Michael Jackson: “I’m better off dead…” – Twin Flame Attacks same old Tactics (Lies and Harassment)

Dear World

Today I need to speak about something, that is from a spiritual perspective very important to talk about. Especially in today´s society, where mobbing, jealous attacks and all these bullies are a normal thing it seems increasingly, Michael cares to share what he learned from his Life and from his Death. It is also important for me, he had explained, to speak those things off my Soul. I have been through so much, it´s nothing but a miracle that I am still breathing and alive.

I never read News and such since 2009/2010, as a New Life Rule. But when someone is THAT famous, your ears just hear from time to time at this Cafe or Street Corner, or standing next to someone at a Bus Station, any News about Michael Jackson. I also never had any contact to MJ Fans, all my life. Some of my childhood friends I TURNED into MJ Fans, teaching them about his work and charity. That is all.

It is only since 2009, to be honest, that I speak with MJ fans online. You see things also on Facebook, and so many things I was quite about, suffering and crying in private. I did not know how to help or what to do. I was dying myself.

Some ugly, evil people claim that MICHAEL JACKSON WAS SUICIDAL.

And because I know the Truth, I want to speak now in this timing about it openly with you, because it has now become a bullying for me. If you are someone´s Twin Soul, it means you feel everything with that Being. Everything. Depression, Pain, this inner feeling of being torn into splitters. You feel also Happiness, Appetite, I cannot describe it better than this with the seemingly simple human words of expression we have available.

Let us now begin at the Time of the first False Child Molestation Allegations, which did make Michael feel suicidal indeed. That was in 1993.

Michael Jackson early 90´s: Appearance Merging happening in front of the whole World
Michael Jackson Early 90´s: Until those Years, Michael was smiling a lot, always in public and was more happy starting to balance out his life and planning to marry Lisa Marie Presley.

I remember the happiness I felt and perceived of Michael, intuitively, on TV and also via Dream Time Meetings. Michael was starting to let go of his childhood trauma and planned to marry and make a family, having established his Solo Career to the point he planned before thinking about Children. He always wanted to have TIME FOR HIS KIDS, so he waited with having Children until he felt ready.

When he was a Teenager, he met Lisa Marie the first time. She was like 7 and Elvis was still alive. Had many bodyguards for her and was super protective. 2 years later, Elvis died and Lisa was alone. Michael kept reading all News about her, from afar. He felt very bad for her, when he heard that Elvis had passed. And he was pretty sad, when she married another Dude.

After some time, in the early 90´s, they did meet again and Michael decided to go for it and see, if they had a realistic Chance together. Yeah, sure, some might say, it is not very nice to “steal a Woman from another Man”, but for Michael, he explained, he thought she belongs to him anyways and should´nt have married the other Dude in the first place.

After Michael started dating her and they fell in love, these people were spying on him. With “these people” I mean the whole club of evil in Hollywood and international, who control the System and the Entertainment in Mainstream Display. The same group of people that kept harassing Michael Jackson in front of all of you via the Media with Lies and Witch Hunts, personal Insults over Years and also, spreading of false information about his Private Life, on purpose.

For them, it was a nightmare to think of JACKSON & PRESLEY COMBINED. They do also control Elvis´Image today and tortured the man alive with Lies and Witch Hunts THE SAME WAY.

For you it might look as if he suddenly was with Lisa Marie after the False Child Molestation Allegations, and that is what they wanted. But they spy and act fast therefore, before the public knows anything.

Michael was already with Lisa, when they pinned these Lies on him. They knew that.

Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley Early Relationship
Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley Early Relationship

Now, so, Michael was about to balance his life and start a family, he thought, and had Lisa he always wanted since a young age, and then, BAM, they fabricate public witch hunt on his character and reputation!

Parallel to the FALSE ALLEGATIONS, they did this:

They kept insulting and harassing them both, claiming that it was a publicity stunt and a fake marriage! Over and over and over.

Now, with Michael being so popular and having many Fans, some, who also are totally obsessed with him and follow him and try to grab him, kiss him and such, Lisa did not have an easy situation to begin with. Yeah, she is Elvis´daughter. But she always preferred to live more private. And Michael was working a lot, I mean, a lot he said, so at times, she felt neglected. She did mistakes, he did mistakes, Michael said to me once.

So, all that together, no possibility to take a nice romantic walk even together in peace, Lisa started to doubt his feelings based on the Public Witch Hunt and Ongoing Pressure. She also received death threats from jealous MJ Fans. That´s sad, really sad and I remember how sad it made Michael when he said it and remembered it. Anyone who really loves him, or actually knows love in general, would always wish him well and luck with whoever he loves, right?

In that time, Michael started to get out of control. He could not sleep the longer this public mobbing was going on, and in the marriage, they fought a lot and played jealousy games on each other and so forth. He tried all he can, to rescue this relationship. He really burned himself out for it.

