Michael´s Songs about His Twin Soul/ Twin Flame *List and Brief Analysis*

Dear Readers

Many people ask me and I am sure, also wonder in general, which Songs exactly of Michael Jackson are “Twin Soul Songs”.

I have had many funny and also not so funny reactions since 2010, when we published a direct “musical answer” to Michael with my Debut Album “I REMEMBER”. He did so much for me, and it is so sweet, that I simply had to. And besides me thinking in Egypt, when we traveled to record this Unique Album in original Ancient Temples there, I mean real channeled ghostly Songs without any preparation of lyrics or music before-hand, my mother also told me that I should name it “I REMEMBER” as a fun answer to Michael´s “REMEMBER THE TIME”.

I felt super weird, I remember, when I was a child yet and Michael published his Short Film with that Song. I literally felt it, in my soul, that it was for me. But I repressed it then for a long time, just like all other feelings and memories that were boiling up from ancient Egypt, my past life. I had big big fears, and worried to REMEMBER my past life as IsIs, where I was hurt so badly when Set killed my Osiris (Michael) and traumatised my very soul. I am so happy, that I agreed to come back here and Michael helped me, as he promised, to completely heal that memory, and he did!

So now, let us take a closer look at his Songs, that we channeled basically together as a SOUL FROM HEAVEN, to channel “Healing Twin Soul Energies” to EARTH. Btw, I have also just released on Dec 21st 2012 a new Song, as usual also an answer to Michael´s Song “Another Part of Me”. I called it simply: “The Other Part of Him”

This Song has been LITERALLY channeled for me by Michael, that means, he assisted me and dictated the lyrics first to me. Then we composed the Music like in 10 Minutes only, the Demo. Then I had no clue how to sing it, this big text, and he said, just press record and let me help you. So I did. And then he literally and in one recording and one breath only, so to speak, channeled the melody perfectly “thought out” through me into the Demo. That was the fastest vocal rhythm Michael ever did to me yet, at one point I kept laughing later at the studio, because he put such a “typical Michael tongue-breaker” into the Lyrics, I had to really focus and re-try a few times to get it right in such fast English. Basically, and much of you already know that and my work from the past few years:

I have like, since Michael returned to me in early 2010, published a New Music Genre, that is copyrighted by us, and Lady Gaga and such have tried to copy and re-use illegally, pretending to me “unique and creative”, while another, me, was first. I wasn´t aware so much (extremely sick and disrespectful at times) JEALOUSY would be directed toward me from people, just for being myself. Just for making nice things, according to all my life story which lead to that; I do sing since the AGE OF 5! It´s nothing new what I do. I have diary´s, filled with thoughts about Michael from Childhood to Youth, naming him on the first page with big letters:

“Michael Jackson is like a friend, brother, lover and father in the same time.” (I am just saying, do not judge people or attack people about stuff they LIVE all their Life. That is not nice, to attack anyone for being themselves) So many artists are FAKE, why not appreciate when someone finally makes HONEST POP SONGS? Look at those current “Artists”. There is a reason, why they do what they do to my Label, and it surely is not because what we do here at Mystery Garden Productions HAS NO MEANING, think and use your intelligence, my friends. Only if you do something that really has meaning, really has some kind of power, is a really GOOD IDEA AT THE RIGHT TIMING, they react like this and try to imitate and steal to take awards and money for YOUR WORK. You understand?

Such ideas or a whole Genre is not done overnight. I developed these ideas, based on my life, my personal spiritual stories that were unique, the whole time I grew up I wished desperately to have young friends around me, who “are like me”. And from “ONE LOVE (Spiritual Pop Debut 777)”, to “ARCHANGEL MICHAEL-Secrets of Heaven 777”, to “Osiris & IsIs” and “I REMEMBER”, to “The Other Part of HIM”, I am just trusting my own Twin Soul, something that is private between me and Michael, and fulfilling my dreams and ideas I was TOO SHY FOR BEFORE. He moved me to show my work to the public and release it under my own Label and see the REACTIONS. My work from the past 3-4 years is surely legally copyrighted and my property (and my label´s), and surely, my full LIFE ´S WORK AND STORIES are copyrighted and belong to me and are my personal, spiritual and intellectual property. I just want you all to know clearly these things, because part of the attacks on me and Michael, and our message, contain people who abuse my copyrights such as Lady Gaga, and from time  to time also insane “non-famous” people, who are or were obsessed with Michael Jackson. It´s normal, I mean, Michael says constantly it´s expected and normal in his opinion. That is part of the job, part of the business, he says.

