Michael Jackson’s Nephew Speaks Up- DEFENDING MICHAEL 777

Dear Readers

As mentioned in prior articles on this Blog, I have felt bad when I heard about Wade Robson’s Lies and had sleeping issues. If you know someone, in that way, you see how they lie and fake and you feel so disgusted by it, especially, because he cannot defend himself and it is plain unacceptable after he fought in Court and passed few years ago, to go talk such crap. Only the Devil can think of such low, desperate move.

Besides having met the Man personally and gotten to know him in that way, I also happen to be his Twin Soul. See, with Twin Souls it is a special thing: You cannot lie to each other. It is impossible. Because of the telepathic and emotional and spiritual connections, the other KNOWS when you try to lie and you know he knows, or she knows.

Michael was honest to me, always, without giving away private details of people. He told me about how he actually was TRYING TO HELP CHILDREN WHO GOT OR GET ABUSED. He had so much compassion, understanding, cared, wanted to protect! He never told me Names, but general things he thought about Child Molestors and Child Abuse in general.

It is actually, he had explained, the VERY REASON that he suffered so bad over these FALSE, DESPICABLE ALLEGATIONS back then, BECAUSE he was not only INNOCENT, but caring to help abused Kids, just like he cared to help sick Kids, or Hungry People in Africa. The man is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the Celebrity to contribute most of all to Charity in record amounts.

It almost killed him, those insane lies. I said it before and will keep saying it until those Liars shut their mouths once and for all: Michael suffered, sleep wise, health wise, he could not sleep traumatized and shocked by how it is POSSIBLE FOR PEOPLE TO JUST MAKE UP SUCH HORRIBLE CRIMINAL ACCUSATIONS WHO ARE NOT TRUE and hate on him like this, attack him based on Racism, Money Greed, as they like. Him being a Super Star, very famous, having worked so long and so hard TO DO GOOD, and then, some people just come up, are jealous of you, want to step on your life and just go ahead lying in public like this, like it’s a PUBLIC WITCH HUNT.

And by the way, if you check back on this Blog, you will see that I have repeatedly expressed the legal false allegations BEFORE WADE ROBSON WAS PLACED BY AEG etc., to spit Devil’s Lies.

Michael is not stupid, and he sees all they do, plan or think about from above. I wrote that in my Book, published early this Year, “Archangel Michael’s Wedding”.


Maybe he cannot speak into a Microphone now, but there are People who can pick up his thoughts and messages, to help. Like his Fans, who are dedicated and fight in ways, that make me feel so proud of them. It’s so sweet, to know we are not alone in this. Thank you. We will all enjoy Heaven after all of this, and Michael will make a big, nice Welcome Show for each of you Souls who really respected him and fought for him.

And here goes News of someone I am very proud of for speaking up. Thank you, so, so much Taj, for your courage and your strength. You are a good and clean soul and I respect you a lot for coming forward with such personal information on yourself as well, to help Michael.


You know, Michael is crying happy tears now, because he is so proud of you.

Keep up the Love, people. This is a time, where much is changing on the Planet, so many Countries are in big changes. Don’t let them fool you away from the important and true things, like hungry people all over the World, Climate Changes and all that needing our focus instead.


Love & Light to Taj and a big, big IsIs Hug

Susan Elsa

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