About Aleister Crowley

Dear Readers

If not so many people would be promoting this name, I would not even mention Aleister Crowley.

As a Teenager, my Grandmother from Egypt had taught me an ancient Method of using Cards to read future events, past events, tendencies and even feelings and emotions of people from afar and much more.

I was born psychic. I am Egyptian. 100%. I happen to have remembered in a dramatic near death situation, through Anubis direct help, my own past life as the original IsIs. And now, I really want to speak my opinion about this Crowley guy, since I am here.

I remember, in my Youth, I went to pick the first Tarot Card Deck to try it and experiment with it from a Store. I have read and heard back then often the name “Aleister Crowley” or simply “Crowley”. It wasn´t the kind of name that sounded familiar or intuitively important. On this day, as I went to the Witch Store (yes, a store for witch tools, officially) I came across those tarot cards in all variations and tuned in my intuition to pick the best deck for myself.

I picked a very nice deck, with romantic and beautiful, positive imagery, that seemed to me like “dream feel”.

After I looked being curious, at the rest they had there. I saw the Original Crowley Tarot and HONESTLY, I thought exactly this:

“Whoat? THIS is the so-called famous Crowley Tarot? Wow, this has some ugly energy and feel to it…”

From then on, I would just make fun of people or friends, who speak nice about this deck. I just had a strong anti-reaction, based on my spiritual intuition, which has up until this point been ALWAYS RIGHT.

In that phase of my life, searching for answers to my spiritual extreme situations, happening naturally right…I have read quite some books on Magic.

I have read Books and Teachings on White and Black Magic. I read about Satanism and LaVey. I read about all of that as well, after my best friend back then got attacked and overtaken in front of my very eyes by Lucifer. I had to help her, I had to finish him. I never was a fearful person, and so I dived into all of this, in this phase of my life, to learn, because I knew KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

I was determined to protect my Soul and to rise above Lucifer and instead of him scaring me, I wanted to scare him. That´s how strongly I felt, like a strong determined warrior lives inside of my Soul, not liking what the Devil does to Humanity or anyone/anything. I am absolutely loyal to God and that is why I must speak up, because I have seen for years now false Info being handed around by People who ARE NOT EGYPTIAN, neither in Body or Spirit. But still, they talk about us, write Books on us and, get promoted in Mainstream with it, not us!

Strange, huh?

I also have to state that I find it quite ridiculous, that a man who believed in NO LAW and NO RULES, would write Books about Thoth or ancient Egypt, or even dare to use the words Book of Law, imitating Thoth’s original ancient Books, that he has obviously no clue about. Ancient Egyptian Spirituality, at least the People who were following Osiris, or IsIs, or Horus Teachings, or anything of Thoth, WAS ALL ABOUT LAWS AND RULES, IN DETAIL. In this very core point of analysis, you see immediately, that Crowley was a fake poser and shows a typical example of European obsession with ancient Egypt, Illuminati Vatican type of thinking and methods and how people we never had anything to do with nor our Mystery Schools, take apart since hundreds of Years, our knowledge and abuse fragments they found even, to make up their weird twisted fantasies and spread them.

Here from me, IsIs, directly:

Anyone who preaches an Absence of Laws and Rules, especially regarding Spirituality, is on the dark side of the balance and you can use this as a DEFINITE SIGN that such person is not linked, neither in body or in spirit, to me, Osiris or Horus, Thoth or any of our Protectors in this famous ancient Tale.

Souls on God’s side respect and uphold the Laws of Spirit.

Souls on Set’s side disrespect and ignore the Laws of Spirit.

