ARCHANGEL MICHAEL- 11 Minutes of LOVE (March 2011)

Meditation Video, all by Susan Elsa & Archangel Michael personally.

Enjoy and have all a wonderful Weekend!

Garden Eden 777

Dear Readers

One of our most favorite videos amongst people! So happy that you like it and it makes you feel good, spiritually.

I remember, when one Michael Jackson Fan asked me to join a Meditation Group and WRITE a possible Meditation for Archangel Michael. She has had her own dreams and experiences and know also, that Michael Jackson is in Spirit the Archangel Michael himself.

So, I thought about it and did not feel like writing. Michael said, it does not work well, only if people know how to do it and have some training. For beginners and people in general, and he wants to help and support them too, a “Guided Video” is better. So, within a few hours of hard work, we did together all of this, the Video, picking the BG Images, editing, adding texts, composing the music and adding a meditation chant a bit to…

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