Archangel Michael´s Sword 777: Love, Justice & Truth for all TWIN SOULS/TWIN FLAMES. No more Lies about my Man.
Archangel Michael´s Sword of Truth 777: Love, Justice & Truth for all TWIN SOULS/TWIN FLAMES. No more Lies please…

I will continue to fight, with all your sweet support (THANK YOU SO MUCH!), until these filthy Liars from the American Music Business stop abusing other Country´s Labels and PRIOR RELEASES, pretending illegally to be innovators of other people´s work. Lady Gaga did never meet Michael from what I know, I never heard a single word about her in Los Angeles from him, and all she used after that “I knew Michael Jackson” intro she did, while my Label was being HACKED WAR-STYLE, over and over, I remember how she started to use exactly my Brand, plus personal stories such as my friendship and planned work stories with Mike, that I had talked about with that Guy in New York over Skype in February 2010. All we talked through any Internet-Connected Device back then, was literally word by word used. I published ONE LOVE 777, on my own Birthday, April 14th 2010. That was because Michael had told me, in a personal talk once, that April 14th 1982 was a “beautiful, magical day”, and he started to record Thriller while I was literally being born. That was part of my story, of my work, of my release dates. Gaga published interviews 1 YEAR LATER, using my stories of spiritual uniqueness (personal religious stuff), and dates belonging to my identity, my concept for the new genre as much as she could, and claimed my exact “ghost channeling” story for “Born This Way”, on April 13th 2011, so it would hit the News on my very Birthday, April 14th 2011.

AUDIO: ONE LOVE (Ritual Dance Version 777)  Official Release: April 14th 2010   (Channeling Songs from Heaven)   ©

Note: If you listen very close, you will find here in April 2010 already, a little hint via melodies in the background, to the following Osiris song I have also channeled without thinking,planning, calculation or any such things, but purely spiritually channeled in Egypt in November 2010. All those little clues, if you analyse well, show you how Michael is guiding my work, clearly. At times, I do not even notice it myself, until much later, like in his work, how perfectly the symbolism and message is thought out, as if it was done in Heaven and then only given to me as a channel, an instrument of Nature. This is the honest truth about how I wrote all those songs.


You decide what YOU think of such behaviour and if you want to take in such person´s energy in her songs. Because of this, which is a serious attack on my financial and professional situation in life and my future, Michael does not approve of any wannabe´s who go around now, after I am fighting all of this for being his Twin Soul plus real life friend, poisoned with him in L.A. etc (it was the hardest thing ever to survive this!), to AGAIN, CONSTANTLY TRY TO INTERFERE WITH OUR STORY, MY PERSONAL LIFE MEMOIRS, PROFESSIONAL FACTS OF MY LIFE, IDENTITY, MY SERIOUS AND LIFE-RESCUING TWIN SOUL SITUATION WITH MICHAEL, OR GENERALLY MY SPIRITUAL STORIES. Like, I suffer all my life, not understanding those extreme spiritual experiences NOBODY ELSE SEEMS TO HAVE except me, so strong, my Grandmother would even be speechless and tell me “You are a SHEIKHA”, that means like, an Enlightened Being that God removes the Veil for. I go through all of this, connect to fears and panic of Souls, that got attacked and killed and seek help from me, cry, shake in fears, face it, overcome it, all those years of my life, WISHING to have more people around who are LIKE ME, and today, when I open up my mouth, all kinds of Psycho´s who SURELY NEVER went to any Doctor to get checked before talking such shit, come and try to pretend now, that Michael passed, to be “like me”?

Yeah, right.

IsIs Faith 777 Michael Jackson Twin Soul
ONE LOVE (SPIRITUAL POP DEBUT 777) April 14th 2010

I want to look up a little article before I show you this, because Michael deserves Respect for that and his work:

I remember from the top of my head, that this original article I found had been released on October 16th, 2009 or 2010, because Michael made me check once why, because a year later, on the same date and day, I channeled in anger over constant lies about Mike a Song called “ONLY LOVE”. I really like, vented in one breath the whole song. This was too much, people were calling it “the greatest freestyle of all time” etc., same night OVERNIGHT, they changed my passwords just like that in my face, overnight for my old Youtube Channel of our Label. We then made a new one next day, October 16th 2010, and uploaded all we could again into the new channel. All this is also a way of faking and twisting truths and dates, they did that around the same time when Gaga announced her next Album “will be spiritual”, they tried to literally use unfair economic methods to push us out of “focus” and then, illegally use our publications from long before, again, for Gaga, as if it´s new!