This is typical devil mind, because he used often the method of putting someone in the dark, regarding knowledge, to misguide Souls. I always used to say an own example, based on my personal experiences:

“If you are in a totally dark room and do not SEE or KNOW someone else is behind you,

you have no chance at protecting yourself.


you see and can react to any attack, from all sides.” -S. Elsa-

Anyways, within the last few years, as I have published official Books, Entertainment Projects in Music and such, being myself simply and all, I kept receiving Emails, Comments and also insults focused on a personal level, and wondered about the things people were claiming or reporting to me. It seemed always the same thing, as if a strategy was behind it. I found myself confronted with confused people, who don´t know anymore who is IsIs, who is Osiris or Horus, some Sites claim Osiris is the “Master Illuminati”, other Sites claim he is Satan. But still, no mentioning of Set ever as the evil. Sites and people claim, especially in the Internet, that IsIs is the Devil. Oh really? And still, there is NEVER A WORD ABOUT SET, the Killer from that ancient Story. Does that make sense to you?

Points that Archangel Michael pointed at:

– Aleister Crowley abuses 777 linked with his Name

– Aleister Crowley abuses Female´s Bodies in Rituals, carving things into their Breasts etc.

– Aleister Crowley claims to have channeled Horus in Egypt

– Comments and Messages with Questions about 777 and it´s Meaning

– Comments and Messages with Questions about IsIs, Osiris and Horus

– Lots of Questions about the so-called “Illuminati”

– Sites that fearmonger against Osiris and IsIs, and Horus, but NO SINGLE viral Info about Set, at all. That alone, shows a lot of the truth going on.

And all those Questions were posed toward an original Egyptian Artist, for using Symbols, History Facts and Stories, Information from her OWN HOME COUNTRY.

I found that to be very strange, and so, these reactions led me directly to confirming evidence of what Archangel Michael has reported to me about how History and Truths are constantly edited and twisted by some people. He was absolutely typical-archangel-mike-style RIGHT. I have to note, that I respect Archangel Michael and all other Angels OF GOD and of course mainly, God, a lot, because they always know the perfect truth, like perfect SPIRITUAL DETECTIVES who see through all lies and deception, even if it may be hidden well, within a mix of “truth particles and lies”, to “disguise the lie as credible”. Thank you for letting me have insight into God´s truth and protecting me from lies and deception.

Okay, now let us continue on this very interesting and important subject, since alone by looking into this Cult, which this sick man created (Aleister Crowley), you can see a lot of confirmation regarding what I have said over and over within my Songs, Blog here and Books too.

Michael Jackson: Demonstrating the Truth behind 777
Michael Jackson: Demonstrating the Truth behind 777

My dear Michael is being also linked to this sick Aleister Crowley, and it is typical for the same strategy I have mentioned above. They know, who Michael is in Spirit and repeat on purpose and with full consciousness, patterns of interfering and linking themselves with it, as if trying to “take it over”. JUST LIKE SET IN ANCIENT EGYPT. Since then, nothing has changed or developed in the mind and strategies, way of thinking and behaviour of Evil. Nothing.

777 is a Numerology and Spiritual Energy Signature that was already used in Temples back in Ancient Egypt. It contains a particular archangelic code, like an energy gate to higher dimensions. A gate is logically needed to channel down energies, so they try to fake things and abuse things like that to gain access to dimensions which they have been banned from or not granted access to by God. That is the root thinking of Black Magic.

Black Magic means GOING AGAINST THE WILL OF GOD, ANGELS, PEOPLE and so forth. It means, as Crowley taught, do whatever you want to do, no law, no rules.


777 happens to also be the numerology of Twin Souls/Twin Flames united and merged. I am not surprised they would focus on it so much, it makes sense, since like vampires, they try to draw energy from there, from other´s they are jealous of, envy and so forth, just like Set felt. It happens to be a Number of Archangel Michael as well, because this Energetic Gate to higher Dimensions I mentioned, is GUARDED BY ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. He guards and protects the 777 Gate, which is a Gate within the “Borders” of Metatron´s Cube. THIS DIMENSION. However, this doesn´t work, nobody can trick or get around Archangel Michael/Osiris and Archangel Metatron/Thoth. They can pretend and put on a show for innocent people within the limited consciousness model of this Dimension, but access against God´s will heavenly dimensions and powers etc.? No, haha, seriously how delusional must these people be. The Sirius Stargate cannot be entered or passed without the Will of God. Archangel Michael is not a pushover security guy, bodyguard guy or such. He is Archangel Michael!

