THE OTHER PART OF HIM: Official Susan Elsa Song Dec 21st 2012

Original Promo Radio Text distributed with Label Code:

Susan Elsa reveals her ghostly Business partner

It was spring 2010, when Michael Jackson returned as a Ghost to his Twin Soul, Susan Elsa. Now rejuvenated and connected to God, Michael literally works with Susan on artistic and uniquely spiritual projects. The Mystery unfolds on Dec21st 2012.

From her first Single “One Love” to her first Debut album experiment in Egypt “I Remember”, here comes the final puzzle piece of her historic message:

Michael Jackson is the famous Archangel Michael himself!

And he dares to be recognized.

Not only has Susan’s ideas grown, but her body and face is going through an obvious and natural metamorphosis unexplained by the most advanced modern science, as a result of Michael’s soul merging with Susan’s.
We are heading toward a very unique and otherworldy rebirth of Entertainment, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Stay tuned for our Living Project Start, introduced by this first new Song, a historic EBook plus a brand new Website offering lots of fun with interactive Entertainment and spiritual-growing opportunities in ways never seen before!


Dec 21st 2012 Official Release and Birth of the secret “Living Project”

And here comes Michael´s super cleanly mixed, genius, catchy, intuitive, hot & cool, male Version. I sweat so much in the Studio to sing the Way he directed it and trust me, he wrote the Song FOR ME, with tongue breakers. My STRETCH PANTS were lose in the evening, I lost a few pounds within 1 Day of recording

THE OTHER PART OF HIM. And, I sang so hard, harder than I, as a WOMAN usually do. I let out all my energy for Mike, and my Body is not trained like his, nor do I have his MALE lung power and so, got some nose bleeding after hours of belting out… 🙂

After I finished recording on the first Day, I sat there exhausted, sweaty, on my chair at the Mic in the Studio. The Sound Guy was there mixing it a bit up, his back toward me. Michael suddenly gave me a super fat kiss on the lips and said:” I´m proud of you Girl…”

RESPECT, Michael. You da man 🙂

Honestly, even if you are a Fan out there and “know” he worked hard, you can never know HOW HARD he worked to make it look so good. He is genius. My Michael is the Best in his Work and today´s Artists SUCK. The man had like only muscles on his body, no fat. 🙂

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