Archangel Michael-Secrets of Heaven 777 (CD 2010)
Archangel Michael-Secrets of Heaven 777 (CD Summer 2010)

The Article said, and this is very important for Fans to understand:

“….Michael Jackson’s behavior and gaunt figure were so troublesome to a producer that she told the director of the “This Is It” concert series that she believed the singer was dying and should be immediately taken to a hospital…”

(Sure, afterwards, all of them lie to pretend, they are completely innocent and were just trying to help. Do not believe one word they say.)
“….Ortega was worried about Jackson, who mentioned God was speaking to him….”

(Of course, SATANISTS WHO WORSHIP THE DEVIL, would feel afraid of someone mentioning God. I mean, wow, we see the Pope and all kinds of people say the same, and NOBODY mocks THEM for it. At least Michael delivered evidence, in his work, visible now, that he made Songs about the Future, very spiritual, psychic-themed Songs also like Thriller, Ghosts, throughout his whole career. He said long time ago, in his Interview with, Barbara Walters I think, that he felt Lady Diana´s Death SPIRITUALLY (Like seeing the Future before it happens), and that he felt “there is another one coming soon, I pray it is not me”, and then, Mother Theresa passed. (Btw, she looks so much like my beloved Grandmother, love her and always did. Much Love to Mother Theresa in Heaven).

So you see, double morals everywhere. A demonic, ugly, old, senile Ex-Pope (I mean the Nazi Pope before), can go out and even interfere in WOMEN´S WOMBS claiming GOD TOLD THEM TO, but a Michael Jackson, gets his FAITH USED AGAINST HIM IN A NEGATIVE WAY? C´mone. Open your Eyes, dear Fans.

“….“[Michael] didn’t understand why God was speaking to him. We were both crying. We were crying because he seemed….”

Yes, that is what YOU SAY now, twisting things. I remember clearly, that Michael only stated and he felt that before just didn´t state it openly and trustfully to others at work, that:


That is called, PSYCHIC. Gifted. Spiritual. Witch. Druid. Channeler. Medium. Whatever you want to name it, Michael is the Twin Soul of IsIs, he was freakin´Osiris in a past life. If you do not understand those things, don´t talk shit about God and what he is able to do, God is ALMIGHTY. I also talked with God before. Now what? You will mock me too, because I am muslim and not the Pope in the Vatican in Rome and have your EARTHLY SYSTEM PERMISSION TO CLAIM PUBLICLY I HAVE A GOOD CONNECTION TO GOD?

“…..him, ‘Why is no one seeing what I’m seeing?’ ”

Because it wasn´t there, you are adjusting the truth now afterwards to get away without punishments or exposure of what you all did, on purpose. Last tour, last concerts? Sure, and they did not wish the man to become free afterwards and start producing MOVIES with his SPIRITUAL IDEAS ABOUT ANCIENT EGYPT, Anti-Violence Films, Films that would show the World of GOOD, UGLY & BAD in Michael´s Special Way of Looking at Things. I know enough to continue his ideas, and I am expecting you to mock me too. But honestly, I don´t care, because God is on my side. Btw, I even left Scientists speechless, God can make anything possible, as Michael always said in his Speeches grabbing ANY  award or prize. Michael loved God, that is why he always felt him. Michael is in SOUL ID the Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael talks to God. Just because you cannot, does not mean other´s cannot.

[link to www.latimes.com]

God channeled through Michael his Ideas. Ideas fitting to the LIFE PLAN Michael had made for his Incarnation, in accordance to his Twin Soul, that was supposed to come in later and then be helped by him and God, as she heals her past life trauma. God loves all Souls and whoever seeks help and healing, God grants it. God can also arrange for other´s to write perfect fitting songs to Michael´s life plan and core message his Soul wanted to give to Earth, to help and spread love. God is ALMIGHTY.

List of Songs Michael channeled with God´s Help (BEFORE TF BIRTH 1982):

1. I´ll be there

2. Heaven Knows I love You, Girl  °Special Clear Twin Soul Song°

3. All the things you are

4. BEN

5. Born to Love you

6. All I do is Think of You

7. Can´t Get Ready for Losing You

8. Can you remember

9. Children of the Light

10. Cinderella stay awhile

11. Corner of the Sky

12. Coming Home

13. Forever came today

14. Touch the one you love

There  are seriously a lot of great Songs from that time. Michael explained to me, that before my birth in 1982, he channeled me and it was the very reason why he could put so much “adult emotions and pain” into his Songs. People thought he is just a small adult man, like an old soul in a little boy´s body. Or an actual adult that was short and pretended to be a child.

