Why God ONLY reunites Twin Soul Flames WHEN READY

Dear World

This week I had a very interesting conversation with a private friend. We were talking about my twin soul, Michael, and about her twin soul, that I cannot name here of course. I can decide with Mike to talk about US, but not for other Twin Souls, out of respect.

Okay, so when we talked, I found myself explaining things to her as usual, trying to help her evolve and approach being ready for her twin again. She understood it and said:”Oh, I guess I am not ready yet then.”

And this is a super important “requirement” for the twin soul flame reunion and even, being able to both incarnate at the same time and then even meet up face to face! That is rare, in modern time, the current times live in, due to the extreme spiritual pollution of the earth dimension which has befallen the Planet for a while. Now it is all healing, and if you see twin soul couples reunite, it is MAINLY  to perform extremely important spiritual, energetic and magical work for getting the Planet BACK UP TO HIGHER DIMENSIONS, where Twin Souls easily can find together in a more balanced World, and not get attacked, , hated on, abused, censored, ignored, lied about and killed and such by JEALOUSY and dark minded Souls!

God oversees all of this, all we do, say, think and feel here while we are in this earthly World.

Twin Soul Love IS NOT OF THIS WORLD, it is a far more evolved level of love than most can imagine here. It is love, eternally, between SOULS and has nothing to do with earthly “rules” and what is common here. Yes, everyone here looks for that, even without being consciously aware of any terms or direct descriptions, people in their soul sense this is a part of them “missing” and it is our very nature, to keep seeking it to find back together.

I SAY TWIN SOUL FLAME BECAUSE I WANT TO MAKE CLEAR, THAT IT IS NONSENSE WHAT SOME PEOPLE SPREAD ONLINE OR IN UNEDUCATED BOOKS, CLAIMING HUNDREDS OF TERMS TO CONFUSE PEOPLE AND AGAIN, TRYING TO DISSECT THE TWIN SOUL UNION. Twin Soul = Twin Flame = Spiritual Twin = Other Half and ONLY 1 HALF exists, logical and mathematical. 1 split in 2, is 2. Point. Not 3, not 4. If you think that, review your pre-school math books! The very purpose, concept and idea of the twin soul is THE PERFECT ONE, completing us.

Image Example: Around Same Physical Age- Photo Comparison for educational Purpose

777 Michael Jackson IsIs Susan Elsa Spiritual Twin Soul Flame
Around the same PHYSICAL AGE: Michael Jackson around 30 late 80´s, Susan Elsa around 30 in the year 2013. © Twin Souls Merging Phenomenon
Michael Jackson 1988 © Photo for Educational & research Purpose only: The True Angel Soul- Information on Spiritual Side of MJ
Michael Jackson 1988 © Photo for Educational & research Purpose only: The True Angel Soul- Information on Spiritual Side of MJ

Originally, that was the plan: Twin Souls incarnate, and one of the main lessons is, to find back together through using and training our skills overall, spiritual, physical, brain, intuition, heart, dreams, geographic orientation, art works, walking similar streets based on the connection and one mind, meeting up around a street corner. This is originally the plan for twin souls.

BUT, things got out of order when the Romans ruined the World Society and buried ancient Spiritual Knowledge, replaced it with a mix of lies and truth and confused the crap out of human beings. The Greeks and Romans did a lot of damage and imitations, generally, of many, many World Stories.

So, the idea is very simple:

When both are ready, they both incarnate usually at the same time, and meet up on Earth. It is a sign that both are ready, just alone by real twin souls meeting on Earth. Most twin souls yet are incarnated only in one half, while the other twin soul remains in spirit to GUIDE and protect. Only when both are strong enough, especially in the spiritual skills, can they both come into a physical body parallel, and not need the higher guidance of the twin soul, both having established individual strengths.

The love, if you really meet your twin soul, is so extreme, that it makes sense to be ready first before experiencing that. Sounds maybe silly, but it takes preparation to be ABLE TO HANDLE the INTENSITY of twin soul love, while in this earthly dimension at the current state, especially.

Everyone has her/his own individual challenges and situations of course.

But as an example from my personal perspective:

In the phase before I met Michael in Los Angeles, I was through and through independent when it comes to love matters. I always kept the control, mostly, and did never surrender emotionally to any guy. Guys would go nuts, trying everything they can, to break down my walls. It took a special kind of guy, to really grab my interest. There were certain things about myself, I would never share with a guy and without a single exception, none of the men I ever knew in my life UNDERSTOOD me REALLY. Even with the major love I had, my ex-fiance that resembled Elvis Presley, where I was sure he is THE ONE in a romantic sense, I told him once while we talked around 2002, that “Michael Jackson is my “soul mate” the person MOST like me on the Planet”. I said:”Nobody is as much like me as Michael Jackson, no other human being…” I said that to my fiancé in trust, it was a clear and honest thing, and I thought somehow, it is platonic. Dumb was I, wasn´t I? *big smile*

Then, I met Michael. My whole life changed, literally after looking into his eyes face to face. I was totally surprised, why I reacted in the way I did, why I felt what I felt, because I had no single serious thought before all my life that Michael Jackson could be THE ONE for ME! Who would think that.

