Book Description:

The clearest and craziest Twin Soul story of all time! And it comes as no surprise that Michael Jackson would be part of it. This book will definitely make you think deeper.

After a short time together in Los Angeles, Susan Elsa was forced to leave due to health issues. She did not know, what is about to happen to her life. As she was recovering in Europe, preparing a surprise for Michael while Michael was parallel preparing a surprise for her as well, he passed away on June 25th 2009.

Susan Elsa remembers her biggest challenge she endured when she lived in ancient Egypt as IsIs, Osiris’ wife. A very intense story begins.

From helping Michael’s soul as a medium to remember his true identity, let go and ascend into Heaven to him returning to her carried by Angels and physically being able to make love to her and touch her, this book will leave you breathless and challenge your very basic beliefs about life and beyond.

Love is the message. God is Love. And therefore, Love is eternal.

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