song, I like it. But she totally embarrassed his Song and put a twisted image on his Song into People´s minds now 🙂 oh man…

Why not create a Global Music Market where each Culture and Nation has equal contribution in the Mainstream Market and not only America and England by corrupted methods and Radio controls, bribery, charts manipulations and such? Hey, Music is part of us all and important, it makes People HAPPY.

It would be really BIG of America, if they would use their resources rather to resurrect Global Music and not “kill real artistry” as Michael Jackson once said…

Think about it

The Contrastor:


Michael Jackson Live in Munich 1992 performing “Billie Jean”

Little Note: Michael always had the Vision to perform Billie Jean in  seriously different, crazy way, vocally, dance wise, but People always wanted to see it the exact same, famous way. He could´ve easily freestyled FREELY on stage, but due to how the Business works and limits sometimes Artists, his freestyle, channeling talent was never fully seen really in public. But definitely it showed still 🙂  Michael = Rhythm

But Elvis did a super nice Unplugged Round of Music Session 🙂 here you can get to know him and his humour better and surely all is LIVE. 1968, enjoy!

More Great Artists (Vocals and Dancing Live):





And of course one of my absolute favourites, Mr. Prince 🙂

I have to say I only got into the Prince Music when I was older, a Teenager, due to being told I sing , my falsetto voice, like him. So I looked into it and loved it. I admit, he also did some crazy naked things in his career also 🙂

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