However, this has directly really, nothing to do with the following Song from Michael, but this way of thinking and comparing is finally also the root of Racism and “mine and yours” and all this fighting instead of sharing mentality.

Again: God made all people equal. We have doors open for evolution and fulfilment, and Set, for example, did not love himself. He did not see the things God gave him. He was blind. He compared. He discriminated. He didn´t even think about sharing with Osiris and enjoying life together, as brothers in peace. He wanted to be the “one who tells people what to do”, which is a basic wrong thought, according to spiritual law. Free will is the highest spiritual law there is.

Racism represents the same model of thinking, comparing skin colours and outer appearances, property and wealth. Fame. Popularity. Freedom of Expression in Media and Art. Isn´t it so? Racism often means not only thinking such thought toward another innocent human being, as Set did, but also acting on it and discriminating for example, against another, like Set did, with unfair and negative methods breaking the law of Free Will.

Michael confused the World by his outer appearance, as a form of bringing an important Debate onto the table. That skin disorder, was finally a plan Archangel Michael had made for himself, to serve his earthly mission in some way. And only now, today, I can see behind that. I always suffered with him, feeling his pain over that, and I think now, he definitely is over that, because Love knows no colour and Twin Souls always stick together, no matter who is jealous and who lies and mocks. I can imagine that spiritual speaking, some additional reason behind Michael´s vitiligo was energetic attacks on his Aura. He was so famous, besides had all those negative spirits attacking him for Set/Lucifer, it was a big challenge, physically, he mastered. Think about it.

For Educational Purpose only

Spiritual Meaning Behind BLACK or WHITE by Michael Jackson:

I Am Tired Of This Devil
I Am Tired Of This Stuff
I Am Tired Of This Business
So When The
Going Gets Rough
I Ain’t Scared Of
Your Brother
I Ain’t Scared Of No Sheets
I Ain’t Scared Of Nobody
Girl When The
Goin’ Gets Mean

(Bridge of Song “Black or White”)

Now, this is TYPICAL ARCHANGEL MICHAEL STATEMENTS, WAY OF THINKING AND DETERMINATION. Wouldn´t you say so too? Just those words now, without associating them with Michael Jackson, the Pop Singer.

Sounds like something Archangel Michael could totally say or sing.

In the Rap Part following the Bridge, the Message goes like this:

[L. T. B. Rap Performance]

For Gangs, Clubs
And Nations
Causing Grief In
Human Relations
It’s A Turf War
On A Global Scale
I’d Rather Hear Both Sides
Of The Tale
See, It’s Not About Races
Just Places
Where Your Blood
Comes From
Is Where Your Space Is
I’ve Seen The Bright
Get Duller
I’m Not Going To Spend
My Life Being A Color

Don’t Tell Me You Agree With Me
When I Saw You Kicking Dirt In My Eye

All this, is clearly expressed and should be obvious to many reflecting on those words. Michael knows about the People on this Planet, which cause “grief in human relations” with what they do. He lets them publicly and openly know, that he knows it is a

TURF WAR, meaning a war about space, territory, land, countries, nations etc.

He also knows about the Ones who spent their time contributing to this deception and manipulation of the Global Spirit, by spreading false spiritual claims, teachings, books abusing his own Numerology and personal Incarnations. Michael wasn´t and isn´t stupid, in fact, he sees right through everyone and always senses lies. He lived as Osiris in ancient Egypt and is the MAIN MAN TALKED ABOUT HERE, within all those Illuminati, Roman Vatican Type, Aleister Crowley Wannabe Magic Rumors and Publishings.

He is Archangel Michael, PROTECTOR AND ENFORCER OF THE TRUTH OF GOD. That said alone demonstrates his purpose.

