Archeological Evidence Analysis: Osiris & IsIs = Michael & Susan Today? 777


The Mystery Schools of Osiris & IsIs

Dear Future Students of the TWIN EYE Mystery Schools (Virtual)

Today we are making a very interesting Analysis of the Original Face of Osiris and the Original Face of IsIs. Both were siblings, lovers, and twin souls/flames in the same time. Twin Souls share an eternal connection (communication) due to being ONE SOUL actually. If one dies, the other still can see him/her. That is how IsIs (Me) found his body back then also, when Set killed him in the Nile. Osiris spirit himself assisted me in finding his body, because from SPIRIT EYE you can see much more than the PHYSICAL EYE, far and wide. Besides that, Anubis of course, who controls Death & Birth Cycles for God, was the main rescue here. Thank you Anubis, from all my Heart and Soul, my buddy.

Let us begin with the first Evidence:

Here you can see the original Osiris MUMMY…

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