Ancient Egyptians and Telephone Technology?


The Mystery Schools of Osiris & IsIs

Dear Mystery Lovers

Today we bring you a very special Information, that surely many did not even think of yet.

For a long time I kept asking myself, why Michael Jackson sings specifically about “Phone Talks” in his REMEMBER THE TIME Song, which is taking place in ancient Egypt. I thought, as many of you I am guessing, well but “they had no telephones in ancient Egypt, right?”

I was wrong. Michael Jackson did genius work in his Music and it will reveal itself in multiple layers even more now, I feel it.

So, after he passed and returned in spirit to me, to teach me all those things, or more accurate, REMIND me in detail and guide spiritually my work, he explained to me that we did have Phones in ancient Egypt. I did have bits of memory of such a thing, but was not sure if it is…

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