Dear World

A pretty unfamiliar term: Archangel Osiris or Archangel Un-Nefer.

Here, on Earth, we have our physical bodies and produce sounds to communicate, with our vocal chords. That is a form of physical language, it has not much to do with the language in spiritual dimensions.


When you look at Metatron´s stories, the stories humanity generally tells about him, some believed that he lived once as a human being called Enoch. I am not sure, this is the real identity though, my intuition tells me it is true, but might have been someone with another name than “Enoch”. But still, we have stories about it remaining until today.

Why is it so far fetched, that the biggest warrior, Archangel Michael, would not also have had a life as human on Earth at some point, and maybe even something that would fit and motivate him to BECOME THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL in the first place?

Michael Jackson: The Way You Make Me Feel (Twin Soul Song about Female Version of Michael)
Michael Jackson: Could Osiris have looked similar to this?

Note to Image: For Educational & Research Purposes only.

So, this short post here is, when you read the Title and those few statements, already self explanatory.

Osiris lived thousands of years ago, in ancient Egypt.

He returned, into flesh, several more times.

The last time, he was born as Michael Joseph Jackson.

In Spirit, all those temporary physical manifestations on Earth/Incarnations are the SAME SOUL  =   Archangel Michael himself.

Elsa in Aswan (IsIs Temple)
Osiris & IsIs, Nov. 2010, Aswan/Egypt

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa

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