An Invitation to Heaven from Osiris 777

Dear World

I have just found a wonderful video from our Russian MJ Fanmily, that was attached to my old Osiris Song Video. (The Pharao of Pop- Dec 2010)

I do not speak Russian, unfortunately, but Michael told me before I checked it out, that it is great and I should approve it. So I did.

I then went to check it out, and thought, maybe the images will tell me enough about it´s message. I was able to translate the Title for you, and will put it here though for my Russian friends,in original.

Big Hug to Russia! 🙂



Original Description in Russian:

Врата Осириса-7
Я тот ,чьми делами вы живете.
Майкл Джексон.

Верхний сановник Рехмире писал: «Что такое царь Верхнего и Нижнего Египта? Он — бог, делами которого живет всякий; он — отец и мать людей всех, сам по себе, ибо нет равного ему».


Thank you Irina, wonderful Video Message you made!

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