How Michael woke me up in EXACT timing for an Appointment (I forgot to set the alarm!)

Wow, perceiving exact earthly clock from the spiritual dimension? Wow, really.

Garden Eden 777

Dear Readers

Yesterday was a really fun and good Day for our Projects. We are working intensely on a project dear to our soul, and I had made an appointment at a photo studio for few pictures we needed for the pre-production process of a project in the works.

On friday, to be honest, I was so tired. Sometimes, I ask myself HOW in the World Michael managed to put in ALL THAT PHYSICAL POWER into his work. Not once, but constantly and for DECADES. I really admire him for that.

So, I myself, am now getting used to this work load, so much work, boy, I have to say film production takes more work than one thought, in the practical.

The weather is getting hot and dry here and that too, makes you tired if you stress around all day, busy, so busy, you barely find time to eat…

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