Osiris- The Vegetarian Pharao

Dear Readers

Today we want to talk about something new, foods.

I have just seen a horrible new research, the news of it. It was about some bones they found in the U.S., of a 14 Year old from the time the Land of the Native Indians there was invaded basically. The evidence of this examination showed, that those European Settlers there ATE THIS GIRL. We are talking about Cannibalism in the United States beginning, which is less than 300 hundred years ago.


This is so disgusting, really. The Native Indians lived there for much longer than you can imagine, and they did not eat each other. There was enough in those lands, so much resources!

And that is something that brings us directly to the Topic at hand:

Osiris teaching the ancient Egyptians to eat VEGETARIAN

From what I know, not only the ancient Egyptians didn´t eat much meat generally, but also the Druids in Europe. Many Spiritual Civilizations and Tribes/People all over the World have a strong belief, that eating another Being (including animals), is spiritually unclean.

Of course, we are talking about people here, who dedicated their lives to only spiritual enhancement and mastership, and for them more disciplined rules count. I am not trying to insult anyone, that likes eating a steak or such.

Osiris (Un Nefer) with BLUE FEATHERS on his head surrounding WHITE CROWN HAT  (Symbol of his raise to KING OF HEAVEN)
Osiris (Un Nefer) with BLUE FEATHERS on his head surrounding WHITE CROWN HAT (Symbol of his raise to KING OF HEAVEN)

Many people also are vegetarian, or just don´t like eating meat. So this is a general information, that might inspire some SPIRITUALLY INTERESTED.

Sadly, before Osiris became King of Egypt, there was Cannlibalism in Egypt too. That is a very, very long time ago and after Osiris became King, he started to teach the people to stop cannibalism and eat instead vegetarian. Not only did Osiris fight cannibalism amongst the people, but also, he introduced to them supportive skills like farming and  taught them how to maintain fields of crops. He was a very clean Spiritual Master, besides being the King, and really loved people and their eternal souls. And the people of Egypt listened to Osiris voice, always, and loved him back.

The Druids believed, that eating meat in general, may it be nasty cannibalism or eating animals, harms the spiritual energy.

Osiris Michael Jackson  "The Sphinx" by Arno Bani (For Educational Purpose only)
Osiris Michael Jackson “The Sphinx” by Arno Bani
(For Educational Purpose only)

Let´s say, you eat a depressed cow (just an example), wouldn´t that mean logically, that the energy of this sad cow would go into your being when you eat it? Your Aura?

For a Spiritual Master it seems definitely a lower type of method to gain energy, because a strong Spiritual Master should be able to have more power and energy through SOUL/SPIRIT, than “borrowing” another beings energy so to speak. I hope it is clear what is meant here.

The thing for the Druids was, that an animal has been killed or died to be eaten, and that energy of death is bad for the spiritual strength. They focused on keeping their spiritual energy and aura always clean and in the highest vibration possible to perform their Magic. All this, was a big part of their training and lifestyle/beliefs.

In ancient Egypt, also, there were known BLACK MAGIC Practises, in which the person performing such forbidden, evil act, would eat another or part of another, to gain their spiritual power and steal some of their soul energy etc…

For all  those reasons, Osiris never approved of eating meat, and especially eating another person, and changed Egypt forever by introducing crops and how to make bread out of it, beans, and he taught the Egyptians about the healthy ingredients of many fruits. Osiris is the very FOUNDATION of all famous Ancient Egyptian Spirituality we hear of still today.

He invented VEGETARIANISM. And that, thousands of years ago.

Think about it. Keep your body clean. Do sports as much as you can. Eat healthy. Drink a lot of WATER.


All that, is essential for anyone that takes Spirituality serious and wants to develop skills and improve them in the spiritual.

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa

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