Spirit of Michael Jackson performs Reiki Healing on Friend of mine: True Story June 28th 2013

Dear World

This Weekend is really special and unique. I am still shocked, in a good way, about what Michael did yesterday.

Sometimes, I meet friends and we cook together, meditate, have girls talks and do tarot card readings. It is always fun, and we always have wonderful open talks, analysing spiritual matters.

Yesterday was again such a Day. Usually we sleep over when we do this, so wherever we meet, we take our pyjamas with us to the friend hosting the spiritual fun evening. Most of the time it is my place, since I am the One that mostly does the readings and I have all kinds of fun tools like:








The last Spiritual Tool mentioned, the common Bridge Cards with Dame, King and Knight, is the one I use for the deepest readings, the original first method my Grandmother taught me. I will teach you all in our Virtual TWIN EYE Mystery Schools how to do that yourself, step by step in all details. The Schools are being “built” now and will soon open. We will have so much fun.

777 Michael Jackson IsIs Susan Elsa Spiritual Twin Soul Flame
Around the same PHYSICAL AGE: Michael Jackson around 30 late 80´s, Susan Elsa around 30 in the year 2013. © Twin Souls Merging Phenomenon

As I have mentioned before, I think, Michael brought to this good friend of mine, suddenly, her own twin soul in early 2012. We were both amazed and surprised. Her twin soul is in the spiritual realms and has not incarnated. She had this “imaginary friend” as a child, always feeling his presence. Compared, for example, I myself never had such classical “imaginary friend”, because my twin soul was incarnated. I had meetings vivid and clear IN MY DREAMS. If both are incarnated, they meet in dream time usually.

Okay, anyways, my friend is also in an earthly relationship and her twin soul cannot merge fully yet with her, because her life plan is different than mine. Everyone has their own INDIVIDUAL LIFE PLAN, adjusted to each Couple´s Personality and Wishes, Evolution and so forth. She has felt a bit bad, because feeling his presence, she becomes angry afterwards when realising the distance at the moment, between them. That is natural, it is very intense. Twin Souls desire and love each other in extremely heated emotions and any distance feels like torture, when both even only remember each other and BECOME AWARE of each other.

I wanted to help her, since her main issue is how she grew up. All of us mostly in today´society have spiritual blocks and doubts and fears and LOW SELF ESTEEM and all those things, that are things to be worked on and healed in order to approach your twin soul closer, which is YOUR MIRROR. All fears and emotional wounds from all past automatically SURFACES WHEN MERGING WITH YOUR TWIN SOUL. There are no secrets possible. One has to be ready for this, and this is the only relationship and being, that YOU CAN NEVER LOSE AND NEVER NEED TO RUSH ANYTHING. Take your time, therefore, and see it not only as a perfect love and romance and passion, but also as a help, a support and tool in aiding your PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, because that is what it is. It is not a superficial earthly thing. It involves your very soul.

Susan Elsa ©
Susan Elsa © 2010


Okay, so we are sitting at this big, antique, old and very solid wood table I have at home, facing each other and doing the card readings. My friend was sitting toward the TV and Living Room, I was sitting with my back towards the Wall. As usual, and I did such tarot readings for her since more than 10 years (!), I am again in the middle of doing a reading for her, analysing particular things to support and enlighten her spiritual development and healing also. She wanted to know, how to strengthen her communication with her twin soul and let go of fears (fears of not being loved, of being left, hurt things like that).

She picked 3 cards from a set that is focused on the soul aspects, skills, the higher self, so called SOUL TAROT CARDS.

As she came to the middle one, Michael suddenly stood behind her back a little left (for me it was the right side I saw him). And he giggled and smiled and made funny moves with his hands.

Usually I let her if it is in German, read the basic meaning of the card herself so I can train her in understanding to interpret what her own soul is saying to her, her higher self. That is much better than doing it 100% for the people I read for, I only do 100% with the COMMON BRIDGE CARDS METHOD. Because there is no booklet and no interpretations or fancy imagery, this method my Granny taught me relies SOLELY ON THE SPIRITUAL GIFT ITSELF and I can read like a Book I open, the past, present, the future, before birth and after passing things. No limit.

So, as she read this card which said things like: “The Angels advise you….to ask them to send you the CHRIST RAY and fill your Aura with Light, you will feel better and safe etc…”,, I saw Michael clearly standing next to her a bit behind her, and he kept expressing facially like a Comedian the words she was reading and saying things like:”Uhu, yeah, exactly, that´s right…” in a funny way.

