ANOTHER PART OF ME -> I AM THE OTHER PART OF HIM (Michael Jackson dictates Song to his Twin Soul)

Dear World

As some people do not get the situation, naturally due to some freaks trying to interfere for whatever reasons they have online, I decided to list a few facts of my own work, in regards to Michael and my relationship to him.

I started with that long before we even met physically, because we share one mind, so to speak. I wrote many songs, experimenting, training, when I was a teenager. I used to sing before, from childhood on, but did not yet write full Songs. I have to admit though, me and my sister would already “write” simple Songs for our Barbie´s and Ken´s and stage a real Show with “hiring Managers and all”.

So, where do you begin telling a Story, when it is not easy to define even a beginning of this connection? It has always just been.

After Michael channeled the first Song through me in February 2010, I was quite shocked, in a positive way. I mean, wow, like a Magician in some Hollywood Movie he JUST SUDDENLY BAM, LET THE WORDS GLIDE THROUGH MY LIPS SOMEHOW, directly into the Mic that was on record.

ONE LOVE 777, my Spiritual Pop Debut Single then, was a present from Michael. He literally said, it is a present for my Birthday, April 2010. So I published it.

Michael does not just take over, he tries to help me to be myself. I am a lot like him, naturally, but also, I am a unique SELF, a FEMALE SELF.

Twin Souls are almost identical, but still INDIVIDUAL and complete each other.

Then, he came with this whole ARCHANGEL MICHAEL- Secrets of Heaven 777 Album plan and we started. I had to cut it short and throw out a few raw Demos due to severe Hacking, as many of you already know. I published it the way it was for that reason, completely unedited on July 13th 2010.

Then we channeled “I REMEMBER”, my ancient Egyptian Debut Album.

It is quite natural, for two singers, who are twin souls and sing like a second BREATHING all their life, would communicate and express LOVE via Music & Song & Dance.

Here is some of the Story of the past few Years and my FEMALE LOVE DECLARATIONS to Michael, in my Songs. The idea, consciously, began in Los Angeles, when I showed Michael once my old acoustic Song named “MYSTERY GARDEN” and he adjusted partially his Song “For all Time” to it, to demonstrate to me his seriousness in our relationship. I only continued what was going on between us the whole time, long before even his passing.

I find it, by the way, quite disrespectful when People come up now to “have fun over his death” and mock my professional story or my work. I have been doing this also when all the Planet stared at Michael with those fake eyes, doubting his innocence. I have always stuck to him, as my role model in MY WORK. Of course, some people would show up to suck off such a story NOW, but it has nothing to do with Twin Souls, Respect or any True Love and Spirituality. Michael LIKED ME FOR THAT REASON: I saw in him the Number One, even when all others were looking at Timberlake and dissing Michael´s looks´, private life and so forth.

Those are the FACTS. If you personally approve, like it or not, God made it that way.

2003- MYSTERY GARDEN ( first consciously channeled Song and Start of Concept 777)

Michael Jackson heard it 2007.


For Educational Purposes shared.

There are several other Songs that have been registered and copyrighted, but not released by me and Michael, before his passing. Those several other songs such as “Behind the Mask”, are archived since years.


(I just got spooked out a moment right now. I just notice that there is a similar “feel” in REMEMBER THE TIME compared to my IsIs Egypt Song from Nov. 2010. I haven´t noticed before, typical Mike! I channeled this without thinking, no paper no writing down anything, outdoors at PHILAE ISIS TEMPLE (therefore there are some background noises).

Nov 2010 Egypt, IsIs answers to Michael (Big Smile)


Rooted in Earth, reaching up toward Heaven (The Sky). The Tree is VERY symbolic of the Mystery Schools and especially of IsIs. There is a special Tree named "Tree of IsIs" for Initiated Students.
Rooted in Earth, reaching up toward Heaven (The Sky). The Tree is VERY symbolic of the Mystery Schools and especially of IsIs. There is a special Tree named “Tree of IsIs” for Initiated Students.

ANOTHER PART OF ME ( Michael´s Song Prediction about IsIs´Return to Heal the Planet with her Magic/Assist)

Susan Eyes/Soul Up Close
Susan Eyes/Soul Up Close © 2010

This one is the first Michael let me work on DETAILED and HARD. First, he dictated word by word the Text to me. No melody. Then he said, stand at the Mic and press record. So I did, and the channeled the READY-TO-SING Melodies telepathically through my Mind while I just sang it, like it´s an existent Song, the FIRST TIME I OPEN MY MOUTH!

11:11:11 (That is why we Opened THIS BLOG Officially on 11:11:11!)

This is NOT the Original Version, you can download that. This is a Special “Magic Witch Version” remixed by DJ ROB TURNOVER ©.

It was spring 2010, when Michael Jackson returned as a Ghost to his Twin Soul, Susan Elsa. Now rejuvenated and connected to God, Michael literally works with Susan on artistic and uniquely spiritual projects. The Mystery unfolds on Dec21st 2012. This Song has been channeled by Susan with Michael’s very own idea for her on 11-11-11 (symbolically). Susan then as usual drafted the demo all by herself to focus on Michael’s advice and have no interferences. Then we took the demo to a big studio and produced it under Michael’s guidance.

Here is the full Data- New Video Update *

The studio sessions were not only fun but very interesting. Susan kept dancing very intense while recording at the microphone and before, she never used to do that.

“I would sometimes look to the sound engineer sitting behind the mixer, because I noticed that I had just grabbed my crotch, or more the side of my legs right there, I don’t know. I did not want the producer to see these “automatic mode moves” that would just come out of me intuitively, as I am channeling Michael. When I did this song especially, I could not even sing it the way Michael wanted it without dancing. It was like I had to sing it with my whole body, not just my voice. After the first recording day in the Spring of 2012, I sang so hard and put all my energy into it, that afterwards I had a little bit of nose bleeding. I really gave it my best for Michael. ” -Susan Elsa about the MAKING OF 777

From her first Single “One Love” to her first Debut album experiment in Egypt “I Remember”, here comes the final puzzle piece of her historic message:

Michael Jackson is the famous Archangel Michael himself!

And he dares to be recognized.

Not only has Susan’s ideas grown, but her body and face is going through an obvious and natural metamorphosis unexplained by the most advanced modern science, as a result of Michael’s soul merging with Susan’s.

We are heading toward a very unique and otherworldy rebirth of Entertainment, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Stay tuned for our Living Project Start, introduced by this first new Song, a historic EBook plus a brand new Website offering lots of fun with interactive Entertainment and spiritual-growing opportunities in ways never seen before!


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