Attractive Twin Soul Energies: Challenges for the Twin Souls on Earth

Dear World

Michael wants me today to put a summary of excerpts from our Book  “Archangel Michael´s Wedding”, that as many other details in there, are being confirmed in front of your eyes right now.

Truth will prevail.

People need to understand, if they want to benefit spiritually and as human beings in general, that the ultimate goal we have is the twin soul relationship. Together, and separate at times seemingly, we master challenges, gather experiences during life´s journey and all that, to finally benefit the twin soul development. When twin souls merge, meaning either physical when both are very developed and incarnated at the same time, or between also human body and spiritual body, if one is not born or has passed, the same is possible. When then twin souls merge in one of the two combinations mentioned, it has a huge magical effect on the CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE PLANET. It is like an ENERGETIC EMBRACE, and therefore many people who get spiritually affected by it, even without full awareness, behave in either two possible ways:

1. They become jealous of the same gender twin soul they feel and WANT to take the opposing gender twin soul away from him/her, to have it for themselves, thinking that this is the right way to OBTAIN THIS MAGICAL LOVE and experience it.

2. They become more sexual, emotional, happy and inspired by the twin soul energies they sensed and go on following their inner awakened compass to find their own twin soul.

The second option is definitely the right one and constructive for your own soul. As the issues that kept twin flames apart in the past are HEALING AT THE MOMENT, it is still not yet a place around here that makes it any easy for twin soul couples, at all. All twin souls who are reading this now, will know what I mean. But, it helps the healing and learning and remembering process, if we try to understand the process itself.

The closer twin souls come together, their magnet goes super hot so to speak. The energies felt by surrounding people become also increased. I have experienced those effects with Michael in L.A. in obvious and also scary ways. The closer me and him got, the more women went nuts for him and men nuts for me. Sure, he´s famous so he got stalked often in his life, but I have never been stalked and desired by many people at once like in this phase of my life over there! These are all important aspects of the twin soul flame dynamics to be understood, for you to overview the healing taking place and realise, what all this is about really.

We have to learn to respect and appreciate free will again. We have to remember how good it feels to WISH OTHERS WELL and give happily, instead of taking, taking, taking. Think about that whenever you have some free time. Please.

I will now add the excerpts Michael wants to be listed:

“What am I saying, he doesn’t just tell, he shows his love to me by normal means of physical expression and we have the best time ever in bed, without me having to do anything. “-  Chapter 11-

“He used to hug me and kiss me very shy but intense, when I would get upset in L.A. and start cursing about someone who hurt me, insulted me or anything similar. And as soon as he would hug me and kiss me, I would be distracted from negative thoughts and lose myself in his strong hug. He knows how to express love without words.” -Chapter 11-

Official Distributed PR Images for " I REMEMBER" Album © 2010
Official Distributed PR Images for ” I REMEMBER” Album © 2010

“There is no problem in finding Michael sexually attractive or handsome in general. It is a nice thing when people love Michael and defend his clean name. He likes it.

The only issue here is when people come and insult me in any way, telling me in my face that my twin soul is their twin soul and lose their good manners. There is no need to be rude. It is the only thing which bothers Michael and I don’t see why it should be logical to insult Michael and his choice, when claiming to respect and love him! He has enough love for all of you, and I really mean all. He loves all his fans as well. However, it doesn’t mean he would have sex with his fans, all who want. He is not a sexual object no matter how attractive he appears to people out there; his sexual intimacy is private and not of anyone’s business and only between me and him. “- Chapter 11-


“Then, some stranger comes up to you and starts grabbing your arms and showing teeth, claiming your husband you have sex with every day is her husband and denying you exist, while attacking you – is this sane and normal? Is it morally correct or divine? Would your husband have respect for such a stalker if he finds out his wife got harassed trying to enter her car in front of the family house driving the children to school? It may sound funny, but obviously many women out there are obsessed with Michael in a sexual way, never having met him or been touched by him at all. It shows only more evidence that he really is Archangel Michael, because his energy is that strong. I can only say this clearly for my dear readers: It is going to probably get worse after this book here is published. ” – Chapter 11-

