Michael Jackson from Heaven: Spiritual Channeled Message

A very special Video with brief and simple summaries of the most important points Michael Jackson wants people on Earth to know. God can make all things possible and so we thank you, God, for making this wonderful communication and support manifest between the Dimensions.

Time for Heaven & Earth to hug.

Copyrights: 2010-2013 by Susan Elsa -Author of Channeled Work


Note from Author of Channeled Work:

“Michael wanted me to make a video instead of a text only, and add the Instrumental from T.H.O.T.H., which we had composed also together in 2010 in Egypt. Thoth is Archangel Metatron, Osiris is Archangel Michael.

Michael wanted to focus simply and briefly on the most important points he wants to share. Hope you feel uplifted and inspired by the wonderful Insight into how life in Heaven is!

Big Hug to all of you
Susan Elsa”

3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson from Heaven: Spiritual Channeled Message

  1. I don’t understand. Are you a close friend of Michael? Also what is your intention? Are you saying what you believe he would want to say? Or are you receiving messages from heaven? Why are you calling him arch angel? Im not doubting what your saying im just confused..

    1. Dear Jodi

      Thank you for your honesty and important question. I think other people also might want to ask that. I myself have completely isolated myself for like 2 years before even talking to my best friend about it openly. It was so hard, as if I was paralyzed, my tongue, for a while. Could not speak about Michael.

      Yes, I am a friend of Michael, and I DO NOT HAVE ANY INTENTION actually like that, except for the same intentions as Michael. I want to state clearly, as a Medium since Birth and with Respect for God, all my Grandmother taught me, etc., that I WOULD NEVER SAY THINGS I THINK OR ASSUME IN THE SPIRITUAL. It is bad karma and I know very well about those things. I would’ve probably never even spoken in Public about this private stuff with Michael, if HE didn’t insist and literally move me to do it and convince me to do it in his special miraculous Michael, convincing, fun ways. And when I say convincing me, I mean it. He kept convincing me and encouraging me, cuz I am so shy, shyer than he ever was, for like 2 years to even open my mouth to a close, private friend about his ghostly return and his identity and all that in detail. He in fact helped many Fans too, his Family, Friends, spiritually for healing, improving medical issues etc., I received not even saying a word, many messages from Fans especially in 2010, only by publishing Songs I channeled with him, that contain our Twin Soul Energy Signature. People would feel it, without me having to say the Name “Michael Jackson”. Now Pandora’s Box is open and I’m not closing it again.

      I just follow my Guidance. I have been a very spiritual person since birth, and my Egyptian Grandmother was also a Medium all her life. I have assisted Ghosts long before any of this Michael Story. In fact, Mike was totally into this Psychic stuff, we had good talks about it. Besides that, we planned a Film together, to direct it together possibly, and he gave me lots of advice regarding my own Music, which I always wanted to be like my own, unique Style. That is a summary, I hope, helps you understand the complexity of the situation.

      Then, after he passed, I was dying parallel, I felt as if I am about to die myself 2 days prior to his death. I had dreams about it, 6 years before it happened. God showed me how, why, that he is innocent and his Soul hurts from these Kid Abuse Lies. It’s a long story of several years, you know. I had a SERIES OF 3 DREAMS. In the first, I was shown his coming death, and that it will not be natural, but a “dark force attacking him and him ducking and then disappearing”. Then, a second one, where I was at Neverland and he insisted I drive that little green Go Cart Car, when I could not drive. Then we sat inside and during this drive, him looking depressed and pale, sad, no smiling at all, I realized within the dream (2003), that he insisted I drive and not him, because he cannnot and died and is a “ghost now”. The third divine dream of the future, was the craziest. I love God so much, he prepared me so I am strong enough:

      In the third I lay exhausted, weak and sad in a hospital kind of bed. (at the timing to the dream, I was super healthy, no poisoning yet)

      Suddenly, Archangel Michael appeared in the corner of the room and I felt other Angels’ Presence left and right, but could not see them,only him. I saw him so clear, clearer than we see in the physical. I saw his blue fire, majestic, white glittering huge aura, and he had no wings by the way, I think wings are human imagination, symbols for being able to “fly” between all Dimensions. His dress was long and floating, not showing body form too much. I see it right now in front of me, vivid, it is imprinted in my mind somehow. Around his belly he WORE A UNIVERSE. It looked like that to me, around his belly button area. I saw dark matter, stars and planets, like a galaxy in his aura. I reached out my hand for him and said like with a tone totally gentle: “Michael!”

      I woke up, asked myself, huh, why do I dream of Archangel Michael for no reason suddenly? I don’t know anything about him? Why did he have Michael Jackson’s Face? Because of that, I didn’t take it serious, honestly. I ignored it, went to the Gym the following Day, in the afternoon sometime. As I am on the machine that works out the arm shoulder muscles in a WING MOVEMENT, up, and down, the Owner of the Place, an Ex Police Officer comes up to me, his Name is Mr. Elsener, and says straight out and confident: “ARCHANGEL MICHAEL WANTS TO HELP YOU! But you are so stubborn, he cannot help you against your Will. You have to allow him.” and such, I was so shocked and asked him, how he can know what I was privately dreaming about last night, not knowing anything private actually about me at all! We started a fun, spiritual talk that day, as I kept working out, and I even asked him back then and he is a Witness to that, WHY HE THINKS ARCHANGEL MICHAEL HAD MICHAEL JACKSON’S FACE, THE SINGER. He said, he has no clue.

      After he passed, I had to isolate myself from like almost all friends and social contacts, not knowing how to handle that I felt how his body stopped working, in my body somehow, I had migrane like headaches for years, they stopped once and for all since June 25th 2009. All the remaining connection though, remained and it scared and confused me at first. I could see him, I saw him Screaming out of Anger when I would sleep, I could hear his thoughts, but the physical body I could not feel no longer.

      It was the hardest case for me, as a Medium, ever, to help Michael let go and go into the Light. It almost broke me, but I put all my love in it and let him go, wishing him well and didnt care about myself. But I had health problems, because they had poisoned me in L.A., else, I would have never left and left Mike back there, why. I left dying, thinking I might have cancer cuz Doctors there told me wrong Infos man.

      So, after a few months, Michael had regenerated, healed, and returned to me carried by Angels, and he said: I am so sorry. All you had to go through was because of our connection…

      And he started to move Heaven & Earth to make me smile again and help me heal my heart and sleep normal again and all that. He started to channel through me Songs and I could suddenly freestyle in English, when I never could having grown up speaking German. He told me then, after he had been shown all by God, when he returned, the Term TWIN SOUL. In English. I have the veil completely removed by God, for me and Mike, and when he returned to me to help me, HE WAS ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, just like in my Dream from the Past.

      I recommend you read my book if you wanna know more details, or sign up for the new website with special MJ and Elvis Forum. That costs less and you can access for free, for like 7 bucks a year, all the Books, Music, Forum, and more coming regularly.

      Love & Light,


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