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Dear World

Once again, analysing and comparing faces and detailed facial proportions, expressions, lines and wrinkles.

One thing is clear and visible: When Twin Soul Flames MERGE, they adjust to each other´s appearance.

They do not have to look totally alike in general. But the more their Reunion approaches, the more they will look alike. And when the point comes that they MERGE, there is ALWAYS A NATURAL PHYSICAL CHANGE THAT CAN BE MEASURED AND SEEN. That is the core Truth of all credible, usable Twin Soul Flame Sings and Symptoms, a pure and simple explanation of the approach and reunion process.

Most Twin Souls YET, are only incarnated in one half, while the other is in the spiritual dimension to protect and guide the other half. Only highly developed twin souls, who come here for  A MISSION FOR HUMANITY, are mostly incarnated now or have been the past 20-30 years (Indigo Children Era), both halves in 2 separate human bodies.

There seems to be a Hype starting, in the New Age and Books Community about that topic. I am not sure what to think of it, because I have seen before all my life, regarding the psychic works as well as Magical Books and such, NONSENSE being written and sold for financial profit. I have seen TV Shows, where actors sit in and pretend to know how to read a person´s future, by hearing them only through a telephone into the Show, that costs like 5 bucks a Minute. I have suffered actually, as a medium and psychic since birth with some serious Egyptian Spiritual Challenges I had to overcome in my individual life plan and soul, having no way to talk normal about my experiences with society generally, nor did I find ANY CREDIBLE, AUTHENTIC REAL INFORMATION IN ALMOST ALL BOOKS THAT COULD SUPPORT ME TO UNDERSTAND MY GIFTS OR EVEN GIVE ANY REAL ANSWER!

That, my life experience, is why I know that most People do not remember anything today about those real deep spiritual teachings and skills. People have no clue what a Twin Soul is, today. And I mean, many People, the same as before, same type, who like to write Books and pose like some “Spiritual Master with a big, fake Smile” writing Books to tell others what is right or wrong. This in fact, has been abused in the past as a method to distract and confuse about the real teachings. Some also just have ego problems and inner issues, and are far away from finding their twin soul due to individual karma or challenges and life plans. Those People also write Books sometimes, I have been harassed by one before in 2011, who writes Books about IsIs and such. I don´t even know anything about her nor her books nobody reads, but when I was posting my own channeled Messages or Spiritual Teachings, being today also an ethnic Egyptian, after a near Death Experience where Anubis himself reminded me by demonstration, that I was IsIs in a past life. She suddenly came at me, on a Site where harassment and negative attacks are forbidden, and started to use the lowest words possible, and insult my work, on Messages from Michael and Anubis, Metatron and such TALKING ABOUT LOVE AND GOOD THINGS ONLY!

There are as you see, many types of People who are trolling around the Spiritual, also People with psychological Issues, who have hallucinations and have never been checked by a Doctor. They just talk crap, like if a Teeny lies at a Party when asked by his friends if he has a date too. He says loudly yes, and then even goes into describing her, when in fact, a date does not exist. Kind of like that example. It is childish and not normal, and also disrespectful, to be TEACHING OTHER HUMAN BEINGS WHO SEEK TRUTH AND HELPFUL INFORMATION, false Teachings about their Soul and especially the Twin Soul, as God is slowly bringing up the Memory in People´s Consciousness of it, and real Twin Souls are here fighting through this Transition and Changes to help the Healing.

So, my best advise in general is: LISTEN TO YOUR HEART. Try to do training, until you are so used to listening and understanding your HEART INTUITION so well, you see, feel and sense clearly within seconds, which Person is speaking truth and which does not. That is generally a core important spiritual skill for anyone who wants to delve into these matters and learn.

When I say LEARN, I mean not reading Books as mentioned, that do not say much applicable in practise. I mean, do your part, WORK ON YOUR OWN MIRROR, try to meditate, discover and strengthen your own inner voice. Do not RELY on others, who want to be worshipped and crap. A real Master only gives you so much to smoothly push you into the right direction and inspire you, just like the Druids did. I cannot give you my experience inside of me, and you cannot give me yours inside of you. Real Spiritual Evolution happens only inside, by personal experience.

Here is some News of my Personal Case, as I will keep updating you Guys as promised with Pics comparing details of the Face as the physical Changes through the Twin Soul Merging are happening to me. All I tell on this blog, is based on KNOWING from personal, direct experience. As you might guess reading what I explained above, I do not trust easily anyone who claims to know spiritual truths beyond this World or have psychic Skills. I have been skeptical all my life, feeling isolated and lonely with my gift, desperately trying to find others who are REAL. I do not read Books or especially, Information spread Online. I rely solely on Michael and he is teaching me all I know about Twin Souls, including the TERM itself.

Michael said: Twin SOUL. That is his favourite.