Michael Jackson Bad moonwalker film speed demon
Michael Jackson demonstrates his Spiritual Healing Powers June 28th 2013 (PHOTO for Educational Purpose & Research, Michael Jackson in his Movie MOONWALKER, Song Speed Demon)

Then he stood straight and held his hand palms facing her neck from behind and told me to tell her, that she should actually right now do this so he can access and help her. He cannot do it against free will, she must allow him first by asking for it, which is like a DECLARATION BY FREE WILL, A PERMISSION SPIRITUALLY.

I hesitated and she read the third card, I kept seeing him stand there and wait, like seriously waiting and insisting.

So I told her first: Do now what the second card said. Close your eyes and ask for the CHRIST LIGHT RAY.

She had trouble focusing, sat comfortable and then she closed her eyes, for about 2 Minutes.

Michael said, she did not ask yet.

I paused her try and asked her: Hey did you forget to ask?

She said oh yeah and read again what the card said, how to ask or who to call. She asked me then: But, WHO should I ask?

I immediately giggled and said:” Michael! He is waiting, man. Ask him with his Name ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.”

She said okay, closed her eyes and I also did, to kind of not look or influence anything. I did not want to disturb Michael´s Work.

And even as I HAD MY EYES COMPLETELY CLOSED, sitting far away from my Friend, I COULD SEE MICHAEL STILL.

How he stood behind her, he made some kind of Dance Moves, he was super fast, he moved his hands facing with his palms above her head and I saw vividly a BRIGHT WHITE GLITTERY LIGHT flowing from his Hands into her Head, from the Top. He did something super fast, as if he seals/shields her BACK BONE (spine)AGAINST ANY NEGATIVITY, then he moved super fast, dancing, as if he has lots of fun doing it and DOES IT EASILY LIKE NATURAL RHYTHM (he really made a Show for me to see)- super fast back to the top of her head.

I wondered, if I see it so clear, if she feels it too.

Then Michael held his hands both above her head LIKE A PYRAMID SHAPE and an extreme light burst out his hands into her crown chakra. I swear, he kept doing facial funny expressions like this:

Michael´s Funny Coolness Facial Expressions as he was performing ENERGY HEALING with his Hands on a good Friend of mine June 28th 2013 (Photo for Educational Purpose)
Michael´s Funny Coolness Facial Expressions as he was performing ENERGY HEALING with his Hands on a good Friend of mine June 28th 2013 (Photo for Educational Purpose)

Michael is funny. Okay, so after I open my eyes and see how she is doing. I ask her: “Oh man, you don´t make it easy for Mike he said.” She laughs. Then she looks down, like gathering her thoughts and her face looks confused. Then she says seriously:

“Funny, I never experienced THAT before, that my Head tingles…”

In this moment I immediately jumped up from my chair, holding my hand in front of my open mouth and yelled out loud surprised:

“Oh man, it worked man! I saw him man, it seriously worked man!”

She said, she felt a WARMTH and tingling, vibration like strange thing around her head.

Then I took a breath and said:

“Dude, I saw him clearly standing behind you a little next to you sideways, here, like this and put his hands like this almost touching your head on top like a Pyramid shape formed with his both hands!”

I could not believe it. Michael was able to literally touch my friend´s head, trying to help her heal. I had no clue this is possible, like that. I did not know he can basically do what I can, completely autonomous and independent. With his Spiritual Body that I see, he can perform Energy Healings and Spiritual Healings and Teachings and Initiations for People. She asked for ARCHANGEL MICHAEL´s Help.

He helped her, right in front of me witnessing it in detail his hand moves and all he did. He showed it to me all without any censor. He looked like Michael Jackson.

She has always been there for me during his passing and my poisoning all this super extremely challenging hard time of my life. I saw generally how things improved in her life, as if God rewards her, while other old friends who betrayed me and kicked me while I was dying, got bad Karma and bad luck afterwards. Love, really, and compassion, is all we need to make this Planet a better Place. For real.

Archangel Michael-Secrets of Heaven 777 (CD 2010)
Archangel Michael-Secrets of Heaven 777 (CD 2010)

Thank you Michael, for this crazy and fun Experience. I am so happy, I needed a whole night to realise this power I just witnessed literally saw clearly and openly, as we see things in the physical. I am so happy, thank you God, for healing my Michael, my Osiris! Osiris is back and he is rising on the spiritual Ladder of Evolution, higher and higher, he is the one that became ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, the Prince of Light.


Of course, I also feel a bit strange today to be honest. In this moment, when my friend said, not knowing any of reiki symptoms since I never really did reiki on her ever, that she felt a WARMTHS AND TINGLING MOSTLY around her Head, Forehead a bit too, I realised once again, that this Light Body Michael has now, is super real and he is not far away, he managed to be here so strong, he can physically interact with MY FRIENDS VISITING ME. Wow…

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa  (IsIs)

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