A Vision of Peace & Harmony: Michael´s Dream

Dear World

Of course, when it states in the title “Michael´s Dream”, it is in the same time my Dream and the Vision of so many People right now around the World. In fact, I am looking up to find information online on the original Story, written by Sir Thomas More (1829) , and it is nowhere to be found, since hundreds of other people use that name for anything, a personal blog, fashion, writing general things and placing the word “Utopia” on them.

The term “Utopia” in fact is more famous than the story from which it came itself. People know about the book also, sometimes, but not about the content. I have heard so much about the content and the word from my Mother, growing up. She always used to say to me:” You cannot expect “Utopia” on this Planet, it is not perfect this World.” OR “You surely would love to live in “Utopia” it seems!” OR “That idea of yours was totally “Utopia”, maybe you should write a Story too”. Without ever having read the original Book at all, I had the same vision it seems as Sir Thomas More like 200 years back almost. I also know, from many conversations, plus naturally, all public works of Michael Jackson and charity dedications, that he also dreamed the same dream. So, 3 people now.

Then, I happen to know, from Elvis in Spirit, that he had this same vision at the end of his earthly life. He even had dreams of a changed, healed society and he even knew, intuitively, that “the crap will finally stop sometime after my death”. He passed in 1977. I think we are totally in TIMES OF CHANGE & HEALING NOW.

Elvis Presley: Gentle Good SOUL
Elvis Presley: Gentle Good SOUL  Photo: For Documentary Purpose only

I will always appreciate and remember what God made possible in 2010, when he allowed Michael, my Twin Soul, to bring me Elvis from Heaven for a Visit. Elvis then showed me how his Arrival in Heaven was, crying happy tears reuniting with his beloved Mother at the Gates of Paradise, where she seemingly picked her Son up and welcomed him. After, Elvis made me compliments about my “Spiritual Pop Concept”, my New Music Genre I had begun publishing in April 2010, as if he had seen from above all I did. I had a feeling, that Michael told him about me and asked him to come help me, or that I could help Elvis? That was my feeling. Elvis then dictated literally a full Book to me, about his life, death, Lisa and how much he loves her and worried to “leave her alone”. He explained, and showed me as if bringing me back to his past and literally showing me, including PSYCHIC EMPATHIC CONNECTING, in which I am very strong. Some things, about Lies spread about him and shadow-sides of Show Business, really hit me hard. It wasn´t just like a person sits in front of you and tells you words and if something sad is explained, you feel “empathy” as we know from society only. No. I literally felt in those moments Elvis´pain, feelings, sadness, started to cry, got angry. But especially I CRIED LIKE CRAZY for Elvis, I was shocked at what a good, sweet Man he was really and how fake and malicious some people were around him and how he would suffer and hide it from public as best as possible.

He showed me how he stayed up many nights, thinking over and over about those lies and how it can be possible to PUBLISH BOOKS filled with Lies about him, and he cannot use Law or anything to stop such Injustice and have HIS RIGHTS AS A HUMAN BEING ALSO RESPECTED. Identical to Michael Jackson´s situation. And as I got to know all those things I never knew anything about before like that, I understood more and more, how Michael is trying to help me with this also, so I understand his situation better through Elvis. I am finding out, in the right timing, more and more good things about Elvis and I have a strong feeling that tells me, he might´ve been my SON HORUS IN ANCIENT EGYPT, once upon a time. One thing is clear, that much I was shown yet for sure: Me and Michael are “Soul Family” of Elvis Presley, he is part of the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL SOUL FAMILY.