Susan Elsa November 2010 in Egypt
Susan Elsa November 2010 in Egypt

“Many women would even stalk his house and try to break and enter his home, claiming to be his wife when Michael was single, and scary, strange stories like this would happen around him causing him panic and the desire for more bodyguards. ” – Chapter 11-

“When I was in Los Angeles, I had after getting together with Mike, like ten stalkers appear in my life, blind for any words I say of rejection or my own wishes. It wasn’t funny. Michael was very upset about it and he told me, how he himself had to constantly protect himself and stay “at home” isolated, because some people out there would stalk him in very sick ways. “-Chapter 11-

Remember the Time? Susan Elsa answers to her Twin Soul with her Debut Album "I REMEMBER" Dec 21st 2010
Remember the Time? Susan Elsa answers to her Twin Soul with her Debut Album “I REMEMBER” Dec 21st 2010

“After I survived this, trust me if I say, “You did not “get rid” of Michael Jackson!” I am here to defend his rights and his reputation and make sure you shut your dirty, lying mouths. Sure, you might think of trying to kill me as well. But by daring any such further evil move against my life, you will only fasten the process of your doom and karma, and I would come back as a Ghost myself and cause the whole Globe, not just Egypt, to stand up and finish you once and for all in the speed of light. You will respect me, my health, my indie label and my privacy. This is not a favor I ask of you or a wish, it is a command. “- Chapter 10.2-

“You show me in my face, that Michael was right even with the craziest conspiracy theories he told me about in L.A. trying to protect me from you devils. I didn’t really know back then if I should take all he said serious or not, trying to calm him down. But he was absolutely right about you. ” – Chapter 10.1-

Michael Jackson Bad Fist 777
For Educational & Research Purpose Only: Still Image from Michael Jackson´s BAD Short Film

“Suddenly my YouTube Account I had opened officially on June 23rd 2009 was hijacked and passwords changed overnight so I cannot use it anymore. Google has never responded to my legal claims, at all, and the hacked channel keeps showing up in top search results online. My private emails and business emails of my label were accessed while I was sleeping in Summer 2010, over and over, communications blocked, nasty emails sent out in my name fake to people I work with to make me look bad. My view counts on YouTube generally would get blocked, while I saw another so-called artist being attached to all of Michael’s videos to “catch his fans” and make money off of them; this obviously was being done by Michael’s business enemies. I was surprised: How did they know about me? Me and Michael did all we can to keep this all secret? Did they spy on me from Los Angeles already or just now suddenly? I had no idea and was taken completely off guard and wondering about these strange events taking place in my face rudely. If I would post something important or any promotional things for my new ideas, while I am getting “hacked down” and censored in this illegal way, another would use my exact stories to promote herself, replacing my name in the original stories that were hacked or even officially published by me, in the middle of my own promotion try’s parallel. They just pretended that I don’t exist and kept self-servicing themselves on the “buffet of my life” and my work and intellectual property. These ideas have been invented by a Swiss label, not American labels and this is unfair competition and economic crimes. You are not allowed to abuse the Internet in this way, you criminal, desperate wannabe artists. And especially you are not allowed legally or morally speaking, to take and use anything you find interesting or like from another for yourself without proper citations. ” – Chapter 9-

“It should come to no surprise to the reader, that the Internet and Skype was not necessarily the safest place to communicate about what was taking place in my life. At the time I had started to talk with friends and family over Skype, Facebook and generally the Internet, Michael had left and I was feeling very alone. I needed to talk; I cried all the time and isolated myself. “- Chapter 9-


Susan Elsa Egypt November 2010 ©
Susan Elsa Egypt November 2010 ©

“After Michael passed it became a daily routine for me to cry and mourn. I couldn’t stop anymore, the planet “felt so empty.” Before I always sensed this one person that is just like me being here as well and now, this feeling was gone. Many people crawled out suddenly to public, claiming all kinds of to me painful stories and lies about Michael, while I was mourning and recovering. I had regular heart rhythm problems from all the stress and sadness. My heart was heavy like a mountain and every step every new day was hard for me to take. I was so angry, insulting people and having anger attacks regularly. And every single time only to end up crying like a “widow” again and say over and over, “You people treat me like you treated Michael! My Michael is gone because of crap like this in society! They tortured my Michael with lies the whole time!” I was sensitive toward any tiny unfitting word, expression or even stare.

