Dear World

I am so shocked over this, but in a good way!

In my published Book “Archangel Michael´s Wedding” as well as the prior “THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL- Elvis´Message from Heaven”, I have mentioned that when I met Michael Jackson for the first time face to face in Santa Monica (Los Angeles), Michael kept staring at me and said, he wants to talk to me but not “here and not now”. I gave him my new American Phone number he did not have, my cell phone there, and we started to meet up, in secret, to protect mainly MY PRIVACY, because I am not famous like him and sensitive.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S WEDDING – A Historic Book by Susan Elsa (Michael Jackson´s Twin Soul as he explained to her himself)

He approached me, as explained more in detail in my Book, with a very crazy story I did not believe at first, thinking he wants to seduce me or something. You know, Guys say things, make up things, to get a woman, you know. I´m not so easy to convince, you know.

First of all, Michael kept staring at me, like he could not stop looking at me. Then he said, that he kept dreaming all his life about this “Mystery Woman”, someone he did not know or ever met. But he felt she is there, somewhere. Sometimes, he thought it is some type of female Angel, other times, he thought it is this special someone “out there” he needs to search and find. He said he saw my face so clearly, that he tried to paint it. He had made 2 paintings of me and was working generally intensive on painting and such art works in a secret art room in the Santa Monica Airport, walking distance almost from my House.

I was shocked when one of my best friends I know since childhood, send me a picture via text message on my cell phone, of a snap shot she had taken of the Newspaper. She knows of course all about me and Michael and thought about us when she read it.


Then, she met him online, and after talking a bit, she noticed that this man has extreme similarity to the “Mystery Stranger” she made inside her Painting, holding her Hand, in front of a Tree that has Kisses hanging on it. Can´t believe this right now, it´s so obvious that they were meant to be. It is so confirming of my own personal story, I am so happy for them!

And here comes another crazy coincidence:  His Name is MICHAEL!

Actually, I am looking right now parallel to post for you Guys some Pics or Videos of these News, and find a Wedding Picture I didn´t see yet with them holding each other and the bride´s back facing the camera and oh my God, she has a PEACOCK ON HER BACK (TATTOO) AND A “HAND OF FATIMA”, which is a Turkish/Middle Eastern Symbol of Protection. Thank you God, for bringing them together, so happy for them!

Here is the Link to the Wedding Picture:

Okay, okay now it is getting really spooky Michael…

I am still looking up the links to put them here for you Guys and find, that they spent their Holiday obviously in Venice (Italy), just like Michael Jackson was brought back to me carried by Angels when I was on a Holiday in VENICE ITALY, in a Waterfront Hotel. Oh my God.

Here is a Link of the Story, where you see THE PAINTING she made in 2009:


This is a big sign of Hope for all True Twin Souls. Sometimes we think, the World is getting worse, if we watch News about Wars and such, but I honestly think this is a healing phase and obviously, there are also many, many good signs and good stories around! That is what will heal the Planet really: LOVE.

Big Hug to all of my Readers and may you too find your Twin Soul!

Susan Elsa

IsIs' New Face Mysteries unfolding...
IsIs’ New Face
Mysteries unfolding…


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