More interesting and individual it gets when Michael starts his Solo Work.

OFF THE WALL (TF not born yet)

1. Don´t Stop Till You Get Enough

2. Rock with You (Even about Twin Soul Connection/Sex  AFTER DEATH!)

3.  Girlfriend

4. Can´t Help It

List of Songs Michael channeled with God´s Help (AFTER 1982):


1. Wanna Be Startin´Something

2. Baby Be Mine

3. The Girl is Mine (Recorded DURING my Birth April 14th 1982)

4. Thriller (Not a Classic Love Song but an Individual Message to IsIs by Osiris)

5. The Lady in my Life


1. SOMEONE IN THE DARK  (100% TF Song)


1. The Way You Make Me Feel (with a literal Video featuring a Story of a FEMALE VERSION OF MJ, that was Mike´s Vision)

2. Liberian Girl

3. Another Part of Me (Literal Twin Soul Song about IsIs Return to Heal the Planet)

4. Man in the Mirror (About Twin Souls having to work on their Mirror during Life to get better, evolve, approach reunion. Twin Souls care deeply about the Planet and Love.)

5. I just can´t stop loving you

6. Smooth Criminal (Hidden Message to IsIs “Lady of Thousand Names” to be careful and take care of herself)


1. REMEMBER THE TIME   °Clearest Twin Soul Song with Hints about Her Identity!°

2. Can´t let her get away

3. Heal the World

4. Black or White

5. Give into Me

6. Will You Be There?

7. Keep the Faith

° Special Bonus Song not on the Album but released as a Single CD back then was named: SOMEONE PUT YOUR HAND OUT (100% Twin Soul Song)


1. Scream (with his sister Janet, as a symbol of his “Female Twin”, and also, because he really considered Janet like his twin sister)

2. They don´t care about us (Twin Souls, Souls, Human Beings, Minorities, Poor Countries etc…)

3. YOU ARE NOT ALONE (He felt immediately a deep meaning in the Song by R. Kelly and accepted it)

4. 2 BAD

(Here a Brief Description seems fitting, since this is one of the songs where Michael´s mind was already inspired by the future, that did not materialise yet!)

Michael Jackson 1987
Michael Jackson´s Lips of Truth
Susan Elsa´s Lips of Truth
Susan Elsa´s Lips of Truth

Spiritual Meaning & Vision (Lyrics Analysis):

Told me that you’re doin’ wrong
Word out shockin’ all alone
Cryin’ wolf ain’t like a man
Throwin’ rocks to hide your hands

(Note: Just speaking the truth provokes the liars. God always knows who is doing wrong and he can let any human being know in his miraculous ways, as God wishes. God is almighty and made all of us. Lies as a form of competition or jealousy attack is NOT MANLY, is what Michael says. He´s speaking words of a real warrior of truth here, the words of Archangel Michael…)

You ain’t done enough for me
You ain’t done enough for me
You are disgustin’ me, yeah yeah
You’re aiming just for me
You are disgustin’ me
Just want your cut from me
But too bad, too bad

(Note: Archangel Michael cites God´s view on humanity and society, especially the One´s who direct the global economy and all matters that influence life on Earth. God is not happy. Archangel Michael is not happy, because instead of working on themselves, they aim only for him, just like Lucifer always did. The devil´s ego is going strong against Michael and he is disgusted by it´s rudeness and stupidity. He speaks words in a formulation of authority, because he works for God and enforces Truth, God´s Will and Justice. The Law of God.)
Look who just walked in the place
Dead and stuffy in the face
Look who’s standing if you please
Though you tried to bring me to my knees

(Note: He is literally and openly announcing, that after his seeming physical death, he will appear again, as a Ghost/ Spirit/ Archangel. And his attackers will be shocked by how he is still there, even though they tried all they can do bring him down.)
Too bad too bad about it
Why don’t you scream and shout it
Too bad too bad about it
Why don’t you just scream and shout it
Too bad too bad about it
Why don’t you scream and shout it
Too bad too bad about it
Why don’t you just scream and shout it

(Note: This is the repeating Chorus of the Song. It is a continued Message linked to his previous Song named “BAD”. He spoke on BAD about cowards, who try to attack Archangel Michael, and Good in General as a Symbol here, and go against God and Good Things, doing WRONG. He announces there already, that he is “going to lock them up”. Here he continues his message, repeats it, makes it expressive and clear. They tried in their battle to even “kill” the Archangel, but too bad for them, it did not work. Nothing they try ever works, Archangel Michael is invincible, protected by God personally.)

