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Dear World

As a further clearly visible note, I would like to mention the TWIN SOUL MIRROR EFFECT again, with additional details to the previous post: HOW TO FIND YOUR TWIN SOUL.


This means, that all things reflect “like a mirror image” into your twin soul and from your twin soul on you. There is a famous wrong thought in many minds out there, when one sees a person doing evil, you tend to think often this person does not SEEM APPARENTLY to be suffering any consequences of their evil. A good example, are rich people, politicians, some famous people who abuse their positions to gain manipulative control over others and spread bad energy.

But I would like to explain, that things are not always what it seems, and the twin soul mirror effect can show us further, hidden justice, a whole system, God integrated into how the Universe functions.

Any bad action, word or even thought, especially and with full consciousness directed toward a twin soul, has also a mirror effect on the person taking wrong action: The twin soul mirror effect pulls the twin soul of the “negative” person further away from them, while God pulls the attacked Twin Soul together.

When you decide, based on the free will God have us, to, to take any wrong action toward another human being, ethnic group even of people, your employee, your school class mate bullying them and all such sick behavior in society that needs to be healed, it automatically triggers your own soul to jump backwards and have to repeat life lessons and re-learn the things you did not understand yet. If you get yourself bad karma during life, by the way you behave, do your business, treat others in partnerships and friendships and so forth, that bad karma is automatically shared by your twin soul.

If you do good for humanity, give a lot to charity when you have a lot, simply put, operate from a clean heart and meaning well in action, word and thought, it creates good karma which then again is shared by your twin soul.

If one twin soul is attacked, the other feels a” feeling of being attacked”. If one experiences a very joyful event with happy moments, the other feels parallel “all of a sudden happy”.

So, in anything you say, do or THINK towards another, you carry responsibility for your own well being, and that of your twin soul. If you do good, it is always worth it, because it causes a healthy and positive twin soul mirror effect and that brings you two closer together automatically, helps fasten the reunion process and completes over time your soul. Doing good makes your soul grow and grow and you will increasingly become stronger and better in all you do, your understanding of the Universe and God’s ultimate plan for us.

The twin soul mirror effect contains, naturally, all levels of twin soul connection, meaning telepathic connection (think positive, it reflects positive thinking to your twin soul as well), emotional connection  (don’t turn away from the person in the mirror, face yourself!), physical connection  (love your body, take good care of it and eat and live healthy) and all of those physical and spiritual layers.

Regarding the emotional connection:

One of the main reasons many twin souls are not ready to unite yet again and go into the next life form, is that generally many people in modern society have difficulties facing their own mirror, their self, their weaknesses and strength, being COMPLETELY honest with yourself. Facing fears might be the sensitive core point here, that causes many people to shy away from being courageous and looking directly at their fears, admitting them.

If you treat yourself gently and well, meaning, when you are tired, take time off and for yourself and rest. When another tries to take advantage of you, a friend, a colleague, a stranger even, how do you respond? Do you let them bully you or do you stand up for “your-self”? Do you feel worthy of being respected and loved or do you have issues regarding that? If yes, why, what is their root, where did they come from?

And by being HONEST with your MIRROR and WORKING on things instead of ignoring them, you get closer and closer to reuniting with your Twin Soul and make real good progress.

Just the honest look alone facilitates healing already. Life experiences and all incarnations we encounter, also do leave some wounds in the soul at times to be confronted and healed. It is the best and most honest information I can give you regarding how to really attract your twin soul.


Keeping that little feel inside your heart, that you “mean well in all you do and think”.

For Educational Purpose only: Michael Jackson’s MAN IN THE MIRROR, Original Clip from the Film MOONWALKER. Michael knew the whole time what he is doing, his soul was fully awake, listen to his message, please.

And last but not least I would like to say, that YOU ARE YOUR TWIN SOUL. The key is always with you, the whole path, God gave it to all of you from the start. They key to your twin soul is always to be found WITHIN YOU.

All is based on that, how twin souls recognize each other when they meet, twin soul life parallels and real visible signs, intuitive feelings of what your twin soul is doing or going through right now. Because simply said, the binding cord between you and your twin soul, the ultimate TWIN SOUL COMPASS with which you can “read your twin souls foot prints all over the world to find her/him” is hidden safe and well INSIDE OF YOUR OWN SOUL.

Much Love & Light,

Susan Elsa

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