AEG Trial & Kenny Ortega: New Information by Michael Jackson (Spirit)

Dear Fans

Today I am writing directly to you, for you, for Michael and for Justice and Truth.

Due to not being neutral in this situation, regarding Michael, I cannot read about the Trial. I just cannot. I cannot generally read about all of this nor think about it since 2010, because I literally was dying myself and Michael guides me since then spiritually away from any negative News. This winter was super long, the sun seems to REFUSE TO SHINE at the moment in many places on Earth. I really need to take care of myself and lessen stress.

So, please, just take this Message and keep up the Good Fight my Friends. I am so happy, that there are so many good people out there who care, who won´t let them kill Michael and get away. I am so grateful, you are helping in this Fight for Justice & Truth, because it is not only about Mike, it is about finally all Humanity. The people who did this to Mike, and the general Racism issues in society, Economic corruptions and all of that, influences ALL OF OUR LIVES, plus the next Generations if we do not MAKE THIS CHANGE.

Yesterday, I was so exhausted, that I had to sleep a bit in the afternoon to “compensate sleep”. I do have bad tendencies to be a Workaholic, like Michael, and often work, work, work and forget eating. When I go read those things they lie about regarding Michael, when I see a little Pic of some Lies in a Newspaper with a Lady standing next to me at a train station, I often get out of balance, aggressive, remember Los Angeles and all that happened, and cannot sleep mostly for Days. In these Days, Michael then urges me to isolate myself, rest, take a bath or such, and keeps cheering me up with long talks and many jokes in his sweet way. I must listen to my Twin Soul´s Guidance, naturally, and so I have to do what Michael tells me to, for he knows what is best for me.

I fell asleep, in the afternoon, so deep, as if I had just climbed Mount Everest before. Completely exhausted. Usually, if I take a nap, I do not dream vivid, big stories. But this time, I did. Michael shows me things like this often in “Dream-Time”. I will give you the exact words and images, but no interpretation. I cannot go check the Trial Info and compare it or any of that to decode the Dream Vision. I have read or heard ZERO of the News about the whole Trial and I was surprised to get this Dream Message from Michael about it, all of a sudden.

THURSDAY, MAY 16TH 2013:  Dream Vision

I feel asleep, after Michael and me fooled and joked around a bit. He always is with me when I sleep actually and often takes me OUT OF BODY for Astral Travels where he is now.

Suddenly, I was in front of a House, it seemed like it is MY HOUSE and in the same time, it seemed to be Michael´s House.

In my left hand appeared, I don´t know how and when, a little black boy. I mean, I suddenly was holding this little black boy, right. I kept checking him, as if trying to figure out “what is wrong with him”. He did not move. He was like a dead corpse. Horrible. He had a frozen smile.

Then, I put him down in front of this house, into a corner. In that moment, I felt like it is not a corpse, but a PUPPET.

Two Children were standing there, at this House, in front of it, talking together like friends. I thought, maybe they saw something?

I walked into safe distance from this House and then said to them, from bit further away facing the House:

” Who made this Puppet of Kenny…KENNY……OR…ORTEGA? Kenny Ortega? “

I remember clearly, how I tried to pretend I did not know his name clearly, I said Kenny Or, Or trying to get the Kids to confirm the Identity.

I kept wondering and asking Michael, what this means exactly, what he tries to show me with that. Is Kenny a Puppet of AEG? Or, is AEG planning to do something to him or did they threaten him? I cannot tell, since I don´t know any of the court statements or such from the Trial…

Michael said clearly: “Baby, take care of yourself, focus on work, and sports. Focus on YOURSELF. My Fans will help you and research. Just write this exact Dream for them, and leave it at that for now, okay?”

Something is super fishy about all those people who were around Mikey before he passed. That I GUARANTEE YOU. It seems like NONE is 100% honest, especially not in public. And Wade Robson is a Liar, AEG made an agreement with him to harass Michael´s Kids & Mother during the Trial and as a Revenge. They promised him to “help his career” for it. People who accuse an INNOCENT MAN after they killed him, after he fought during his life against horrible false Accusations by Racist Devils, to accuse that man AGAIN after he got killed by you, that alone shows the Evil Nature of these People and how far they are willing to go to COVER UP THEIR SHIT.

Love you all, from the bottom of my Heart & Soul,

Susan Elsa

Michael Jackson (Osiris)& Susan Elsa(IsIs): Twin Soul Couple
Michael Jackson (Osiris)& Susan Elsa(IsIs): Twin Soul Couple

3 thoughts on “AEG Trial & Kenny Ortega: New Information by Michael Jackson (Spirit)

  1. Yes this true.. AEG wont play fair .. Y cuz they are guilty .. plus WR is gay and always has been.. When murray sedated Michael it was fir the soul porpous of getting a confession of child molestion .. didnt work.. Michael isnt a child molester.. he accpted ppl as he found them..unconditionallove..