Hell all up in Hollywood
Seein’ that she´s got it good
Creepin’ from a dirty hole
Tell´ em what somebody told

(Note: Here, Michael surprised me personally a lot and I have a lot of respect for his spiritual evolution, to be frank. He announced what happened to me later on, long after he released this song. He announced that he will help me and ask me, in the future, when he is a “Spirit”, to tell for him what he wants told. He also speaks clearly about Luciferianism, Satanism and such in Hollywood, making it appear like these types of People are “Vampires”.)

What do you want from me?
What do you want from me?
Tired of you haunting me, yeah yeah
You’re aiming just for me
You are disgustin’ me
You got blood lust for me
But too bad, too bad

Look who got slapped in the face
It’s dead and stuffy in the place
I’m right back where I wanna be
I’m standin’ though you’re kickin’ me

(Note: Archangel Michael complains here about how, no matter how much they already hurt him and attacked him (Lucifer´s Followers), they and Lucifer keep “stalking” Michael and he does not understand, what it is they think they can get from him. He feels as if, because Lucifer has fallen and such dark souls simply have no “light or energy”, they got lust to suck off of him, like Vampires and he is not liking what he sees going on. They focus only on him, to distract from his work, to attack his work he does for God and it disgusts him, how openly they do it. But an invisible hand slaps them in the face suddenly, they feel the power of his Spirit after they have “made him a Ghost”, and he simply returned right back to where he wanted to be, with his Girlfriend and Twin Soul. He is standing strong, as they try like little puppets to kick him and it has no effect on him any longer. He became now the Archangel Michael and owns a Light Body, that CANNOT be kicked.)

[Rap: Shaquille O’Neal]
Life’s about a dream
I’m really undefeated when MJ is on my team, theme
Reality brings forth realizm
It’s the man of steel organizm, twinzm
Not from the prizm, take charge like manilla
Nine five shaq represent with the Thrilla
Grab my crotch, twist my knee, then I’m through
Mike’s bad, I’m bad
Who are you

(Note: Trust me, if you really look well into Michael´s work, as a Fan, you will be amazed at how much deeper in is than you ever noticed before. I am sure many of you have felt and noticed already a lot of this. Michael´s work cannot have ever been done by pure human planning and creativity alone. God definitely guided Michael, I am 100% sure of it. Check out the Parallels: The Rapper here talks about a dream, that life is about a particular dream, referring to “spiritual or heavenly realms”. Nobody can defeat him, because Archangel Michael is on his Team or better, he is on Archangel Michael and God´s Team, meaning, he is LOYAL TO GOD and therefore, invincible. The name “MAN OF STEEL” has been used literally for “SUPERMAN”. As if that was not enough already, serious clues laid about his rising Twin Soul Situation! He speaks right after about the “Superman Organism-Twin-ism”. The following to many unclear rhyme, is about channeling Osiris, therefore, he mentions “Thrilla”, in which Michael presented himself as some living Dead, raising other Dead from the Tombs. Thriller was recorded, starting from the Day I was born, his Twin Soul, April 14th 1982. People used to “channel” or “imagine having Osiris identity like a prayer for a moment” to protect their Soul and to secure their arrival/travel to Heaven. Then he says, he grabs his crotch, twists his knee (just like Michael/Osiris does, right? As if he channels him, his protection, his archangelic Michael-Light), then he is through and states: Michael is Cool/Strong, I am Cool/Strong, and WHO ARE YOU? Meaning Evil, who think they are cool, but really are nobody and nothing. Lucifer is nothing compared to beautiful Archangel Michael.)

Here an additional crazy parallel, that shows you really if you are honest, that Mike did channel God and was super connected to God and cared a lot in his heart and soul about God, the whole time. God guided Michael´s work, I am sure of it.

Thank you so much George, what a cool Guy. I just was lead by him, since we all work together you know, to this Video and saw right at the beginning a Scene in some Ancient Egyptian Setting! Crazy. I have to say here also, that I would ask you PLEASE, to not believe everything people say or claim about George´s death. Jean Cline, she tells the truth. She knows best, all he thought, felt and went through, being his Twin Soul. Please read her book. The media in Hollywood especially, always loves to blow things up extremely and add lies and assumptions.