From what he told me about the False Allegations, he did not even know the Liars were paid! He has managers, accountants, a whole “company” of employees to keep overview over his finances. He had no clue and was not asked and it was not his decision to pay them off! His advisors then explained it, that it is the best solution, so he can go on with his work and forget about it. He trusted that.

But the Witch Hunt never stopped again. Until this Day!

Michael told me, that he could not remember how many Nights he stayed wide awake, cried, got anger attacks, wrote Songs about during this time. It literally tortured him, that people would say something horrible like this about him, knowing it is not true. A criminal accusation, which is made up. He had nightmares of his Fans turning against him possibly and believing, he is a sick child molestor. He worried to lose Lisa and never be able to have Children himself and live his life. He felt stuck and harassed.

Wherever he would go, he had no peace, no silence, no privacy.


And if I might be super honest here, as it is important for Michael: He never was the least bit interested in Debbie Rowe.

I always thought, from News and Press when I was younger, that he was in love first with Lisa, then married Debbie and really had a relationship. I always sensed though, that he was like looking so “unhappy” with Debbie on the Wedding Picture, compared to his Wedding with Lisa.

And when I got to know him, he explained to me one Day, that he was desperate to have Children of his own and that was the only reason he pretended a relationship with Debbie. He said, that when Lisa Marie and him got married, he had known Debbie just as a platonic friend for years already. And she had a crush on him, and he knew that he said.

He mentioned some instances, where Debbie was trying to interfere with his Relationship with Lisa, offering him to do “anything for him as he wishes, give him Children as a Favour between Friends”. That, while he was married to Lisa Marie and totally in love.

Michael said it like this: “She took advantage of my problems with Lisa in our Marriage and I was stupid enough to ruin it with Lisa over this stuff”.

All this are stories he told me himself and I do not take any responsibility for it, this was between you Guys and Michael and I state here only, to defend him as a normal and heterosexual man, those things.

Okay, so, after Lisa ran off and divorced him, still in love with him though, hoping he would fight for her and prove her like this, that he really loves her and only her. That is all she wanted actually.

But he did not. He explained that he felt very betrayed by her and hurt and that those moves do not work on him like that. He didn´t do anything to her in the first place, he said, and loved her so much and she could not fully trust him, no matter what he tried. She always worried to “lose him to another Woman” and was quite jealous. Sorry Lisa.

And while he married Debbie Rowe in public, because he is a Gentleman and believed that if she has his Children he should pay her “respect as a lady and marry her”, he kept meeting Lisa Marie in secret.

He definitely felt as if she never understood him, and he talked in record amounts for someone, who does not like talking much. Explaining himself, over and over and over, assuring his love, assuring his loyalty, making surprises, nothing helped.

He told me that he tried to date other Women after, but it did not work out for him at all. They all left him cold, compared to Lisa. He kept thinking about her, only her.

I got to know him personally from early 2007 on, and in the beginning he was still like “attached to her” emotionally. We shared those stories, because I had the exact same “copy situation” with my first big love of my life, a Guy a bit older than me that looked totally like Elvis Presley´s Twin Brother or something. It was crazy, how similar both relationships were. He also could never trust me fully and worried the whole time, I might leave him for another guy, and the whole time I was trying to explain myself like crazy, sometimes day and night talks, and still, he remained stubborn in his fears.

At some point, they pinned new Lies, this time more serious, on Michael. Now, we are talking about like 10 YEARS OF CHRONIC WITCH HUNTS AND LIES AND MALICIOUS REPUTATION ATTACKS ON PURPOSE, in the wide open PUBLIC.

In 2003, they attacked him even harder, as he was leaving SONY MUSIC with all his Catalogues and Money and Fame and Name, dissing Tommy Mottola and the whole “System” of the Entertainment Business. Oh what a surprise, eh?

The man always had his private life, and spent all he had, and I mean wisdom, experience, money, intelligence on PROTECTING HIS PRIVACY. It is the very reason why almost no one knows about his love life in detail. He was a Gentleman, Old School Style. That stuff did not belong in public, in his opinion.

They knew he was a totally normal guy and into Girls, you know. But they did this, having seen how they can hurt him with it the first time in 1993, again, same thing in 2003 with a bit different motivation.


Sony Music would go bankrupt without Michael Jackson´s Name and Good Business he did. He basically owns half of it. So, if you take half of the resources away from Sony Music, they are done. I guarantee you.

So a very ugly battle between GOOD & EVIL reached a new height.


Now THAT was actually SEXUAL HARASSMENT and Michael was the Victim okay. They knew he is innocent, they spied on him and tapped his Phones all over the World, internationally. (FBI since like 1988)

Did you hear that? He told me, that they harassed him sexually as they took those Pictures verbally, making comments. They wanted to terrorise him psychologically and attack his Influence on Masses on the Planet.


