ARCHANGEL METATRON- The Scribe of Heaven (T.H.O.T.H.)

Dear Readers

This is a very special Article today, and it took me like 4 days to grasp it clear enough to put it into a human explanation. I have always been pretty bad, I thought, in math and geometry. And few days ago, suddenly as they like to surprise I guess in miraculous ways, Archangel Metatron this time connected to me. But very strongly.

I have been led to a unique story about Twin Flames by a wonderful Girl that contacted me. Through our conversation, we got into a picture of her guy and while talking, Archangel Metatron switched in and kept letting me know the term: “Metatron´s Cube. Metatron´s Cube. Imagine it. Visualize it.”

For some strange reason, I knew intuitively how it looks like in the spiritual akashic dimension. This goes more into quantum physics I would say. That is the closest and best science I have ever encountered yet, focused in the correct direction of truths. Everything is made out of energy matter, like vibrating little energy orbs, which manifest the dense material we see then after. So, in everything we see and can touch, there is spiritual energy.

Archangel Metatron also made my thinking very clear during our channeling session, and I suddenly understood, that he really is the Scribe of Heaven as I spontaneously said in my Song from 2010, titled:


I was surprised to find through this sweet Person I was talking with, a stranger basically, this following link and suddenly all made sense and Metatron completed the enlightening moment:

Original Link, for Educational Purpose only. Thank you, Aya Thorgren for this beautiful illustration!


Published even before the above, on July 13th 2010. All flows together, the message is hidden within the Songs. Thoth helped Osiris. Archangel Metatron helps Archangel Michael. They are a majestic Team of Heaven.

And that both really are the same Being, and Archangel Metatron felt like family, a friend from Heaven, he showed me that he was incarnated once as Thoth in Egypt, and I felt so honoured that he openly shared with me this personal memory. I have never in this lifetime before felt such strong, personal connection to Archangel Metatron, and right after I thanked God for making all these wonderful Angels and making all these miracle stories possible in the past, present and future, and

I thought suddenly, wow, Archangel Metatron´s Twin Soul must be very great. A great and greatest woman in some way. A huge, over-dimensional, galactic woman. I tried to see her not realizing, I was already closer to her than I realised, standing on her, living on her.

Archangel Metatron holds together the manifestations on this human form and our planets and galaxy, within his HEART- which is THE METATRON CUBE.

He said, I have his full support regarding the re-opening of the old “Twin Eye” Mystery Schools of Osiris & IsIs, and that we are a Team and he will give me full access to his Akashic Knowledge to support with it my classes at the Virtual Mystery Schools (TO OPEN 2014).

Thank you, so much, Metatron, you are a unique, powerful and wonderful friend.

Susan Elsa (IsIs)

Archangel Metatron/ Thoth´s CUBE OF GALACTIC HEART
Archangel Metatron/ Thoth´s CUBE OF GALACTIC HEART

Note to C.D. (Channeled Drawing):   It takes more than just a drawing to explain Metatron´s cube deeply and fully. This is a simple drawing, illustrating, that Metatron and his Twin Flame, hold together “like with glue” the dense manifested and spiritual energy of our Universe. There exist also other Universes with other life forms, but not here, we do not have physical access to there. The reason why so many geometric forms are integrated in the Cube of Metatron, is that the Cubes are like intertwined YING & YANG, like FEMALE & MALE, energy with an opposite mirroring SPINNING DYNAMIC.

NOTE THAT THE SQUARE contains already TWO PYRAMIDS. The Suqare is completely symbolic here for 2 Pyramids, or even, Soul Merged of the Twin Soul (2 in 1). The Ancient Egyptians based all their Architecture on those principles of the INVISIBLE GEOMETRY OF THE CELESTIAL UNIVERSE. They did literally, as it is beyond so it is here. Temple Areas had 2 Temples, 1 Temple for “Life”, the other Temple for “Ghosts”, the “Spirit World”, or simply said “Afterlife”. There were libaries within those Double Temples, filled with Books of Life and Books of Afterlife, analyzed in scientific, detailed ways already back then.

So, all Forms are integrated within the Geometry of this Universe, setting also the rules for physical matter and limits. It also reflects a deeper wisdom of the Universe, which you probably heard before:

“As it is Above, it is Below.” Imagine, Metatron and his Wife holding as a Couple, facing each other, the Material and Spiritual “Frame” of our Universe. Imagine, Material being below, and Spiritual above. That means you can also say: “As it is in the Spiritual Above, it is in the Material below.”

Some people tried since ages to abuse this knowledge and perform black magic, trying to influence the Geometry of things in the root energy which manifests what we see, to form it as they wish. Honestly, those things only work TO A LIMIT. Nobody can get beyond Archangel Metatron´s Borders. And in final truth, all such manipulation does not work, it only seems for the person living in ILLUSION as if it works a bit, because we have the ability to see what we believe. There are better ways, like all of us holding hands like a chain and helping this Shift and Healing for our Universe, with all our Hearts and Best Wishes.

I will correct all misinformation people put out, according to Archangel Metatron´s Wish,

I will channel and publish within the next years A SERIES OF THE TRUE BOOKS OF THOTH, 42 Volumes.

Channeled Drawing by Susan Elsa (Copyright 2013)



What is a TWIN SOUL? (Spiritual Explanation Video- Insight Mystery Schools COMING SOON)

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