The first “Playboy Magazine” in Ancient Egypt?


The Mystery Schools of Osiris & IsIs

Dear Readers

Yes, the title is serious: Did the ancient Egyptians invent “Sexy Magazines”?

Today is a Day we at the TWIN EYE Mystery Schools dedicate to learning and studying. This is like fitness training for the brain, and the soul, as the soul is always connected to life´s experiences and benefits from it.

We have talked in a previous post about possible Television in ancient Egypt, and surely they did have electricity and an ancient phone system.

Now, we want to name another thing which was invented in ancient Egypt. Many people have heard of the Indian KAMASUTRA, but probably never about the Papyrus of Turin?


From the Papyrus of Turin some Examples found freely on the Internet for educational Purposes:

Or now, here the first “Playboy Magazine” of History I guess:

Original Source:



Love & Light,

TWIN EYE Mystery Schools


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