PHENOMENON: Attractions to Archangel Michael

Dear Readers

I want to talk today about a really interesting topic. I have been thinking about it for quite a while now, observing what is going on and seeing how more and more people contact me, telling me stories of Archangel Michael.

Something is quite strange, in a good way, about my channeled Spiritual Pop Music. I was told by Michael in 2010, when we started to publish this new Concept Music Genre we created, that every time I sing and put my energy, channel it, with him together, into my Songs and Compositions, that after “things would manifest and happen”. I wondered. I just did it, had fun with it, and did not think much, I just put my heart into it and meant my Songs.

I did not write any words. I just channeled, my mind connected to Michael´s in those moments, complete freestyle rhyming words, information into the Songs that even shocked me after, in how accurate they were. Like that THOTH of ancient Egypt is the same as Archangel Metatron.

It was like a spiritual venting or something, when I would do these songs mostly. Like, a powerful energy comes through my whole being from above, a bright light, from Michael, and it took over my body and mind and I automatically channeled like a LAKE/OCEAN THAT FEELS EVERY MOVEMENT OF WIND, THOUGHT, EMOTION AND REFLECTS IT INTO HER WAVES COMING OUT.

Original Channel from Nov. 2010 in Egypt, published on the Debut Album I REMEMBER on Dec 21st 2010.

Michael Jackson was very strong in free styling. He did it a lot in his songs and his songwriting process. However, I could NOT do this stuff before he passed. Only after he passed and returned to tell me, that he is my Twin Soul and will never leave me alone again and such, OUT OF THE BLUE I could freestyle, almost rap, in English as a Native German Speaker, and in the same time, the words had spiritual info integrated. Like, all was planned beforehand in some way, by Michael above, and then channeled as best as I could perform, into me.

For Research & Educational Purpose: Michael says check out what he is saying in the Start of this Cirque Du Soleil Remix, Interviews, Recordings, mixed into his Songs including ANOTHER PART OF ME. I am hearing it the first time, and I like it. Thank you for putting those clear words, it really is done in the Heavens.

Now, what does all of this have to do with the Topic, Attractions to Archangel Michael?

Well, actually a lot.

Because when we do this, it is like Heaven and Earth are approaching for a hug or a kiss. It has a strong effect on the energy level, and it does not matter if it is on Radio and Mainstream TV´s in this corrupt Media World or not, it does not matter if they place fake Artists to pose in my style and try to interfere and such, it still works. It´s like real magic integrated within Pop Music and by DOING IT, by recording and channeling and dancing it out while recording, it channels the Energy into the Planet already. It does not even matter, Michael explained, if many people know of it or heard it or not, it still works. That´s how strong this is, like magical spells spoken with musical rhythm.

I am IsIs, or I was in a past life in Egypt. Read about it. I remember my magic skills. And that is how I use them now, to bring fun, joy, positive energy, love vibes, healing to the people and the Planet. I love you. I learned to do that, in the past, when Osiris was killed by jealous Set in ancient Egypt. Guess what. I used SONGS to “resurrect Osiris”.

Back then already, he was very handsome and special. A unique man, that was very popular, organized a lot of festivals and celebrations and invited all the people to come and learn and enjoy. We danced and had dance shows already back then. It was wide spread, to try and get an invite to Osiris parties to DANCE FOR HIM HIS SPECIAL UNIQUE OSIRIS DANCE. He was also very sought after by Girls, some even tried the saddest methods to try and get to him, like dressing as ME, to trick him. All that is the past now though and we learned a lot from it.

How YOU know Osiris today, in a human form, is Michael Jackson. Same thing. Same person. Same soul. He is Osiris. You can try to debate this for eternity, you will find over and over and over facts, information, life parallels, and historic and archeological facts that support this theory that Michael Jackson and Osiris from ancient Egypt are IDENTICAL.