Let us continue with Michael´s Songs from HIStory:

5. HIStory (He says clearly, that Archangel Michael dares to be recognised, and in fact, he wants to be recognised.)


1. Blood on the dance Floor

(Note: Is a clear Song about Twin Soul Attacks and “someone trying to replace his baby”. Michael told me himself, that he had Madonna in mind, when speaking of “Susie”, referring to a double meaning of his Twin Soul named Susan, and the “Femme Fatale” trying to take her spot and shoot a knife into their Twin Flame Heart, where Michael wrote SUSIE AND ME, from his view. Madonna plays “Susan” in a Film called “Desperately Seeking Susan”, and she wears a Jacket the whole time, with a Pyramid in the back, big and visible, and the Eye of Amun Ra from Ancient Egypt. She also calls herself “Madonna”, which alone is a faking of the Black Madonna´s True Story, that was IsIs from ancient Egypt. Madonna even did something around that time or bit later too, with the SAME TITLE, always obsessed with Michael since the early 80´s. It totally disturbed him, he told me several things that upset him and disgusted him about Madonna.)

In 2005, much later, Madonna copies Michael´s ideas AGAIN, interfering constantly also in his Messages: CONFESSIONS ON A DANCE FLOOR?

Madonna constantly repeats Michael´s previous ideas. She tried to force sex on him before, but he was not interested. She spread Lies about him in the Press as well and was super jealous of Mike.
Madonna constantly repeats Michael´s previous ideas. She tried to force sex on him before, but he was not interested. She spread Lies about him in the Press as well and was super jealous of Mike. Surely she hates any Woman Michael loves, because he did not want to touch her (Madonna).
Susie & Me (Michael)
Susie & Me (Michael)
1990 (2-3 Years after Michael started doing this as a unique Dance Move, being a MAN, by the way. It makes no sense to grab an empty crotch.)
1990 (2-3 Years after Michael started doing this as a unique Dance Move, being a MAN, by the way. It makes no sense to grab an empty crotch.)

The evidence is ALL OUT THERE, but people fall for the Media Lies and have no idea, how much Michael hated Madonna. She first stalked him as a Groupie, then she was placed by his enemies and fakery blown up out of proportions and claimed to be “Michael Jackson´s Biggest Competition” and “Queen of Pop”, as soon as his Fans gave him this title, always stalking and copying anything he does. He never understood why he is being attacked and asked false questions like “Why did you proclaim YOURSELF the King of Pop?”, when in fact it was Madonna that was the self proclaimed “Queen of Pop”. Always critique to Michael, but nobody would mention in the News they own and control, that Madonna is not original at all and does not re-invent herself, but steals subtle and in a sneaky way bits and pieces of other people? JUST LIKE GAGA NOW, AND SURELY MICHAEL WOULD NEVER APPROVE OF A SECOND MADONNA, SINCE HE HATED THE FIRST VERSION TO BEGIN WITH.

Michael Jackson LATE 80´S:  Smooth Criminal Style

Michael Jackson´s "Smooth Criminal" from his Motion Picture MOONWALKER (1988)
Michael Jackson´s “Smooth Criminal” from his Motion Picture MOONWALKER (1988)
Michael Jackson in his Film MOONWALKER 1987/1988 (Film Shooting)
Michael Jackson in his Film MOONWALKER 1987/1988 (Film Shooting)


Madonna TOTALLY COPIES Michael Jackson´s Ideas and Fashion Style 2 years later! (1990)
Madonna TOTALLY COPIES Michael Jackson´s Ideas and Fashion Style 2 years later! (1990)

What an obsessed stalker, I see why Michael did not want to even touch her. She is nasty and has no personality, I mean, not a good one. So cheap.

She went on and on with that, named biased on News “creative” “re-inventing herself” and “chameleon of Pop Music”, oh yeah, what for man?


