Michael Jackson´s Twin Soul Childhood ©

Michael Jackson´s Twin Soul Childhood ©

Susan Elsa Childhood Pic

“7 Candles”

At this era of my life, I was ASEXUAL and still a Child. But the whole time when I would go to sleep, I would dream vividly of Michael Jackson in a white Bed, naked, desiring me like crazy and reaching his hand toward me. I never understood it at that age. Our Souls were meeting and connecting, especially when he felt lonely. Twin Soul Truth how it happened. Michael told me later when I met him as an adult, that he kept dreaming all his life about me, and he saw me mostly as a woman, especially my eyes, and he felt the sexual energies and kept looking for that same feeling in all women he met before me.

The search obviously has ended in 2007.

I´m a 1982´s Baby!

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