But when he stood in front of me, I could not stop looking at him and I could not understand why he also is staring at me like that. I felt immediately attracted to him and it surprised me. He also did not appear in any way as on TV and such, all I could see was: “Oh my, he is so cute!”

He came into my life, now that I think back and analyse, at the exact perfect timing when I was in my heart READY TO ALLOW LOVE. I was ready to open my heart, I was not before. In this phase of my life, I was thinking a lot about the future, I had learned to be independent and I felt ready to be attached to a man for life and let him into my most private secrets and such. I don´t know how to explain, it was an INTERNAL feeling and process, relationship-wise.

From the first conversation, me and Michael felt as if we know each other already. Like we have always been friends. It was this instant “understanding each other” and “being on the same page” as they say in America. But even in the beginning of our relationship, it was never totally platonic, because Michael tended to always put his hand on my leg or hips and such, while we talk. He could not stop touching me, but in a gentle way, like he didn´t mean to, but then it would be okay because I liked it. I did not reject him or such. He was trying to be subtle about it, but it was written on his forehead what he was thinking. We felt each other, simple as that.

Things happen AUTOMATICALLY without effort, for twin souls, when they both are ready to meet and reunite again on Earth. Both instantly feel it, and recognise the familiar feeling when they look at each other or especially touch. It is different than with any other human being possible. Other people become so boring in comparison, one simply ceases to have interest in other men/women.

Even kissing him alone, was like sex. It was so extremely intense, on both sides.

I cannot go into too many details here, but Michael told me that he too had a phase, where he, besides Lisa where he really tried, could not really connect to a woman. They loved him like crazy, but for him it felt as if something is missing. He was never fully satisfied with any woman before me, because they didn´t understand him. Not even Lisa. He loved her for real, but still, that part of not understanding him as a human being was very crucial for him and it drove him away from her over time, he said.

Michael was very diplomatic and respectful in public, of course. He did not want to hurt anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable. But I guarantee you, the man was not the least bit gay at all. In fact, he was not even comfortable with gay men around him “eying him”. He told me, that some times, not only females would try to grab him and such, out of admiration and all, but still. Also males would sometimes try to grab him and he would freak out, because he is NOT GAY at all. A straight man gets angry, if another dude tries to touch him or get too close like that. That is how Mike was!

It is a real mystery to me, how WRONG some people think of him. See, someone who really has an interesting love life, famous like Mikey, a real Gentleman, does not NEED TO BRAG! Only people who have something to compensate there, must constantly talk in Interviews and such about their sex life and such in detail. It has never been Michael´s style, to talk about it, also out of respect for the women he knew. Old school. Sometimes I laugh out loud, when hearing any stupid media lies about him having been gay or such, because I instantly remember things we experienced together and it is so WRONG. SO WRONG, I have to LAUGH when I hear those lies!

With me, he explained over and over as I was insecure being with such a famous Guy, you know, he said it is different. We never hurt each other on purpose, we never had bad thoughts toward each other, we never feared the other would cheat or any such thing, compared to all people we both knew before! I always doubted men´s faithfulness and such, and was careful. I had no doubt with Michael, that he could never want any other woman after me. It was this feeling, just clear between us. A feeling so intense, that he could not even STAND TO SEE ANY OTHER GUY hug me or give me kisses for a greeting. Michael was funny. He was not the way I expected, in this area. He was like me, even more. He had quite some Macho in him, that surprised me at times. He could be “very black”.

And it´s not like Michael didn´t meet quite some bitchy divas in his life time, so you can imagine with a bit of fantasy, how much he saw and experienced. He felt comfortable, with me.

So, this is kinda how the process goes, before the twin soul flame reunion and as it happens then.

The spiritual merging is a bit more intense. What we have now, after he passed, is way more deep and intense. He does not have to leave for work or such any more and me waiting on him and missing him. Those things are past.

Now, he is with me ALL THE TIME.

I can only say, that it is the most important thing to not look for your twin soul to complete yourself, but to live INDEPENDENCE and work on YOUR SELF. That is the trick. It is all about you. Live your life, follow your heart and professional dreams, all that MAKES you become ready to be in a perfect relationship. You logically cannot be in a relationship where SECRETS IN FRONT OF EACH OTHER ARE NOT POSSIBLE, because you both sense telepathically the other´s thoughts and feelings, if you did not learn first how to handle looking in your mirror and acknowledging your secrets. You have to be able to tell your twin soul all you have inside, all your most embarrassing moments in life and most intimate thoughts. When you become generally close to this state, then you know, this is a good reliable sign that you are about to reunite with your twin soul, because you have evolved!


