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Date of Release: January 13th 2012

Official CD Cover of ARCHANGEL MICHAEL- Secrets of Heaven 777 (Spiritual Pop Channeled Songs)  © July 13th 2010 (NOTE: POP ART LOGO FROM ORIGINAL CD COVER FOR LINKED MESSAGES)
Official CD Cover of ARCHANGEL MICHAEL- Secrets of Heaven 777 (Spiritual Pop Channeled Songs) © July 13th 2010 (NOTE: POP ART LOGO FROM ORIGINAL CD COVER FOR LINKED MESSAGES)

Original Text of Channeled Message:

(Jan 13th 2012)

Dear beloved Souls residing on Earth,

I A.M. Archangel Michael and I come to you this time, to speak of something very popular and “modern”: The Inter- Net.

In most of the previous Times on Earth, there has never been yet such a Way of Communicating internationally, or exchanging Information. The Internet is a product of a growing Connection between all People of the Planet, and shows that everyone deep inside has always been interested in “getting to know” the other Cultures and Countries God created on Earth.

One of the most important things for which the Internet can be used today, in the spiritual Sense, is to use it to talk about and share SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE. Let us be clear here, for I do see you from here very clearly:

Mainstream Media, News and Outlets will not, at least not yet, be honest to you. In fact, in Mainstream’s Ways, things are being manipulated and “formed” to look like Truth and then sold like a Product to make MONEY and create POWER OVER OTHERS. It’s a whole system, which needs to be reformed and cleansed, and before that can happen, sometimes it has to be torn down first, if it is not changed to the Fairness toward all of God’s People by the Ones who dominate these types of Information Outlets. And trust me, we are with you in this, do not give up and keep the Faith! You are all strong, individual Beings made in Heaven, and with a bit of Patience all things will come to change very soon, in visible Ways which the whole Planet won’t be able to deny no more.

Now, we have specific Pages and Communities on the Internet, where People help each other, share a common interest or love of something, or post channeled Messages by us, the Archangels, and many more beloved Beings. Not always is it really our Message, but this too is part of free Will: Whoever wants to speak in our Name, or God’s Name, can do so and DOES SO since thousands of Years, but will then at some point have to take the Responsibility for it, if not permitted by us and not 100% clean/true.

All of this is no issue at all, and most of the time when someone thinks of us, we ARE THERE. This is how fast it can go. It is not necessary to CALL us, you can just THINK about my Name, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, or my Energy if you felt me before, this is how you CALL someone on the spiritual Realms.

If you analyze what I explained now deeper, you will come to realize and see the connections, the reasons WHY these few place so much Darkness and Negativity in Mainstream Media: They want to focus your SPIRIT on Darkness, because this is how they look at their own Mirror and at the World they reside in- in negative, competing, stealing and obsessed ways.

If you now, on the other hand, try to imagine what Impact would happen on Earth, if all the Mainstream Media changed to a nicer format, and placed and showed Good Products or People full of Hope, Love, Compassion, Honesty, if you would get used to come home, turn on your TV and see the most beautiful Images and Fantasies made with Entertainment Technology, how relaxed would you feel, positive, comfortable and later sleep well remembering these beautiful Images?

It is known clearly to your Science, that Images and also Sound have an impact on the Psyche.

The Internet has grown now to something, which is more free than TV and Mainstream Media Outlets. Anyone and everyone can share Knowledge and even Sounds, Drawings, Videos self-made from the Heart, little Films, write a Blog or Articles. This is a wonderful Possibility and the way I myself am using right this moment, to connect with you all, who are interested by free Will in my Words.

In the last couple Days and Weeks, many spiritual Sites are being “attacked” on this Internet. These few who managed over the Years to gain more and more Control over Mainstream Media, Newspapers, Book Publishers, TV and also the Music Industry, simply are worried their “Fakeness” might get revealed- their Strategy does not even work without censoring. You cannot make anyone believe a Lie, if you don’t make sure they don’t hear the Truth about this Lie, or else they wont’ believe you anyways!

Yet no matter what, I recommend that you keep up your positive Vibes, focus on all which is Beauty and Light and Love, and keep holding our Hands. And the spiritual Helpers of you, which take down Messages from us, they will keep doing so and keep making new Internet Communities, one after the other, when one Platform gets attacked technically or censored.

This is the Way of Truth, it cannot be broken nor stopped. This is my Way, for I A.M. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and I care deeply about all of you, Mother Nature, Justice and especially Honesty and Truth. I send forth my Blue Fire Light to Planet Earth, and I will keep sending my Healing, together with all the Heavens, until we reach the Beginning of a new Era by Dec 2012.

I love you, more than your human words could ever express.

Archangel Michael 777

This Text can be distributed and shared with Credit to Susan Elsa &Archangel Michael for the channeled Work.

ISIS MAGIC POWER 777_edited-1

Special Note New:  It is July 2013- can you see how Archangel Michael´s Words were RIGHT NOW?

Kind Regards,

Susan Elsa & Archangel Michael (Jackson)

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