DREAM SCIENCE: The Dream State Perception I

Dear Readers

Here comes a first and easy lesson in how to strengthen and clarify your dream “eyes”. Souls connected to the Light of Heaven, always have the opportunity to travel to other Planes of Existence, even while incarnated here. But with spirit only, as the body is still bound to this Dimension and on the journey yet.

We are not made for the nights. We are made finally, in spiritual sense, out of Light. When the night comes, the body gets tired, the mind, the thinking. We go sleep and then, in the moment we “fall asleep”, our Soul wakes up.

That is a direct lesson from ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools.

Twin Soul Energy Teachings- Channeled from Archangel Michael 777
“Twin Eye” Mystery Schools Teachings- Original Ancient Egyptian Teachings

During incarnation, we have the opportunity therefor, to perform training for our spiritual eyes, and the ancient Egyptians had a real dream science going on. They had several exercises for the dream state consciousness, before and after to learn to control the whole process of sleeping and the dreams itself. Conscious control over dreams within the Dream. I think today people call that “Lucid Dreaming”.

Many people today, due to the non-spiritual ways of society in modern age, do not even remember most of their dreams by waking up. They lose them in the process of waking up, because their mind programming is taking over strongly, like timed, and they don’t visualize much or fantasies much anymore, generally.

That is the reason, the “muscle of fantasy” goes lame like that over time.

So, here is a good first exercise to prepare my future students for our coming re-opening of the “Twin Eye” Mystery Schools:

Exercise for Dream Remembrance and Training of the “Spiritual Eye”

You may pick a drawing, picture or sit in front of a nice view generally. It also can be your own window, looking at the street and buildings or natural views.

Then, stare at it as long as you need, take your time. Imprint all details of it into your mind and memory, like taking a photograph of what your PHYSICAL EYE perceives, and then reflecting the image internally into a “Mind Copy”.

Then, close your eyes and relax.

Now, try to visualize ALL DETAILS of the Image or Object, as if reconstructing it inside your Fantasy, until you SEE IT WITH YOUR SPIRITUAL EYE.

Check then after if all the details were correct and maybe document your training in a journal.

You may do this exercise regularly, at least once a week for now, with all kinds of objects or items.

The same method can be used before sleeping and after waking up to visualize a bright, clean, white light around you and your Aura, Body and Mind for Astral Protection during the Dream Travels/Out of Body Travels, or also, majestic blue fire light with white glitter (Archangel Michael Protection), or a Golden Shimmering sun-like Light.

This is very important, for it protects further the COMMUNICATION between you and your Twin Soul in Dreams, other Soul Mates or Souls you encounter in Dream Lands, from any disturbance by jealous, angry spirits and similar energies.

More Spiritual Exercises soon!

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa

THE ROSE FLAME- From Album “Archangel Michael- Secrets of Heaven 777”

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