Here is the Book Cover. Cover Art by Eli Ziv ©

THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL: Elvis´Message from Heaven (eBook)  Channeled without Editing by Susan Elsa 2010
THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL: Elvis´Message from Heaven (eBook) Channeled without Editing by Susan Elsa 2010  ©

Michael Jackson did even publicly show more, meaning, internationally, of this Dream of Peace & Harmony. Elvis had his business problems in America, and the Colonel, his Manager, supposedly had legal trouble and could not travel outside the United States, so he “adjusted Elvis´ Career” to his personal issues and Elvis never toured outside of America! Pretty sure Teenage Girls in Europe wanted also to see Elvis Live. But Michael then, made it happen. In fact, Michael Jackson was the FIRST AMERICAN ARTIST TO REALLY ESTABLISH BUSINESS OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES! All those older famous Acts like Marvin Gaye, Janis Joplin, Sammy Davis Jr., Ray Charles, Earth Wind & Fire, Ike & Tina Turner back then also, NONE OF THOSE WENT TOURING IN EUROPE, ASIA and such before Michael Jackson opened the Gate!

In fact, if we SEE TODAY AMERICAN MUSICIANS & SINGERS GO ON WORLD TOUR- they should remember Michael every time and be THANKFUL & RESPECTFUL toward him, because he made it possible for them. The World would not care about Madonna or any such people, without Michael Jackson making “American Music” globally cool to begin with. At least that is now they turned it, because Michael is NOT AMERICAN MUSIC, actually.

Michael is Michael. And he used mostly his african roots to invent these crazy rhythmic dances and all, which had pretty much nothing to do with America and it´s “Culture”.

Instead, you see, they keep disrespecting their own fellow Man, who done all this for American Music & opened for them International Business. Michael Jackson was American and deserves, as they always say, the same Rights and Respect as any American, white or black or mixed, it does not matter. It does not matter to me, if someone is black or white, when it comes to LOVE. I love, for example, Michael as black, and white too, no difference at all, for it is the same SOUL. It´s the SOUL THAT I LOVE. Just like I don´t care about how you look like, as long as your SOUL is LOVE.

And now, it might be time to really just try something new. Try it. Don´t judge it before you try it: Peace & Harmony

Can you imagine, a World without having to worry even about a War somewhere breaking out?

Just imagine, that you could be inside your house, have the door wide open, cook as your children play outside, TOTALLY SAFE?

Imagine, people of different skin colours and even cultural backgrounds & faiths, sitting down together in neighbourhoods and playing music, talking, laughing and each brings speciality foods so others can try the wide colourful buffet?

In a World like this, I promise you, Twin Souls could come together more often, and live actually for long, long times together on Earth.

Women, would be healthier and feel more safe, enjoy even Sex more, if there was no more raping, assault, bullying or any oppression and abuse of the Woman in Society. I guarantee you, Men would prefer that and never want to go back to sick society models. Any man, wants a woman to ENJOY sex, and that too can be healed if we heal Society as a whole. Look at what is happening in India. Things like that break my heart and Michael´s too.

I think, Michael is right.


The Money System we have today, is an old, dusty one which the Romans placed as they conquered other countries and forced them, raped them, re-wrote their history books and such. That was NOT AN ACCEPTABLE THING and must be REVERTED.

People in Peru, deserve to know their True History, of their Ancestors. Egyptians deserve the true History of their famous Land. The Native Americans have the right to be heard and be PART OF MODERN AMERICA, also in Politics and help Leading it and improve it. They are very wise, try it!

Any human being God gave the breathe of life, deserve to enjoy this Planet. To learn freely, play, discover, love, eat, drink, dance and talk or sing. EVERY HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET.

I am telling you now, what Michael´s Vision really was before he passed.

Let´s stop the hate and racism one and for all. Let´s see ourselves in the others, for all of us have been made by God´s magical hands. Let us welcome a muslim Arab brother just like a christian British brother.

Let us forgive each other.

Let us decide to EXPERIENCE LOVE & LIFE together. Learn from each other, grow and evolve.

Let us make, all together, GOD PROUD OF US AND THIS PLANET EARTH.

Michael Jackson: A Visionary "Man of Love". Photo for Documentary Purposes only
Michael Jackson: A Visionary “Man of Love”. Photo for Documentary Purposes only

Working with Mike on a very special Project, like harder than ever before. Thank you Michael, thank you so much.


Stay tuned for the Projects we working on, to be released 2013. Hee hee.


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