The Pentagram: What is the REAL Spiritual Meaning?

Dear Readers

Today is a special Day, as we will dive deeper into the true spiritual meaning and use of the famous Pentagram, sadly associated with much false information or incomplete, is the better fitting word.


First of all, there are 2 different Versions of the Pentagram and it could´nt make any bigger difference in meaning. One Version is facing “Above”. One Version faces “Below”.

Pentagram of LIGHT
Pentagram of LIGHT (The Day/ SUN)

The first Version shown here, has been used since Ages for Spiritual Protection. It is in some ways even connected to Metatron´s cube, and symbolizes actually Archangel Michael & Archangel Metatron´s Force, upholding Order within God´s Creation and Matrix of the Universe. It stands for the 4 Elements and the Fifth Element, which is Spirit/Soul. It is a physical, spiritual and mental protection symbol against evil, negative influence or attack, for this particular life form we live in, for our Dimension. It does not function in higher Dimensions of Spirit. It is an Earth bound symbol for this life form.

Pentagram of DARK
Pentagram of DARK  (The Night)

This second Version of the Pentagram simply symbolizes the opposite, the dual Force within THIS LIFE FORM we are living in here on this Planet, Earth bound. Here, we have duality, and that means, DAY & NIGHT.


Original Source:

“The pentagram may be inverted with one point down. The implication is of spirit subservient to matter, of man subservient to his carnal desires. The inverted pentagram has come to be seen by many pagans as representing the dark side and it is abhored as an evil symbol. Fundamental christians, indeed, see any form of pentagram as such. However, these are recent developments and the inverted pentagram is the symbol of Gardnerian second degree initiation, representing the need of the witch to learn to face the darkness within so that it may not later rise up to take control. The centre of a pentagram implies a sixth formative element – love/will which controls from within, ruling matter and spirit by Will and the controlled magickal direction of sexual energies. This is another lesson of initiation.”


The Pentagram is a Symbol of a Star held within a Circle. That Circle actually, is used a lot by itself, visualized as a BRIGHT CIRLCE OF LIGHT, which protects what you place inside of it. It is a Circle made out of Energy/Matter, that holds the dense Material World, parallel to the Spiritual World, in place.

All five points, have their own meaning. The upward point of the Star represents the Spirit. The other four points all represent the element we have here on Earth:

1. Earth

2. Air

3. Fire

4. Water

All these elements influence our current Life Form and are Part of All of us.

Wearing a Pentagram on a Necklace, general Jewelry and even Clothings, symbolizes a Connection with Mother Earth and all her Elements.

THE DA VINCI CODE- True Spiritual Meaning

See, in our modern society we hear the word “Star” being used the whole time for Celebrities. Right? But where did that term really come from within these contexts? What does it mean?

Here is a good explanation from a Genius named Da Vinci.

If a Human is a Star or the Soul is made out of Star Dust, we can just place “Man” on a Pentagram with his Head and the four limbs at the exact Points and the Genitalia exactly Central.

This is Man in Microcosm, symbolising our place in the Macrocosm or Universe and the Hermetic/ Kemetic / Tantric Philosophy of:   As Above, so Below.

DA VINCI CODE: The Human Life Form
DA VINCI CODE: The Human Life Form


The Ancient Egyptian ANKH symbolizes basically the Energies of the Twin Soul, on Earth and in Heaven. It is the same thing as the Da Vinci Code above, but more complete, since there is MAN & WOMEN, not only “Man”.

If you look at it, you will see how it could be a Human Being standing there with stretched out arms, just like the Da Vinci Code Pose.

IsIs & Osiris: Twin Soul Sciences- THE KEY OF HEAVEN (Paradise)
IsIs & Osiris: Twin Soul Sciences- THE KEY OF HEAVEN (Paradise)

The Ancient Egyptian Ankh was not only a Twin Flame Symbol, also representing sexual union and a “Merged Kundalini Fire”, but was also used to base the whole land map of Ancient Egypt, with it´s Capital City named “Memphis” in the Centre of the Ankh. That means, with an airplane back then you would´ve seen Egypt looking like an Ankh.


10 thoughts on “The Pentagram: What is the REAL Spiritual Meaning?

    1. Yes its true, it bans them away off your aura and soul and physical body. But there are stronger methods even for that, such as the Pyramid Mirror. You visualize a pyramid above and below you, that reflects with mirrors to the OUTSIDE, and you are inside shielded. The mirror then throws all negative back at anyone who tries to approach you with dark matter. You can also visualize you in white bright light inside the double Pyramid 🙂

  1. i didn’t know any of these but since i was little i had dreams with these pentagrams and then all of the sudden my favorite number was 7 when i hear strange stuff i say 777 aloud idk y

  2. I frequently dream that someone sitting on my chest trying to stop me breathing. Sometime i call michael loudly but when i wake up i am in sleep paralysis can open eyes but cant move for 1-2 min.

    Can pentagram locket ot tatto protect me ?

    1. I’m not too sure about wether the pentacle would help. If it was on a locket, however, you could keep a protective item inside it. You could cast a spell to banish nightmares, or just do a general protection spell.

    1. Well that is nothing bad, as long as you feel it pointing upward not downwards, and in fact, it’s a very ancient Egyptian thing, we used to visualise an Ankh in our Soul! Does that sound familiar to you? 🙂

  3. I was fascinated by this. I’ve been learning about supernatural things and I happened to watch this Youtuber who wears a pentagram necklace. I wanted to know what it meant and thanks to you I now do

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