Special Information SUN DAY: Osiris & IsIs (Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa)

Dear Readers

Today we have analysed the famous Chicago Field Museum Bust that resembles Michael Jackson so much, and delivered Evidence for the true Identity of this Original Ancient Egyptian Statue. Now we would like to shed some more light on the true Akashic Records of Osiris.

I found a good Video, until we make one with direct sources, about who Osiris actually was. That is important for people to understand, in order to see the Songs we channeled and Books and all that makes the True Twin Soul Message of our modern Times. It is time people remember that, their own true Soul and how it has been made by God.


Video for Educational Purpose,      thank you Wiki Speaks!

And here is without much commentary our OFFICIAL & COPYRIGHTED Releases from 2010-2013 (Insight). More Info can be found on: http://www.mystery-garden.com  (UNIQUE MEMBER AREA)

Video for Educational Purpose only.


My Twin Flame Channellings (Songwriting in Freestyle no Pen no Paper Fashion, Books, Films etc.)  ©

IsIs & Osiris: All Seeing Eyes 777 ©
IsIs & Osiris: Detect Evil from afar, inside and outside


Copyrighted Contents © MGP Publishing 2010-2013



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