Michael Jackson BAD TOUR (1987/1988): Crotch Grab as a Personal Dance Style (Unique)
Michael Jackson BAD TOUR (1987/1988): Crotch Grab as a Personal Dance Style (Unique)
Madonna in EXPRESS YOURSELF, expressing another´s Ideas and Style. So much for express YOUR SELF.
Madonna in EXPRESS YOURSELF, expressing another´s Ideas and Style. So much for express YOUR SELF. 1989 (May)
Madonna on her Early 90´s Tour: COPYING MICHAEL JACKSON SIGNATURE MOVES (Michael felt harassed, she had sexually harassed him before and did not want to leave him alone)
Madonna on her Early 90´s Tour: COPYING MICHAEL JACKSON SIGNATURE MOVES (Michael felt harassed, she had sexually harassed him before and did not want to leave him alone)
Michael Dances since BILLIE JEAN on Stairs. Madonna here takes a second chunk out of his Works for herself.
Michael Dances since BILLIE JEAN on Stairs. Madonna here takes a second chunk out of his Works for herself.

Madonna and Gaga are both disgusting, one more than the other. Both are not real talents and fake a lot of what they do and say. They are prostitutes of the “System”, selling themselves generously to achieve what they want, even if it belongs to someone else, those two do not mind to cheaply lie and copy other people to please their puppet-masters. Neither will ever reach A FLAVOR of Michael Jackson´s Style nor Level of Work Quality. They can clone them and try again and again, it won´t work.


Michael Jackson (Osiris)& Susan Elsa(IsIs): Twin Soul Couple
Michael Jackson (Osiris)& Susan Elsa(IsIs): Twin Soul Couple

Madonna is now copying my Artistic Identity, Fashion and such as she did on her SUPERBOWL in 2012, dressing as a Mix Version of IsIs and Roman Crap, the Invaders, the Vatican = the Romans. I have done invidivual fashion for my Album I REMEMBER from 2010, including a Single called Osiris & IsIs, she is a disgusting person and I am not sure Gaga really did all she did against Madonna´s will, could be both did that as a fake show to distract from Michael and Me, because they are attention whores, who would kill to steal something they want. They both seem to have ties to THE VATICAN.

Official Susan Elsa Debut Album Cover "I REMEMBER" 2010
Official Susan Elsa Debut Album Cover “I REMEMBER” 2010
Osiris & IsIs Revelations 2010-2012
Osiris & IsIs Revelations 2010
"Women of the World- let your Voices be heard!"
“Women of the World- let your Voices be heard!” 2011
Susan Elsa Making Of "WOMEN OF THE WORLD" 2011
Susan Elsa Making Of “WOMEN OF THE WORLD” 2011
Susan Elsa in Egypt (NOV 2010): Healing Work with Michael for the Planet
Susan Elsa in Egypt (NOV 2010): Healing Work with Michael for the Planet
I AM IsIs and I returned
I AM IsIs and I returned with Osiris in Spirit 2010- Resurrecting the Magic for the Planet
IsIs finishing the Devil 2012/2013
Susan Elsa IsIs PR Pictures 2011
Original Color Painting on Papyrus © Official PR Picture for Susan Elsa´s Music Releases 2010-2011
Original Color Painting on Papyrus © Official PR Picture for Susan Elsa´s Music Releases 2010-2011
2 Years Late: Madonna copies Egyptian Artist in 2012 (IsIs-Susan Elsa)
2 Years Late: Madonna copies Egyptian Artist in 2012 (IsIs-Susan Elsa)

2. Ghosts

(This Song as well needs a further analysis, because it literally speaks of the Future of Michael´s Ghost, after his physical death, in his afterlife. The whole Film setting does, actually.)


