Susan Elsa: Cairo in Winter (2010)

Susan Elsa: Cairo in Winter (2010)

A Picture documenting Susan´s Trip to Egypt, recording her ancient Egyptian themed Debut Album “I REMEMBER”.

Gorgeous Nile View!

A little Note on the side:
Right in front of the Hotel Room View was the Cairo Film Festival about to take place.

They picked to promote it with a Model dressed as NEFERTITI that very year.

HERE COMES A REAL NEFERTITI STATUE. It was formed a very long time ago with her original face being the model for it.

Nefertiti´s Real Face: A Historic Evidence for Michael Jackson and his Twin Soul having lived several times before?
Nefertiti´s Real Face: A Historic Evidence for Michael Jackson and his Twin Soul having lived several times before?

Looks like Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa in the same time somehow, doesn´t it?

Why do you think Michael Jackson picked her story for his Remember the Time Video?

To give hints about his coming Twin Soul? (Look at the Chin especially and the mouth corners)

Susan Elsa: Face Comparison to Nefertiti

Here is the Original Promo Picture, Property of the Cairo International Film Festival, that was in front of Susan´s view during her guided musical recording trip with Michael in Egypt.

(Display for Educational & Research Purposes Only)

Original Promo for Cairo Film Festival 2010
Original Promo for Cairo Film Festival 2010

Note: For Educational & Research Purposes only. This is property of the CIFF in Egypt.

Originally, Susan Elsa wanted this original head decoration for her Debut Album, but the manufacturing took too long, so she decided for an Ankh Kundalini Fire/Osiris Crown in Silver.

“I feel a very strong and personal connection to Nefertiti. I have been compared with her, facially, as a Teenager already. There is a realistic possibility, that I was also incarnated as Nefertiti (Nefertari), and Michael (Osiris) was not in that life time, only I, while he remained in Spirit to guide me. That is my feeling, since a long time, personally. I see today how it all makes sense, regarding the story plot of Michael Jackson´s REMEMBER THE TIME. My earthly husband is jealous of him, when he comes to visit me in the form of a Spiritual Being, that can manifest and disappear in the blink of an Eye. That is my Osiris indeed. I have to admit, I am a little bit shocked at how similar my face looks to Nefertiti´s. Clearly, people have no clue today how I looked like as IsIs a much longer time ago. But maybe they can understand mine and my Twin Soul´s work and message, by remembering Nefertiti, from which we do have statues showing clearly her face. Besides that Michael also happens to have picked a Model named IMAN, which in Arabic means literally “Faith.”  – Susan Elsa, May 2013-


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