TWIN SOUL DUALITY : Earth Dimensions

Dear Readers

As you may already know, this Blog is a very spiritual one, and focuses a lot on Information, and I mean, correct and real information about TWIN SOULS.

Twin Souls or Twin Flames or, as we say at Mystery Garden Productions, “Twin Eyes”, are WHAT WE TRULY ARE WHEN COMPLETE AND WHOLE.

God created the Soul a bit different than it seems if people just perceive outward, physical, seemingly separate appearance in the physical realms. This is about the soul, not something you can see and measure on Earth as it became so common for society.

What does TWIN SOUL DUALITY means?

Twin Soul Duality means, when Twin Souls incarnate in two bodies and enter generally, the incarnation cycle (lower dimensions of physicality), they automatically also enter DUALITY. Here, in those dimensions including ours, the lower dimensions, where things are dense and slow moving, there are certain forces. Light and Dark, Good and Bad, Love and Fear.

All that, is a necessary part of the Evolution and Learning Process of the Twin Soul. The Purpose is to overcome those forces within duality and find each other.


IsIs & Osiris: Twin Soul Sciences- THE KEY OF HEAVEN (Paradise)
IsIs & Osiris: Twin Soul Sciences- THE KEY OF HEAVEN (Paradise)

Those Dual and opposing forces within our Dimension here, cause also two possible directions for Souls generally incarnating on Earth.

Light Signs:

– You wish others well and mean toward other Souls well

– You respect generally the themes love, faithfulness and honesty

– You do charity and are helpful, as far as possible, to society and others generally

– You consume positive Music, Films and Books etc.

– When you witness a couple in love, you feel happy inside and wish them well

– When another is successful, you feel thankful for this person unconditionally and are happy for them experiencing good

– Children love you and react to you as if you are a big, cuddly magnet of LIGHT.

Darkness Signs:

– You envy others and think more about yourself than others

– You have general issues in the areas love, faithfulness and honesty

– You don’t like helping others or giving much of your time and tend to run away from duties and don’t care about society or the mass well being much

– You consume negative Music, Films and Books etc.

– When you witness a couple in love, you have jealous thoughts/feelings and compare yourself to them or wish what they have to be yours and would like to the man or woman out of this for yourself

– When another is successful, you envy this person and are unhappy they are experiencing success and feel as if you should be in their place

– Children are shy with you and don’t approach you. Often, you also don’t like children generally.

This is a brief, very superficial summary of some key points to demonstrate the two different directions Souls can take and decide for by free will, within this earthly Journey.

Naturally and logically, those two paths define the WHOLE DIRECTION in which you head, either TOWARD your own Twin Soul, or AWAY. When someone behaves bad toward others, lets them down when they need support and help, mocks other Twin Soul situations, envies a couple or even takes literal action to try and take away the man or woman of another person, this causes immediately and very strong karmic reactions within the Twin Soul, and distances the Twin Soul of this person.

It makes sense, as Michael explained, that Twin Souls who are distant by own action and will, from their own Twin Soul, would cling to another Twin Soul couple emanating this LOVE THEY SEEK AND MISS. Again, every Soul is made to seek this Completion. That is why it makes the most sense to just respect God and his Creations, and Truth is always more beautiful than Illusion!

When though, someone behaves friendly toward others, respects them and their Twin Soul relations, life in general, supports unconditionally other human beings when they need help without expecting something in return, is loyal to truth, consumes good things, Music, Books, Films is all SOUL FOOD, and in such cases, naturally and logically, the good deeds bring Twin Souls CLOSER TOGETHER.

Follow your inner Soul Intuition. It is the key, your own Mirror, to your true Twin Flame. By working on YOURSELF and making the BEST OF YOU, you automatically get lead to your Twin Soul, incarnated or not, by God’s will and blessing.

Think about it. This is a very important topic and if you look around regarding Books, Blogs, and the Internet in general regarding this Topic, you will see what I mean.

Always try to RE-MEMBER:

Working on YOURSELF, IS working on your Twin Soul REUNION.

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa

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