Michael Jackson, James Brown & Susan Elsa: Real Egyptian Physical Channeling

Dear Readers

I am so busy directing Film Productions right now, that I was not able to post too much the past Days. But here we are again, on a wonderful sunny SUN-Day and I have some new articles for you Guys.

This Weekend was very special and unique and I did get in touch with a Stranger, which has very similar details in her twin soul experience as I do and did. But more about that later, IF she wants to share it in public.

We are building a cool, new and spiritual Community at:   http://www.mystery-garden.com   (Free Member Area with free Ebooks, Music, Forum and growing)

The idea is to gather all there and overtime, have one space where all spiritual MJ and Elvis Fans can UNITE THEIR VOICES and ENERGIES.

From the conversation I had with that Woman, that contacted me, I came to remember a funny thing. I am again doing some good training now, it is not planned, nor regular or such. Michael just at times, makes me dance. It´s our nature, especially when HAPPY. We dance if anything goes well.

"God can make anything possible!"- Changing Faces due to Twin Soul Metamorphosis on all Levels © 2010-2013
“God can make anything possible!”- Changing Faces due to Twin Soul Metamorphosis on all Levels © 2010-2013

One other famous performer he brought beside Elvis Presley, which I did not understand or like as a human being before due to tabloids, was James Brown. That was also in Spring/Summer 2010. A very busy summer it was.

Michael LOVES James Brown, he really does.

I had a bad image of James, I never knew much about him, only few Songs, and I thought he is a bad guy, who beats women. I had seen and heard such scandals before his death. That was honestly how I looked at him, not his work or Music, at him as person.

Michael talked a lot to me, he explained to me things about James and said:

“James had a very though life. He was alone. He made it all alone. All his work and success is based on his own efforts. He was one of the hardest working men in show business.”

He then went on to explain and make me understand MALE THINKING ALSO more in depth, how James Brown was born by a Mother who had severe problems. He grew up in the lowest in society you can be, having nothing, no money, no education, no job, went to jail few times, man the man fought a war all Black Men fought back then! We are talking about times BEFORE the Jackson Era came, where Michael was able to bring People of different “Races” together through his Music and open that Door for others to have it easier in the future.

"James Brown is a good Soul, a strong Soul."- Michael Jackson to Susan Elsa in Summer 2010
“James Brown is a good Soul, a strong Soul.”- Michael Jackson to Susan Elsa in Summer 2010

Then, Michael shared with me a direct memory from his previous life through his eyes:

When Mike was a little child, he saw James Brown peform the first time on stage. I suddenly saw that, as if I am back in time and am Mike himself for a moment, in the past, seeing through his Eyes, feeling his emotions.

He stood in the side wings of the stage. I saw it, as if I was there. This energy James put in, as if he sings out ALL THE LOVE FROM HIS SOUL INTO THE STAGE. His will was iron, to make it, for all black people. The will to overcome jealousy and discrimination. The will to MAKE SOMETHING out of himself. To win. To break through those walls that keep black people down, or at least, did way more in his time. In that time. There was something humane about it, a struggling man, who has fought a lot in his life to survive, putting all his LIFE FORCE and breath into the Performance, to get LOVE from the Audience. To be loved. Thats how it felt for Michael, he was moved almost to tears from the energy. It wasn´t just the dance moves, nor the singing at all.

It was THE SOUL of James Brown Michael felt.

Michael then asked me to forgive James, and to try and understand that not all men who ever had trouble with women are bad people. He kept saying, I don´t know the truth and tabloids talk crap as they do about him, I should not forget James was a black man too, so there is racism in some reports, they are biased and not all is true. He kept saying that, referring to his own example, to make me take in another perspective on James Brown.

The man gave his best, and suddenly, I saw how much I have in common with James. How much similar issues he had to overcome, alone, not with a big team doing the work for him as those wannabe pop stars today. No.

ACTUALLY DOING THE EFFORT AND HARD WORK ALL BY YOURSELF AND BECOMING A SELF-MADE MAN. That is a wonderful thing, when any human being succeeds in that. Rising from oppressed parts of society to international success. Respect.

And after we made peace, so to speak, me and James, all of a sudden, he started to also lend me his energy to support me! It was like a very good foundation he showed me, the foundation on which Michael´s own “foot work” is based, regarding Dance techniques.

Note: Here you see Michael doing some of James Brown influenced Moves in SLOW MOTION.Else, people who don´t know much about Dancing do not see clearly the details in his foot work. Take a look.

I suddenly did James Brown Dance Moves I could never do before, and looked up even videos to check back on the moves exactly, and I am so happy. James is a good soul and he went through alot, and he still made it.

The young black boy from a rough Childhood and Youth became by own efforts the GODFATHER OF SOUL MUSIC. And he still is today.

🙂 I love James Brown!

Here is a tiny bit of what I have yet, of Video Dance Footage from myself, from 2011. Can´t wait to show the progress soon!

Susan Elsa ©
Susan Elsa ©

Special Message linked to this Story:

Original Cover Michael Jackson Debut Solo Album: OFF THE WALL (1979) Photo for Educational Purpose only
Original Cover Michael Jackson Debut Solo Album: OFF THE WALL (1979) Photo for Educational Purpose only

In Mike´s Debut Solo Album, the Cover, you can see how much he likes James Brown. The style and pose is a lot “James Brown”. He always gave credit to James also, and respected him a lot.


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