He explained to me the following:

In Islam for example, it is said that God made the Human Body out of the Earth and then PUT HIS BREATH INTO IT AND CREATED THE SOUL.

This is kind of how you have to look at it:

What is a Ray?

What is a Flame?

What is a Soul?

What is a Breath?

There is NO SUCH THING as different words and terms for one and the same thing. The ADAM AND EVE Concept contains MAN & WOMAN. 2 Beings. Not more. Not left and right and up and down. This is all the PROBLEM of this Planet. That is exactly what I meant above also, when describing how certain people USE these topics that Human Beings care so much about, to pull them into buying their Books only and such crap or seek attention.

When Michael says something, he is always right. Nothing yet he said turned out wrong. He would say the most shocking things to me I never knew, and later it would get confirmed, and we are talking about Vatican Secrets and Political Craps and such, that I HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING. Michael, now, of course, can see anything, even when they sit on their toilet. No joke.

You could call it:







And and and…

It remains the same thing in spiritual truths:


Do not confuse this with general connections between all Souls and God. We are all connected finally. But THIS CERTAIN TOPIC, is a completely different thing than “ALL IS ONE”. It is not a general thing, it is very intimate and individual. Meaning, each two Twin Soul Halves have their own Personality also based on their particular incarnations and plan. Nothing can come in between them. I heard some crazy theory at some point, just seen briefly headlines big appearing about 7 TWIN FLAMES each one has. Oh yeah? Then tell me, does it make sense mathematically? Being HALVES of ONE, means 2, not 7. And if ONE MAN had 7 FEMALE TWIN FLAMES or such Lies you claim online, then how would it be equal parts of the same balanced and all, if HE HAD 7, and each of them HAD ONLY A SEVENTH OF HIM? 1/7???

Makes no sense, to the point, where it even angers me how people just make up crap about God´s sacred Creations. Please think before you speak or PUBLISH PUBLICLY Nonsense.

STARLIGHT TWIN FLAME SOULS: Michael Jackson Engagement Ring Scene and Moon Metamorphosis THRILLER Film Movie MICHAEL JACKSON AND THE MOON
Michael Jackson Still Shot from Movie “MOONWALKER” 1987 (Photo for Educational and Research Purpose)

You can put the pictures next to each other as you like and compare details. Identical Smiles in this one.

777 Michael Jackson IsIs Susan Elsa Spiritual Twin Soul Flame
Michael Jackson Still Shot from Movie “MOONWALKER” 1987 (Photo for Educational and Research Purpose)

We have uploaded quite a bit of Documentation on this Blog and on our Label Websites before. You can see for yourself, how my Face looked like before and how it is changing as if, by becoming totally One again with Michael, my Body even SHOWS IT. So weird sometimes, but that´s Nature, that´s how God made Twin Souls! big smile

I wish you all a super duper nice Day. If you want to read a bit the basics on the Main Website of this Case, please visit:

With all my Love,

IsIs- Susan Elsa

Special Addition:

Example of Elvis Presley´s Twin Soul: Elvis´Twin Soul was never incarnated during his life on Earth. She stayed up there and guided and helped him, channeling wonderful energies through him for his Work and Life Plan, his Soul Mission. Elvis is such a sweet Soul and he has helped me and Michael so extremely much since May 2010, he encourages me when it is needed I see now that his Book from 2010, he wanted me to channel, not only helps him, but me too to express the Info I need to, as part of MY life plan and mission to help People remember this all and heal. He brought me also his Twin Soul in Summer 2012, and I did channeled drawings of her. That was hard. To draw her, by pure spiritual sight, since she is not in a human physical body. That was cool. Thank you Elvis!

Michael Jackson Still Shot from Movie “MOONWALKER” 1987 (Photo for Educational and Research Purpose)
Michael Jackson Still Shot from Movie “MOONWALKER” 1987 (Photo for Educational and Research Purpose)

More Info and all the Channeled Drawings (C.D.´s) can be found in the Original Book:

Original Book Description:

May 1st, 2010, Zürich Switzerland

I am sitting on my couch, in my cozy living room and watching TV. Out of the blue, I start to feel a strong and very emotionally intense feeling as I am still talking on the phone. It feels like a telepathic connection. In the right corner of my very own living room, appears suddenly some kind of projection, like I am seeing a higher dimension which is very far away, and again in the same time, very close right in my apartment. I look closer, and see a door, filled with light.

Parallel to seeing him approach this “light”-door, I notice this woman I don’t seem to know, who awaits Elvis at this door. He reaches the door and hugs her, and I feel parallel all that he feels with him.

The happiness was so intense, that I started to cry happy tears and thanked God for relieving Elvis, for granting me such an honor as to experience and see this wonderful event. Suddenly, I realize that this woman welcoming Elvis into heaven is his mother! – Susan Elsa-

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