The Original Evil Vs. Good Story:    Osiris Vs. Set

As explained by Michael:

Osiris and Set were brothers in ancient Egypt. Actually, Osiris and IsIs were born really in Atlantis, and Egypt was strongly connected, like a “daughter” to Atlantis. The Name “Atlantic Ocean”, I am sure by intuition, comes from the Name Atlantis and gives the best clues about it´s prior location. Atlantis did not sink, we would have found it already. It in fact ascended wholly and fully, for protection reasons.

In Atlantis, by the way, People in human form kind of like we know today, but healthier and more vibrant, lived together on this Plane of Existence with Spirit Beings. There was no extra veil for protection necessary yet. In those times, God did make a major change on the Planet, around it and within it.

There was no devil created ever in the Beginning of things. The so-called Devil was born, when Set killed Osiris and performed many other crimes against God´s basic laws.

The Ancient Egyptians believed, that what you do, think, feel, you become of course. Naturally. And therefore, Osiris taught them to respect Life, to eat vegetarian and no meats (other living beings) and such. Those were laws, rules for this Dimension we live in, temporarily. Osiris laid the ground stone on which this whole ancient Egyptian Civilization rests, that is still today so famous. Osiris and me, were totally in love and always respect each other, he treated me “simply heavenly”. As he did all other people, including his brother Set.

But Set was jealous, envied the popularity amongst the people, which Osiris enjoyed, ruling Egypt as a King, and also, desired to have the kind of romance me and Osiris had. He didn´t laugh much and wasn´t a happy person at all. It became worse as he grew up and after Osiris became King, and not him, he completely lost his mind, blinded by jealousy. He also treated women generally bad and didn´t respect his wife nor perceive her really, at all. That was the true birth of the so-called Devil.

This is the very foundation on which all attacks and jealousy on Twin Soul is based on. This core story of the first major hate crime. And as if it wasn´t enough, after Set had killed Osiris, he killed him again. That´s how jealous he was. Devlish. And after Set died, he remained an “earth bound” spirit, trapped in the darkness between the Worlds, not able to ascend. From there, he tried to influence and mobilise all kinds of people incarnated on the Planet, to help his purpose, and some sadly did. That´s who you call today “Illuminati” and such. People who are dumb enough to listen to such lost, desperate being.

Everyone, including Set, have had from the Beginning a TWIN FLAME/ TWIN SOUL made only for them. The Soul itself was made from the Beginning DUAL, meaning containing 2 Beings, female and male, that fit perfectly and complement each other.

But Set, by his actions, caused great harm to his own Twin Soul relationship, desiring another´s, not appreciating the Good God had placed for him too. He started to compare himself to Osiris, started to compare his marriage to that of Osiris, his “fame” amongst the people. That is exactly the type of mind every single individual shows, when doing wrong. Isn´t it?

Back then, I was yet not so experienced, weak and hopeless. Osiris had given me Horus, and it helped me and my Soul a lot. But the bitter taste of injustice still lay on my tongue. And I saw things spreading and going wrong on Earth, as I arrived in Heaven, and I simply HAD to return to help.

This time around, I am experienced and healed. You can never take Osiris away from me, he is part of me. I am part of him. When Set attacked us, desiring me, he showed real stupidity in spiritual matters. Attacking Osiris means he attacked me, IsIs. He inspired so much insulting false writings and books and so forth, that I cannot look away and ignore it. Aleister Crowley, is not of us. He is a follower of Set and operated for him, faking teachings, citing the devil between the lines to disguise the lies as credible appearing. Look at the man´s lifestyle, carving crappy signs into a woman´s body, you serious?

A woman´s body is like a temple. We give birth, right? Such evil people think they can abuse magical ancient knowledge to fit their demands! They think, rambling chants like a psycho they don´t understand the meaning of at all, and doing such ritual acts with lots of dirty sexual stuff, gives them “this particular Twin Soul/Adam and Eve power”. They think, they can suck like energy vampires on the Universe like that, and become powerful and have others go down on their knees in front of them, so they can fill that empty space inside, just like Set! Think about it!

This time around, I will finish even all his traces of evil and focus all my Soul on healing this Planet, so that Twin Souls can grow and enjoy Life on Earth again, without war against them.


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