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Dear World

I remember, back in November 2010, I had visited Egypt the last time for vacation. It was a very wonderful and interesting vacation, and I had visited Aswan for the very first time. The Nile was so clear and clean, yes it was very hot weather, but bearable. The Nubyan Village I visited there also, impressed me a lot. These people lived so peaceful, just a simple natural life. They had little baby crocodiles in water at their houses, they would feed and raise them and then let them free into the Nile. That was so sweet, I held one of those crocodiles in my hands, it was very funny.

Shortly after I left, having with me the finished track lines for my Music Album “I REMEMBER”, I kept mixing and mastering all of it as best as I could. Of course, I am no Pro at it, to be honest. I did professional courses for Pro Tools Operation, but I didn´t educationally or experience-wise reach the level of professional Mixer and Masterer at the Music Studio, as a Sound Engineer. I keep on training to make better and better of my skills, and can´t wait to present soon the new productions.

Back to Egypt. It was a magical vacation, I will always remember it.

And after I published my Album, having the Vision of a New Egypt, free, democratic, fun and open, you know, something super strange happened (in a good way!):

Millions of Egyptians took to the streets, peacefully demonstrating for a better life, jobs, freedom and so forth. They literally prayed and sang and chanted and played MUSIC in this peaceful protest.

And then, something obviously seemed to have gotten in between. It was so obvious how the media tried to paint the picture different smoothly, like a smooth criminal as Michael sang once, and slowly but surely, one heard of violence, religious battles and weird, different news, after we all saw clearly the people being ONE together Christians and Muslims and all!

So, it got pretty worse since then and I had not visited there again yet for any vacation, waiting to see it heal and peace being all over Egypt.


Examples: Ancient Egyptian Technology, Book of the Dead/Coming Forth by Day, Ideas, Drafts, Electricity, Spiritual Science, Afterlife Science, Magic Knowledge (Spiritual Magic)

The Eye of Horus, Osiris, IsIs or Amun Ra: The EYE meant Soul and specific other Spiritual Meanings and is NOT THE SYMBOL OF ONE PERSON only ©
The Eye of Horus, Osiris, IsIs or Amun Ra: The EYE meant Soul and specific other Spiritual Meanings and is NOT THE SYMBOL OF ONE PERSON only ©

ISIS MAGIC POWER 777_edited-1

You know what is the funniest about this Video? Honestly, I had to laugh so hard…

As they step back and forth, as if “moonwalking” on their poster, one guy says: SEVEN TIMES, DO IT SEVEN TIMES!

That is some serious spiritual connection to Ancient Egyptian Magic.

The Number 7 was very important in magic spells and protection especially! 🙂

Seven: symbol of perfection, effectiveness, completeness

The number seven was apparently the Egyptian symbol of such ideas as perfection, effectiveness, and completeness.

  • Seven thousand barrels of red beer were used to trick Sekhmet out of killing. [18]
  • In her search for her husband’s pieces, the goddess Isis was guarded by seven scorpions. [19]
  • A legendary famine lasted seven years. [20]
  • The lowest amount that the Nile flooded to solve the famine was seven cubits. The highest was four times seven (28) cubits. [21]
  • A doomed prince found a tower seventy (ten times seven) cubits high with seventy (ten times seven) windows. [22]
  • Set tore the god Osiris’ body into fourteen pieces: seven each for the two regions of Upper and Lower Egypt[23]
  • The Pool symbol, representing water, contains seven zigzag lines.[24]
  • The Gold symbol has seven spines on its underside.[25]

EGYPT- SUNDAY- JUNE  30TH & JULY 1ST: The Biggest Demonstration in the History of the WORLD

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