    I knew this would be this .. ppl never accepted Michael being innocentwhich he is.. For a,long time i have had an impression about this..there are so many wicked minded ppl who really believe this nonsense G
    This the way ppl behave when they are guilty.. AEG and theirppl are no different..ppl get up set about what i post..dont care its the wasnt time for Michael to leave here… he just wanted to get out of that house and awY from those evil wicked ppl who triggered his,illness in him.. i know what i saw in The Spirit on 6/25/09 …And it hasnt changed.. Spirit speaks louder than flesh ♥✌♬

    1. Thank you for Caring, MJ Blue Moon, you seem to be an honest Soul. These people not only fight in such evil, obsessed way against him and his Work, they do it purposely KNOWING he is a special Soul. They want to spiritually and mentally enslave the People and do what they like on the Planet. Philip Anschutz is a CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALIST and wants to bring this to “Mainstream Hollywood”. I got poisoned there being with Mike, I didn’t even know nor get diagnosed correctly, and that Criminal Hollywood Producer ran off when I tried to report him after traveling back home. They literally, after I left there half dead, founded my own Label etc., they HACKED THE SHIT OUT OF MY LABEL, AND GAVE IT TO LADY GAGA WITHOUT ANY RESPECT OR PERMISSION FROM THE ORIGINAL INNOVATORS- US. Gaga = Vatican Tool, Me = Muslim Egyptian

      That too, they do, they shit all over the place, they lie at every end, to cover up THE WHOLE STORY. Michael planned to speak about the Hate and Racism against Muslims & Arabs now, he did the same before for Black and White People & Native Indians and Asians and all. Michael’s Vision was UTOPIC. He wanted all people to have food, work, a home, and if these people are against that, it shows how insane and evil they are. And they definitely have nothing to do with God. God made all people, he made different skin colours to see who will fall for the Devil’s illusions. AEG is a devil-ass-kisser and nothing else, just like Gaga and these mind-less, controlled Tools over there who work for them, and Mottola, and Rupert Murdoch, all crap going to hell, with one foot in there already. I also never got justice for how they ruined my lungs with asthma and acid reflux chronically and those things that remain from the poisoning, plus a list of allergies. They shat on my life and got away with it, for now. They even used my medical issues they caused criminally, to present Gaga like a hero which battles with health issues, bla bla, when in fact, she is a pole dancer, a hooker they got from the street and pretend, she has spirituality, my ideas, and was friends with Mike bla bla, all that was taken from private Skype talks between me and a Guy in New York, a Contact supposedly of Madonna. They seriously spied on me, INTO SWITZERLAND. These people are so evil, they could turn an Angel into a Revenge Beast. These people do not even deserve to live. Such people do not deserve to exist and with all my heart, with all my soul, for all those injustices to my human and legal and artistic rights, I promise you these evil people will experiences a last shocking surprise when THEY PASS, facing God and Michael, and then, they will never experience, feel, nor think, anything ever again in Existence….

      I agree, Michael is rewarded actually now, and has a PERFECT Light Body. I only could keep on living and get stronger again, because he came back to rescue me. I am so grateful, since 3 years I keep thanking God for it and Mikey for his Help of course.

      Big Hug! God will make sure, the Truth comes out. I absolutely believe in that.

      Love & Light,
      Susan Elsa

    2. Btw: Wasn’t Wade Robson involved in destroying the relationship of Britney with Timberlake? Honestly, his face , the look, he disgusts me, he reminds me of a guy that was totally obsessed with me and had bad breath and I never wanted anything from him. Yuck…


      They taped him to find out his secrets, his plans, his spiritual secrets, how he did all he did with his success, what he does in private, after he fought to keep his life private and not whore around like Rihanna and such people, showing his Gentials to everyone and releasing sex tapes to get attention. They wanted to know about his interests regarding Islam and who he is friends with and such, details of his plans for the future, ideas and such. It would also explain how they could locate my Label via Internet so fast and interfere in our Productions, I mean, published things, they re-used 1 year later!

      I know that and am sure, because the FBI was spying on Mike since late 80’s, my friend, internationally. They HAD A LOT OF EVIDENCE THAT HE LIKES WOMEN AND NEVER TOUCHED A CHILD, but those Lies are not about anything but INTIMIDATION, TRUTH EDITING, RACISM and all these crappy motivations they have.

      THEY ARE THE SICK ONES, AND SOME OF THEM MOLEST KIDS, NOT MICHAEL! Look at the Vatican, look even at French Politicans who openly write books describing Child Molestation like it’s okay! They do very evil things behind the Public’s back.

      They knew the whole time, Mike isn’t gay or into Kids. They knew, he dated Lisa before Public knew, spying on him, then actually started to really hit him bad via their press slaves, as a form of harassment also, because they were super psycho angry when he dated Lisa, Elvis Presley’s daugther.

      Presley & Jackson Empires hand in hand, was not an idea they liked. It would make Michael even bigger. So they also spread lots of Lies about him and Lisa, about Lisa, Elvis’ daughter, as if she is some groupe or fan that would sell herself for a fake marriage, having all this Elvis money…think about that.

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