Special Twin Soul Photo Doc: Michael´s Egyptian Twin Soul

Special Twin Soul Photo Doc: Michael´s Twin Soul

This is me, as a Kid. I had already saw Michael on TV, in his Film MOONWALKER, and instantly became a huge Fan, training my Voice until exhaustion to become a good singer also. It is visible here, how it was hard for me as a Baby/Child to ACCEPT BEING AGAIN ON THIS PLANET, that has hurt me much in the past when I was IsIs in Egypt. I was sick a lot as a Kid, and had eating issues. I was so skinny, and didn´t sometimes drink also enough, that I had to go to the Doctor often, because of Dehydration. All those, parallel Effects from Michael on me, since he worked so hard and forgot to eat and drink often.

I remember till this day, when I saw Michael wearing the white Suite, singing “Annie are you ok?” into the Camera as I opened the TV, and I saw him doing the “Smooth Criminal Lean” in the Club and thought these exact words in German originally:

“Who is this man? Somehow, he feels so familiar.

He is somehow, exactly like me!

Like a mirror of my future somehow.

When I grow up I want to do what he does!”

I don´t know about YOU, but I do not think this is a common thought, since most people thought he is mysterious and strange. Also, I am surprised every time I think back, how God always makes sure, integrated within our very Soul, that we do recognise each other, if it is aware fully or not, we do. He felt HALF CHILD now, since I was a child, playing, having fun with Barbie and Ken and such, playing with BOYS outdoors fun “Police & Robber” and all such water balloon fights etc., and Mike felt it in his soul and wanted TO PLAY TOO AND FEEL LIKE A CHILD, THAT IS ALL.

I kept dreaming in those years, being an asexual child, about meeting Michael in my Dreams, always in that white Bed, and Michael was always naked reaching out to me with his hand. I never understood it, until as an adult, when I learned about DREAM MEETINGS OF TWIN SOULS.

That means, Michael kept meeting me in Out Of Body Experiences in the late 80´s and became super sexual, because he suddenly started to feel a need to be with his woman, physically, to merge. Before he did not have that, since I WAS WITH HIM IN SPIRIT, IN HIS AURA.

He started in this time to grab his crotch, based on his INTUITION.

Sorry for my Honesty, but I have to. Michael insists.

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