There’s a ghost down in the hall
There’s a ghoul upon the bed
There’s something in the walls
There’s blood up on the stairs
And it’s floating through the room
And there’s nothing I can see
And I know that that’s the truth
Because now it’s onto me
(Note: Michael clearly speaks here openly about his supernatural abilities and especially mediumship. It confuses him, it scares him, he does not understand it. Something, more like an evil spirit, seems to be “after him”, he feels.)I don’t understand it
I don’t understand it!
AaowThere’s a tappin’ in the floor
There’s a creak behind the door
There’s a rocking in the chair
But there’s no-one sitting there
There’s a ghostly smell around
But nobody to be found
And a coughin’ and a yawnin’
Where a restless soul is going
(Note: He speaks of restless souls, who seek his help and compassion as a MEDIUM, clearly. Anyone who had ever such real experiences, and is a medium too, will understand this part very well.)Don’t understand it
Don’t understand it
(Note: At first, when Michael becomes a Ghost, he does not understand it. He does not understand what happened, so fast, after this evil spirit was after him.)And who gave you the right to shake my family?
And who gave you the right to shake my baby, she needs me
And who gave you the right to shake my family tree?
You put a knife in my back
Shot an arrow in me!
Tell me are you the ghost of jealousy
The ghost of jealousy
(Note: He speaks up and directs his words at the evil spirit. He speaks of this ghost trying to shake his family tree, his identity, shake his baby (IsIs, his Twin Soul that needs him). The following part is on a personal level very shocking to me, because something like this in a satanic Hollywood Initiation Ritual for stupid Lady Gaga was literally done and I saw it from afar, June 25th 2010. You can read about details in my Book “Archangel Michael´s Wedding”. He is speaking of Lucifer/Set and his followers, who put a knife in his back (BACK BONE OF OSIRIS, DJED, read previous posts), he speaks of Black Magic Rituals, and that this exact move exposes the identity of this evil spirit: The evil Spirit is “the Ghost of Jealousy”, referring to Set, Osiris´jealous, murderous Brother in Ancient Egypt. “Jealousy” is a Code Word for “Set”.)And who gave you the right to scare my family?
And who gave you the right to scare my baby, she needs me
And who gave you the right to shake my family tree?
And who gave you the right to take intrusion, to see me?
And who gave you the right to shake my family?
And who gave you the right to hurt my baby, she needs me
And who gave you the right to shake my family tree?
You put a knife in my back,
Shot an arrow in me!
Tell me are you the ghost of jealousy
A suckin’ ghost of jealousy
Aaow!(Note: He confronts the evil spirit and demands answers to why he is trying to scare his family and his baby (twin soul). He says, he has no right to attack other Souls connections, family ties or lovers, or his privacy. He speaks of an INTRUSION, to forcefully see him. Trying to shake his family, hurting his twin soul, when she needs Michael, by putting a knife in his back (BACK BONE OF OSIRIS, DJED, KUNDALINI SPINE) and shooting an arrow into his heart basically, in a black mass satanic ritual. Tell me, are you THE GHOST OF SET? THE SUCKIN´, WEAK, VAMPIRE GHOST OF SET?)
Dog gone
But there’s no doubt about it, piece of mind
Tell me are you the ghost of jealousy
(Note: Michael knows for sure now, that it is really his ancient jealous Brother Set/Lucifer, who fell into darkness. Now he has piece of mind, because he exposed Set. This is a clear spiritually channeled Song, where God definitely inspired Mike. I am sure of it. Archangel Michael Vs. Set/The Ghost of Jealousy/Satan)
1. Invincible (Iron Lady IsIs, Magical Master and finally, Archeia Faith.)
2. Break of Dawn
3. Heaven Can Wait (Extremely obvious Twin Soul Song, since only the Twin Soul Connection could remain after Death, therefore he is a Ghost but says: Heaven can wait, I want to be with you, because you ARE my heaven.)
4. Rock my World
(He actually wrote that one after we had spoken on the phone few times back in 2000, long before we met face to face. As I said, I sing my whole life and met many people/connections, and so that came about years ago. I was too young, I was super shy, and living in Switzerland. Michael had not met me yet, but some of these American Managers told him about my “female dance style in his style, like a female MJ Version”, that´s how they said it. I hated them for it. I was so shy, I was panicking to embarrass myself if Michael ever asked me to show him. After all that, he done this Song and my Ex Boyfriend/Fiance, who looked like Elvis Presley´s Twin, was kind of jealous, in case I ever meet Michael, he freaked out and was extremely jealous, long before anything happened. I find that funny today.)
5. Butterflies
6. Speechless (Only Twin Souls will understand this clearly. This Song is about God and in the same time, the perfect partner he created for us, and how we feel God when being with our Twin Soul, to a degree that makes speechless.)
7. 2000 Watts (Sex Song)
8. You are my Life (For his Children but also, as usual inspired from the depths of his soul and his connection to the twin soul)
9. Don´t Walk Away
10. Whatever Happens
11. Threatened  ° Special Message to People who Attack him and/or his Twin Soul°
Naturally, after we met and hooked up, he wrote even more Songs, or adjusted Songs he had unfinished, but started them before, and there are many unreleased Songs I hope to see survive as they were made by Michael and find it´s way to the public.
I wrote about FOR ALL TIME before, in case you want more information on that. ONE MORE CHANCE, FALL AGAIN and many more are also, increasingly clearer Twin Soul Songs, the older Michael got and the closer he came to meeting me and hooking up with me and after. It´s all out there, research and follow your heart.
Susan Elsa
Susan Elsa: Alexandria Library/Egypt  2010
Susan Elsa: Alexandria Library/Egypt 2010

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