THIS is exactly what killed Michael finally. THIS is why he had health problems and kept breaking down the longer they harassed him. They wanted to stop his GOOD DEEDS. His Messages by discrediting him as a whole, so nobody would take him serious or follow him.

Because of this:




And here goes, visible in Michael´s whole Work since Thriller, HOW MUCH HE WAS FIGHTING. He is an Iron Man, I am telling ya. And surely he thought often, that is true, that “it would be better for him to die”. He always believed in God, believed in Heaven, and acted clean and correct in life toward young people. He also treated animals very nicely. He respected and adored older people, who kept their head up.

He was NEVER suicidal, he never planned to give up or would ever do anything to himself. It is an evil, additional lie to cover up their traces, that is all it is. Typical Devil methods: First they torture him, by constant harassment and hate and attacks, racism and crap, then when he feels bad under attack, they point at him and say “oh look at that guy, he looks sick, he looks weak, he this he that”. So evil and sneaky. I see right through your crap, Liars.

1979 OFF THE WALL (First Solo Album)

(I remember how Michael explained, that his success did not come automatic or such and that his first Solo Album was pretty much ignored by the Industry and he had worked so hard on it and felt he deserved more attention. He felt as if it might be because he is black. He saw a lot of racism in the Business back then, it was even worse. I mean, HE WAS THE FIRST BLACK GUY TO BREAK THE INTERNATIONAL BARRIER BETWEEN BLACK & WHITE and just like Diana Ross was the first Black Woman to be adored and loved by white men, he was the first Black Man to be adored and loved by white women. And others too, of course, but you see the point I try to make hopefully.)


1988 BAD


1995 HIStory  (HIS Story)



Did you notice the Album Titles?

“First Im´gonna thrill you so you cannot ignore my work.

Then I will confront you, because you think you are “bad”, but I can be “badder” than you. Good is cooler than Evil.

Now you are stepping on my foot, so I will become Dangerous. You endanger children, promote bad things with other Artists who sleep their way up like Madonna, and disrespect me while respecting such people of yours only. Only picking always on me.

But this History belongs to me and only me. I AM HISTORY. I have many Fans supporting me and together we are strong and can change this World for a better and make literally History, because you do not care about us not the Planet. THIS IS MY PLANET. You will not bury my Legacy with your false, disgusting, horrible Lies.

And I will scare the hells out of your evil, nasty Souls, literally, if you dare to attack my baby. Fake my baby. Even look in her direction with evil intentions. I will haunt you, as a spirit you can never get rid of nor grasp. One second I am here, in the blink of an eye, I am gone, just to resurface again when you think you are “alone”. Don´t you dare to attack my baby with your dirty knife and lies, after you killed me. My Ghost is coming after you. I can still see you, even when you take a shit. I AM OSIRIS.

I A.M. Invincible. My Baby is Invincible. No one can fool her or get to her. Like a Castle she is, shielded by me. I A.M. (Archangel Michael).”

-Channeled Directly in Michael Jackson´s Words-  (20th May 2013)


Nov-Dec 2010

Jan 2011

In the Song it says Egypt, my Mother, don´t be sad, I am here for you. If they ask me, if I want to go to Heaven, I say, Heaven is my Country.

Of course, they immediately intervened when they saw suddenly this whole Arab Spring beginning. But the Angels keep fighting to Heal the World and


The Mind is the Magic.

2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson: “I’m better off dead…” – Twin Flame Attacks same old Tactics (Lies and Harassment)

  1. Yes ! this all true.. The Edimites and Canniantes are in full bloom against Michael who is of The House of Jacob.. as for the realtionship between LMP and MJ was a No go from day 1 Y.. LMP is a control freak. she didnt Love MJ for who he really was if she had she would have never taken birth control pills and contenplated on divorcing him full well knowing what an Horrendous Court custody case it would have been.. LMP bad mouthed MJ due to the fact that he had children with DR…Goood Y not DR is shy and docile in nature and Loved MJ.

    Ppl in.Michaels life were Truely his enemy.. Im not decieved about this trial of AEG Y they are guilty and their crimminal behavior speaks loudy against them.. This Trial is anothet Witch hunt but im not Surpried at any of This Demonic shit going on against Michael.. it was just waiting to surface thats all..and No MJ was never suicidal.. Nor did he kill himself..

    Make no mistake AEG will fall along with Dr.Murray .. You have to see them in The Spirit Realm.. Plotting and Scheming and trying to get their shit together.. and whispering thinking No one hears them.. lmao & Rofl..really ! spiritual ears Hear everything ..and you of all ppl know this…
    AEG & $ONY WILL REGRET THE DAY THEY WENT UP AGAINST MJ ! Karma is a Biach!! just ask Pharoh of Egypt when he plotted against the children of Israel.. Drowned in their own Red SEA ! ♥♔✌♬

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