Our OWN YOUTUBE Channel! “TWIN EYE” Mystery Schools Preparations 2013

MANY GOOD NEWS RIGHT NOW, Thank you God for making all things possible!

The Mystery Schools of Osiris & IsIs

Dear Future Students

We have some good News today! We have now our OFFICIAL BRAND NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL! There, you will find during 2013 many Uploads of Spiritual Exercise Videos, Meditations, as well as general Spiritual Information about the ancient Egyptian ORIGINAL Mystery Schools of the Eye of Osiris and the Eye of IsIs.

Here is a Video uploaded on the New Channel, so you can find it and hopefully, benefit a lot spiritually and physically.



The Member Area, including Forum (MYSTERY PLANET FORUM) plus Spiritual Pop Music, eBooks, Special Preparations for the coming Virtual Mystery Schools in Writings & Video & Music, Channeled Energy Drawings Exclusive Insights, as well as Insight into the mysterious “LIVING PROJECT”, titled MADE IN HEAVEN (New Film Concept).

Mystery Garden Productions is the Label, which is producing our digital Mystery Schools. We look forward to open for students in…

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