Osiris, Michael, in his higher spiritual Self, meaning, his true Identity of THE SOUL, not a temporary human identity and such, in his soul, if it had a passport, it would say:


It is the very root of why he was repeatedly treated with such admiration and jealousy in the same time, fought hard whenever he appeared, by jealous Set or the Devil how you call him today. Because he is Archangel Michael, really. It is the very core reason, why they made false, nasty accusations against Michael Jackson going nuts over his rising popularity and how he attracts people in an EXTREME WAY. Because, he is Archangel Michael, really. It is the foundation on which lies the motivation and reaction of some people in those times, trying to spin lies and cloud rising stories and news, because they are afraid of Archangel Michael. Who is afraid of Archangel Michael? Right…devils.

In reality, Lucifer is jealous of Michael, because he has always been above him. Archangel Michael always stayed loyal to God, Love, Truth, true Compassion, the LIGHT. He not only stayed loyal, but fights and takes action against anything bad, speaking up, going strong, taking action to HELP and to PROTECT. Without ever asking for anything in return!

That is why he is who he is, that is why God promoted him while Lucifer kept sinking lower and lower and lower. He did it to himself. Free Will.

Now, if you analyze what the devil represents and his lies, what they do if you take them into your mind, you will see why people would naturally feel attracted to Archangel Michael and find him just super cool.

Archangel Michael:

Promotes honesty, open communication, trust, selfless giving, sexual healing, faithfulness & loyalty, understanding in love matters, respect for women, respect for men, hard honest work to get what you want, gentleness, protection, love, feelings of hope, focus, God, Heaven, spiritual help, healing help, fun, joy, laughter and sense of humour, art and artistic expression etc…


Promotes dishonesty, tricking, selfishness, sexual abuse, cheating, disrespect toward love, disrespect from men toward women, disrespect from women toward men, elbow use to get what you want, force, fear mongering, faking, sickness, distraction, disturbance etc.

It´s funny, because if you look at Mainstream Entertainment in today´s age and times, you will see how Lucifer tried in the past to promote himself like an Attractive Being, as in Roman Polanski´s 9th Gate Film with Johnny Depp. I don´t like this movie, it is based on some real setianic knowledge man, and in one scene, Johnny visits this old women in Paris I think, and she tells him like she has a crush or so, about her “first Meeting with Lucifer”, bla bla, and that she fell in love with him and still is. In the same time, she looked sick to me and old.

So, I see how it makes sense to replace that now slowly but surely with a POPULAR CULT ABOUT ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, instead of Lucifer. Lucifer is DONE. FINITO. FINISHED. DEAD. OVER. CRUSHED. GONE. BURIED. FLATTENED. ANNIHILATED.

I could go on and on, it feel so good.

So, now, after Michael finished Lucifer once and for all, the healing can begin. And, sure, Archangel Michael, Michael Jackson, Osiris, however you want to look at him, individually, or all at once if you can grasp it, has his own TWIN SOUL.

Still, the People who are healing and remembering things now, naturally will feel more attracted now to Michael than Lucifer, based on the SHIFTING ENERGIES.

Young people might even have a crush on him, like on a far away Pop Star. Why not. It is finally, a good and healing focus. Because Michael IS GOOD. Michael is really, really GOOD.

He would never harm anyone, trick anyone, lie to anyone, and many Girls especially have been treated to bad in today´s society, they feel in love and attracted with what Michael represents in Love Matters. Since Osiris´time, it is clear and visible and strong, how much Osiris loves IsIs. How much Michael loves Susan. How much Archangel Michael loves his Wife, Archeia Faith. Anyone would wish for that, trust me. It´s perfect, he is a perfect Gentleman, he understands female sensitivity, it´s crazy how much good things people could actually learn from Michael.

And as he likes to say, it´s all good, and it is sweet in his view, when you feel like that for him and it will help you, as a bridge, as a spiritual focus, to be lead to your own Twin Soul.



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