Original Spiritual Pop Art by Susan Elsa.


Purple is a very spiritual colour and it symbolises the merging of BLUE & RED. It is a perfect colour for the Ancient Ankh, which also represented Twin Flames.

BLUE becomes the symbol of the male energy

RED becomes the symbol of the female energy

Purple, symbolises therefore “Marriage of Feminine & Masculine Twin Souls” becoming ONE LOVE again.

Spiritual Use:

You may meditate on the PURPLE ANKH by visualising it as a PURPLE FLAME ANKH (made out of a violet flame). The form of the Ankh is generally similar to a human being standing with stretched out arms. You may stand in this position and imagine, visualise with all your fantasy, this ankh made out of purple glittery comfortable fire, being YOU. It cleanses your own Aura as well as your Twin Souls in the same time. It additionally can shield you AND your twin soul from any outside influence, especially on an energetic level/dimension (for example, against black magic attacks on twin souls).

Mystery Garden Productions/
MGP Publishing

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