Twin Soul Flame Sexuality and the Egyptian ANKH 777

Oh ho ho!

Garden Eden 777

Dear Readers

An interesting Article today with a Video that a friend has sent me, during our Conversation about what Michael Jackson is able to do with me, physically. Of course, it is natural the story happening here, because the man was Osiris in a past life and I was his IsIs and we did that before, Love between “Ghost & Human”. You could even say, we were the FIRST to ever do that constellation.

When I was with Michael in L.A. still, in 2007 in the Summer, as we had a passionate phase of reading all we could about Osiris, Isis and this whole ancient Egyptian stuff, we talked about Movie ideas. Michael told me about his Vision he had all his life, regarding the Film Productions he wished to make, his Company Kingdom Entertainment, MJJ Productions and actually many other companies he founded, thinking of the same broad…

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3 thoughts on “Twin Soul Flame Sexuality and the Egyptian ANKH 777

  1. Well this was an awesome ride, can’t wait to read your experiences … so much you say is similar/parallel with mine, I just wished so much for someone still actually ALIVE experiencing the same as me, I already ‘found’ the woman with the superman twin and i was delighted to have found someone to tell a same story as me, it is pretty hard living this all with no reflection point … i will email you as promised our story ♥

    1. Dear Cormael, what a cool name by the way 🙂 I am also very happy to meet you. It´s true, the real twin soul stories are rare, yet. We are doing very important spiritual work for the future of all twin souls incarnating here. Welcome to Mystery Garden Sister! Big Hug! 777

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