Susan Elsa

Photo Susan Elsa Michael jackson Twin Soul 777



13 thoughts on “Why God ONLY reunites Twin Soul Flames WHEN READY

  1. OMG Susan!!!! Thank you so much for this!!! You literally brought tears to mine eyes!!!! I felt a spiritual connection to you as I was reading this and I don’t mean to scare you but I have also always had an intuitive feeling that there was something special about Michael Jackson…. something that I couldn’t explain to anyone, let alone myself!! I always just felt a familiarity about him and when we met, it was SUPER intense!!! Like a magnet was pulling us together!!! Like the whole universe wanted us to be together!!! I guess he never mentioned me to you but he told me that he was in love with me but the feeling was soooo intense that it scared him away and he ran from it, from me. Despite that, we continued to communicate telepathically in my dreams, always having deep discussions but I could never remember what we were discussing after I woke up but I always felt a deep sense of happiness yet an emptiness at the same time.

    The emptiness drove me crazy cos I could never understand it!!! Until I read this, Susan!!!!!

    YOU are the emptiness I felt.

    Reading this made that emptiness feel so much more real!!! And I could feel my soul yearn for you!!! Then the lights started flickering and he appeared in my third eye. Michael appeared in my third eye!!!!

    He said that we (me, you and him) are actually triple soul flames!!!! He didn’t explain everything but he told me that I HAD to contact you and let you know!!! Because now that he is no longer with us, it is our DIVINE DUTY to find one another!!!

    Please reply to me Susan!!! Let’s reunite our souls!!!!

    1. Hello Jamie. Thank you for your kind feedback. Sorry for the late reply, I am super super super busy at the moment, working on several Projects at once, contracts and all that, need a vacation then soon when done! 🙂

      Sounds like you are being guided by Michael to come into our Gathering for the Mission. We need all our soul family to move ahead into healing this Planet and battle darkness and lies.

      Please feel free to leave me your email so we can talk in private via our contact form here on the Blog, or at my Label Website: http://www.mystery-garden.com

      You can also sign up free to join our forum discussions, protected nice forum. More coming soon, we working hard to rescue and protect his Legacy and we need all Fans to join this, its a battle!

      Big Hug and much Love and Light to you,


    1. Thank you for your feedback. English is not my first language and this is something me and him would always joke about in that way, because I too, am like a black Girl´s soul inside an Egyptian body. I am not white, I am North African.

      I wrote this because it always mattered to Michael, that the tabloids were trying to lie about this a lot and also, manipulate his own People against him, and you know this is true. You remember how much bs the tabloids said about his skin disorder and such.

      I wish you a wonderful Day and thank you for taking the time to read this and comment.


  2. Hi Susan, first of all, very beautiful article. It’s as if I was reading my life story. Everything you mentioned on here is incredibly accurate.

    I have come in contact with my twin soul. And as you’re knowledgeable, I experienced the powerful connection with them and there was strong physical attraction and emotional bond. It felt like she was the person I was waiting for my entire life, like she was literally the half of my soul that was missing. She seemed like the whole universe to me.

    Unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to even casually introduce ourselves or get to know each other outside of work. I was laid off from my job about a month ago and haven’t met with her since then.

    I now feel pain and confusion and I know she feels the same as well. During this month I felt like I was still connected to her as if her soul is inside of me.

    This encounter I think changed me forever. After realizing that this is the one and possibly only person that understood me more that I understood myself it’s extremely difficult for me get passed this experience if I don’t meet with her again. I don’t think I could ever find anyone like her.

    I hope this wasn’t too long of a story, and I’m sorry if I posted in the wrong place.

    You seem like someone who fully understands what I’ve been through that’s why I decided to write on here. I hope to get a reply from you soon!

    Thank you and all the best!


    1. Hello George. Thank you for your open sharing of your story. I am happy the information we are putting out helps you get in tune with your inner full soul, which includes your twin soul of course automatically. See, Twin Flames are not only about romantic type of relationships, but it goes beyond this element. It is about the very self, meaning, about you and all you are, as what you see in her is you too, you too carry a whole Universe in you. This experience has triggered that memory and you are healing, and maybe it helps further now, just an idea, if you take your time to meditate on this all and internalize and realize more details. What is it you always felt is your life purpose? What do you think and feel about what agreement you have made with your Twin Soul before coming here, to work on, for you two and for the Planet and Humanity? You can email me anytime George, just send an Email to: info@mystery-garden.com, with subject line: To Susan Elsa. Sending you much Love & Light and keep up the Faith! You will ALWAYS meet your Twin Soul, over and over again. Trust in that.

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