At home I kept crying in heavy emotional breakdowns, hiding from the world, constantly saying, “Michael, Michael, I can’t live without you.” I have a very strong will and it got tested the strongest in this challenge, definitely. And he was still with me, as a ghost and needed help. How was I supposed to be strong as a medium now and help Michael? I wasn’t neutral in this, it was too personal and still, it was asked of me to help him. I didn’t understand it and perceived his extreme anger over waking up and finding himself outside of body, not able to return into it and realizing he had died. ” – Chapter 7-

Official Distributed PR Images for "I REMEMBER" Spiritual Pop Album ( New Music Genre!)  © 2010
Official Distributed PR Images for “I REMEMBER” Spiritual Pop Album ( New Music Genre!) © 2010

“I have met many men in my life that “fought for me,” liked me, found me attractive, and even stalked me sadly at times. Still, the most extreme sexual interest I ever seen in me from a man was Michael when we met in Los Angeles. I was shocked at how much the press lied about this man. I don’t want to be asked any further questions about this hard time over there, and no questions about Michael’s body and if we did this or that. I also don’t want to clarify if we had sex or not before he died, because we never planned to talk publicly about this and I respect him and would never tell how his body looked or what he did and such, where, how, what he liked and didn’t like. It’s too private and in my culture, you don’t talk about this. Also, all I have gone through

physically because of this poisoning in Los Angeles, I am not planning to show pictures of my horrible looks back then nor will I make a public court out of crimes that have been done to me, publish medical documents with details of my health problems and feed tabloids. Some things I simply don’t want anyone to know and demand respect from the people who keep hacking my computers and spy on me now and bully a crime victim. Medical documents will stay private as long as I live; I don’t need to publish intimate information because some evil liars try to force me into such “self defense” and “proving my story.” Through my work alone and simple, I will show the toughest critic the truth and demonstrate it, together with Michael! I will later publish as much as I have, with my “last will.” Nobody will torture me ever again. “- Chapter 7-

“Michael was never gay nor did he have any sick issues in his sexuality as they dared to claim. Maybe you have human beings on this planet who do such sick things to kids, but not Michael Jackson. Sometimes what you say about another says more about you than about the other you accuse. Just because you have such thoughts, you have no right to accuse an innocent man out of greed, revenge and jealousy. Nothing makes me angrier than the injustice that was done to my Michael, knowing he is innocent! They knew the whole time that he was innocent; they only wanted to attack his public reputation! If you know the truth and see these liars on TV mobbing an innocent man, you suffer, it was torture for me and I felt the whole time with Michael, praying for him and calling on God’s help for Michael. I find you liars disgusting, and I demand you stop and show respect for the dead in general.” – Chapter 6 –

Copyrighted Book Contents by

Susan Elsa   © 2007-2013



I am absolutely shocked, in a positive way mainly, at how HONEST Michael really was with me. He never told me details to not hurt me, as I have described on this Blog additionally since 2011. But he told me a few disturbing things, and sometimes we had hard moments when I would freak out over what he tells me. He told me how Madonna sexually harassed him, in detail because I asked. He told me, that already when he was younger in the 70´s and 80´s, how crazy some stalking would become and he would enter his hotel room and find a woman waiting there for him. Just sneaking into his room against his will and wishes. He found it to be very disturbing and embarrassing especially when they were naked or such. He never said names, but told me generally honestly about all those things and therefore, I trust him and know, who he had an affair with and who he did NOT.

He also told me, that sometimes fans and other people like professionals from the same business also, male and female, would grab his booty or even worse, try and grab his dick and such. He hated it, he felt sexually harassed by it. Who in the World would behave this way toward a man they do not know or that does not SHOW ANY INTEREST IN THEM IN THAT WAY? He told me he had on purpose as many bodyguards as possible because of such things.

He made it very clear that these were all reasons why he loved ME so much. He said many, many times that I am so different, clean, sweet, shy and that with me he has a real relationship. I never told him what he wants to hear, and if I didn´t approve of something I said it in his face, no games, no playing and such. He liked that. He hated women who throw themselves at him, based on his life experiences with groupies and stalkers.


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