Why IsIs was called “MOTHER OF THE WORLD”- World Secrets in Plain Sight

Dear World

This is one of the best videos I have ever seen in modern time about how far our influence goes. It shows in detail the different reasons also, why American Music Industry and many others in such ways, try to USE this knowledge to gain profit for themselves. Unfortunately, they do not always show respect when they try so and in fact, think they can hide all this from you and use it only for their own ego goals to reach power over others on Earth.

Knowledge is Power.

The Truth shall set you free.

Original Creator:  SCOTT ONSTOTT

Big Compliment! Genius!



2 thoughts on “Why IsIs was called “MOTHER OF THE WORLD”- World Secrets in Plain Sight

  1. Secret in Plain Sight- Thank you for sharing this video, it was very interesting and educated to understand. Many people are looking for an answer and it was a great info. I was aware something makes no sense in this world. It’s all about power and control. I do mean things were hidden from us years and years. It was very helpful to watch the video, I am amazed how the informations was put together perfectly. My mind is so open for the world to see and know the truth.

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