Michael Jackson: African Community of Love

Dear MJ Fans

I never saw this recording before. I heard about many such events or incidents, but never saw this footage. It is surely something any MJ Fan would want to check out.

Michael states here clearly his biggest Vision, or better, agrees with other´s who impressed him with their initiative Idea to RE-BUILD AFRICA.

It goes hand in hand, by the way, with all I said before regarding Michael having lived as Osiris in ancient Egypt, taught back then already the people how to farm and eat vegetarian, keep the spirit balanced. And when I went to record, under his Twin Soul Guidance, my Album “I REMEMBER”, in Egypt inside original Temples, I asked Mike:

“Michael, I know you love Egypt like I do. Could you please do something, could you help Egypt?” I thought, we are always connected, and he is also in the same time always with God now, so he should be able to take my wish to God directly and make it happen, ask for God´s permission. What followed, was my exact inner images of a peaceful, inspiring, united movement in January 2011, in Egypt. We all saw it. That was, of course, BEFORE THE SAME DARK FORCES MADE A NEW STRATEGY TO KEEP THEIR CONTROL OVER THE ARAB PEOPLE. The Egyptians did not fight for this, what is going on right now there. But, I trust in God, no matter how evil some people and politics can be, God will heal Egypt and all Africa. I know that.

I can´t stop smiling, when watching this Clip of Michael. He looks so happy and relaxed between the African Peoples…

Love you Mikey


Here is from that “I REMEMBER” Album, channeled at original Temples in Egypt, one of the main songs: IsIs

(Including some Parts of my Documentation of the Trip on Camera)

This is a big Part of my New Music Genre SPIRITUAL POP 777 ©

It is defined by ancient Egyptian Instruments, lot of general African Music, mixed with modern Pop Music, and Real Spiritual Channeling Methods. We took Baby Steps in 2010.

I promise, now with full force we will bring you soon New Productions from our Brand 🙂

When I say Freestyle NO PEN NO PAPER RHYME, then I mean. Anyone who wants to do it, must be courageous enough to freestyle (channel), no faking, and reading down texts and such. Just directly from the Mind. That is how we did in ancient Egyptian Temples! Of course, some things Michael makes me do I am so un-trained in 🙂 haha, like beat-boxing…working out man, working out…

And of course, the Main Song I made for Michael, as my Twin Soul. It just came through me the way you hear it, in Alexandria Egypt, after I got angry over the Injustice toward him basically all his life on Earth. It was like an emotions volcano in me, and I think it might be the day the IsIs Magic worked itself strongest into People´s Mind.


Bridge gives you a Message which becomes CURRENT TODAY AS PSYCHOS SPIN NEW SETIANIC LIES:

(Channeled in 2010 from Heaven)

Gimme your Love

Teach Me how to Love



In the Hall of JUDGEMENT


Let the Truth Unfurl Upon the World

Let Everyone understand the Secret of the Situation-NOW

Osiris- YOU ARE the King of the Everlasting Life

Archangel Michael Jackson 777
Michael Jackson Image for Educational Purposes Only
Susan Elsa: Changing Magic Face (Twin Soul Effect)  2012
Susan Elsa: Changing Magic Face (Twin Soul Effect) 2012
Archangel Michael´s Sword 777: Love, Justice & Truth for all TWIN SOULS/TWIN FLAMES. No more Lies about my Man.
Archangel Michael´s Sword 777: Love, Justice & Truth for all TWIN SOULS/TWIN FLAMES. No more Lies about my Man.



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