Michael Jackson´s Charity Efforts (NOT covered in Mainstream Media)

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Another Rare Video Footage of Michael´s Charity Work he has been constantly doing most of his life. This is what he cared about. I noticed also that most footage ever shown really in mainstream media, was always biased and on purpose focused on showing him only with little boys, not little girls.

Michael proved to me that he is not gay at all. He likes women, and that to a degree I cannot even formulate right here. It is kinda strange, to be knowing what I know, and then see those lies they put around about him. I mean, it is so false it makes you laugh, but in an angry way. The man helped many Children in his lifetime, and also abused and molested Kids. That is the honest truth. And while he was with the women he was with during his life, he saw them suddenly LITERALLY FABRICATE such completely false accusations. He had some serious anger attacks over this and it is the core reason why he had such sleep issues later, the longer they kept insulting his sexuality with those lies. He told me all about it and I felt it, I felt his pain, we are Twin Souls. I knew the whole time, long before we met personally, that he is completely innocent.

Now check out Michael supporting Health and School Issues in L.A. a long time ago already.

(Watts Health Foundation Centre 1993)

(1996 Michael Jackson visited Mater Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Queensland during his Australian HIStory Tour)

For more Info on the Mater Children´s Hospital visit their Youtube Page via this Video. They found this old footage from the visit and uploaded it for us to share via social media. Thank you very much! And keep up the great work you do for these Kids!

Children always felt fascinated by Michael and felt his good Heart. Children and animals generally sense that in people. Michael LOVED to visit sick people, especially innocent Kids, and bring them a lot of presents and make them smile again. It made him cry happy tears when they would forget their sadness or pains and be happy, that is why he did all this. He cared to help and felt happy in his Heart when he could help others.

And if you did not already, then now it might be the time to open your Eyes…


Susan Elsa


1968 Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson: Smart Child that grew up to help Other Human Beings

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