A DATE IN HEAVEN – Archangel Michael 777

Dear Hearts

Today, I want to share with you a very special and vivid experience I had in the summer of 2012.

I just had finished a Kundalini Reiki Master Initiation and felt, as usual, Michael´s presence guarding it. The funny thing is, my Reiki Teacher would always tell me since 2010, that Archangel Michael was present during the Far Distance Initiation. That means, I sit still at home and meditate, and she sends me the Initiation onto my Aura. I would always smile, when reading her feedback that she felt strongly Archangel Michael around the Reiki Intiation.

I didn´t know I could ever be that happy again, I am so thankful for all those experiences. By the way, I have been part of Science Experiments & Research regarding Out of Body Experiences and given Interviews to Science Shows on TV and Science Authors/Journalists since 2005!  So, this is nothing new and I happen to have had astral experiences my whole life, this is just what happened after Michael Jackson passed, my friend. I have been psychic since birth. And I have always had very vivid and extreme experiences, else I would´ve not been interesting for Science. I do real work here and put all my best into it, to make good Art and Entertainment, just like Michael, but more in Film also. I am telling here stories BEHIND MY PUBLISHED WORK, for my Friends and Fans internationally. I don´t read any fake blogs or stories that try to imitate my work or publishings, this is forbidden by law and called copyright infringement, for example, or stalking in some cases. That is directed toward the people out there who talk crap about my Man and my very Soul, trying to get attention and spread false information, or bash me in any way on their blog without that I know them or want to know them even.

That is not fair toward the people and dear Fans of Michael, because they deserve the truth and correct, by God blessed spiritual information, so they can BENEFIT from it.

2012- Michael Jackson's Twin Soul PHYSICAL Merging Process- Unique Documentation
2012- Michael Jackson’s Twin Soul PHYSICAL Merging Process- Unique Documentation

That is the Purpose.

So, here is one of my personal and usually private Experiences, which Michael wanted me to share now, so people can learn more about those other Dimensions we can visit in Dreams/Sleep:

This Night I had a very special and vivid, balanced “Out of Body” Experience. That means, my Soul traveled to another Dimension than that where the physical Body is.

Like in a smooth transition, I was suddenly with Michael in a Restaurant in Heaven! Really, I did not know there are “Restaurants” in Heaven. But there was.

And it was different in some ways.

"Divine Love" Twin Soul Fan Pop Art by NIVI
“Divine Love” Twin Soul Fan Pop Art by NIVI

The Restaurant was located at some cliff, below I saw a beach and the ocean. But this ocean was different. It seemed to have no ground and was so light, as if filled with light below. As if there was ANOTHER WORLD hidden below the Ocean ground.

The sky was not dark, it was day as usual in those upper dimensions. It was like a romantic early sun set though this time.There is no nights in Heaven, in those upper dimensions. Those dimensions/worlds are so many, calling it simply “Heaven” is actually pretty incomplete for a title. There are MANY HEAVENS IN VARIATIONS, LANDSCAPES OF ALL IMAGINATION and so forth.

Many Twin Soul couples sat on those tables, outdoors, at this wonderful otherworldly view. Then Michael ordered a Sparkling Drink and I had no clue what it was. I was like a visitor and had no clue about those things, right?

The drink was there in the blink of an eye, not like here where we have to wait for things, going slow. Michael called it “Gold Water” and it when I looked at it, it was like yellow-orange-goodish sparkling drink, that glittered in gold lights somehow. It was magical. We don´t have such things on Earth.

When I drank some of it, it tasted similar to Orange/Mandarines, but it wasn´t. I guess if there is Orange and other Fruits in Heaven, they would surely taste generally different any ways, due to being vibrant, perfectioned and clean.

But Michael explained also, that it had a spiritual effect, like a Gold Light for the Aura somehow.

He was like the super Gentleman he always has been, and it was super romantic. So vivid, I could draw every “second” of it, what he wore and what he said or did. In those moments, especially when I wake up and need to settle back my mind into this Dimension, it is as if Michael never even passed. He lives, totally like we define LIFE, just in ANOTHER PLACE. An awesome place, actually. We are having so much fun, and I am so thankful and I love God for making all of this possible, from all my Being I love you God. God invented FUN, don´t forget.  Big Smile.


Today I was talking with a friend of mine and big MJ Fan I started talking to around the end of 2012. Michael lead us together and today we smile about it, about how he did it and how much we have in common. It is always so beautiful, when people come together who care about Michael and love Michael and exchange love and good conversations and are a warm community. That is Michael´s vision, and why he even in the first place made me go forward with this Blog, putting my Heart on the Line.

"I REMEMBER" Dec 2010 channeled Album- Susan Elsa DEBUT OF SPIRITUAL POP 777
“I REMEMBER” Dec 2010 channeled Album- Susan Elsa DEBUT OF SPIRITUAL POP 777

My friend, Nivi, told me about this dream a few weeks ago, and today we noticed suddenly parallels of these landscapes in Heaven, in my dream and in her dream with Michael. Michael loves his Fans, really, and he knows when someone really cares about him. He wants you to reflect on what I am about to say well and deeply, and it will help many of you to strengthen your communication with him and Heaven in general. Like 2 Benefits in 1. You have a motivation, to train your spiritual skills, to cleanse all dark and become only pure light within your souls, and visit Angels and Loved Ones in Heaven, ANY TIME DURING DREAM TIME. That is natural and integrated in us and how our body/soul works, by God.

In Ancient Egypt, people knew about this, that the Soul travels around during the sleep of the physical body, and designed special training for the “Dream Eye” or “Spiritual Eye”. Heaven can always be here, with us, parallel.

I have mentioned this old experience from 2012 to Nivi today, and suddenly it triggered her memory of this past dream from a few weeks ago, she has had.

In her dream, she was with many girls, which she felt she knew inside the “Dream”. She did not know who they were, after waking up anymore. But in the dream they were on the road together. She saw Michael, he took them all on a ship, that was flying or in a weird ocean. They arrived at the land and Michael took each one of them out.

In ancient Egypt, there was a so-called Sun Ship, which travels to the LANDS OF NEFER. As in Un-Nefer, Osiris kemetic ancient Egyptian name.

The King of the Land of Nefer. As in Peter Pan and Neverland.

All archeological facts and history evidence is out there and you can research it anytime, to understand and learn about those things more. It is good food for the mind and soul, to learn, read good truthful Books, and simply, keep up training for your mind, skills, physical or spiritual, soul, that is what we are here for. For training. To get ready for those next wonderful, miraculous Worlds and Dimensions, where wide and far you only see couples of TWO´s everywhere, as in this Restaurant. 2 People, female and male, at all “Heaven Restaurant Tables”.

Michael will soon explain more, he said, about how to train and strengthen your spiritual skills and dream sight. All he did and still does, is a Service to Humanity.

He wants to HEAL THE WORLD, and before he fulfilled his goal, he won´t stop.

Typical Michael.

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa


The Tree of Life: Michael Jackson (Rare Picture)
The Tree of Life: Michael Jackson (Rare Picture)


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