How to find your Twin Soul

Dear World

This is probably the most important task for any soul incarnated on Earth, but honestly also one of the hardest tasks.

There are 3 possible constellations:

1. One of you is incarnated (born), the other one remained in the spirit world to guide and protect. This is DEFINITELY the most common constellation. You are the one incarnated.

2.  One of you is incarnated, the other one remained in the spirit world to guide and protect. This is the most common constellation. You are the one IN SPIRIT.

3. BOTH are incarnated at the same time on Earth. This is definitely the RAREST CONSTELLATION IN OUR TIMES, YET.

Before we continue, I want you to keep one thing in mind throughout the analysis:



Now, lets begin with analyzing the first possible constellation, which is the most likely for you reading this. In this blog and all of my statements, you will always find truth and ONLY truth. I am not going to say what people want to hear, since I do my work with clean consciousness toward God and take my duties seriously. God means more to me than any stranger’s opinion and that statement alone, shows you how I am: Straight out and honest. I say what I think, in the same words I thought it. All information I will give comes directly from Heaven. After Michael Jackson, my friend, passed, he returned to me rejuvenated in spiritual form and thought me literally the term “twin soul”, as well as all this information.  Half of me is in Heaven and I have direct access to real information, even if I am still alive here, which has been a historically hard transition. But here you see a good, clear example of HOW FAR TWIN SOUL CONNECTION GOES.


Most souls are not yet developed far enough, SPIRITUALLY, to be able to handle a direct meeting of their twin soul in human body, in the same world as they are. God does not bring together any twin soul, if it is not ready, because the energies, the dynamics, are so extreme, it could hurt both a lot and God is all about growth and arranging perfect timing in all of his creation. Life develops FORWARD, not BACKWARDS.

In today’s society we have many things going on which are opposing to twin soul reunions. Some people go through life in harsh steps, taking whatever they feel a need for, not giving much. Friends let each other down, when someone needs serious help. Women get beaten by their husband and FORCED to all kind of things, which is a form of TAKING AGAINST THE WILL OF THE OTHER PERSON. People lie in record amounts to GET what they want.



Wanting is a bad spiritual affirmation, because it shows you have a LACK inside. Whoever HAS, does not NEED. A soul that feels love inside, automatically FEELS LIKE GIVING. Because there IS something to give.

The way people live in today’s society is SO FAR away from what TWIN SOUL LOVE IS, that it is almost impossible to understand the concept before letting go of all mind programming that has shaped your minds throughout your lives FIRST.

Make the Glass empty first, to fill it with new Wisdom. Else, it will flow over and has no space for NEW INFORMATION.


Well, as mentioned, there is something I call THE TWIN SOUL MIRROR EFFECT. It means, that when one feels something, the other feels the same parallel, like being a twin mirror image. All flows between the twin soul, no matter where they are, if merged or not, they are ALWAYS CONNECTED and feel each other in thought, feeling/emotions and that includes when one is in human form and the other “above”. Still, a twin soul has NO DISTANCE in the connection and communication, at all times.

There are a lot of advantages when one half is above in spirit, guiding. It makes all your life easier, since the twin soul can intervene energetically in situations, bring angel support and perform healing of certain situation and you during life’s journey, even if gentle and invisible. You might not be aware of the presence of your twin soul, because we all have been lied to for a long time on Earth.

For example:

Many children have so-called “imaginary friends”. THAT is a sign, that the twin soul NOT incarnated and the child incarnated is feeling the connection still and communicating to the spirit world, using natural skills God have all of us. Later society takes such kid apart and keeps telling it, no there is no such thing, or worse like the church things they love saying like “no this is an evil spirit don’t talk to it!”.

That’s how the system starts messing with your twin soul relationship from the start.

I do have some examples, but cannot share them without prior free will okay from the involved people. I always respect free will, it is the most important value and tool for me, which God gave us to use. Hmm, I will give you an example I know best and can decide to tell or not about:

My own twin soul, Michael, has gone through this constellation as well. Before I was born, he was born and I remained in spirit to guide him. It is the very core secret behind his expressive, adult-seeming expression when he was a child yet only.

He appeared to many people like an ancient soul inside a little kid’s body and performed with emotions, as if he has love experience, for example, and that before he physically, earthly speaking knew anything physical about romances and such. Michael sang like a man with real life experience before age 9 even.

The purpose, as you start recognizing now, is to make sure both evolve and support each other, hand in hand, during these incarnations, until both are strong enough INDIVIDUALLY, that both can reunite as ONE SOUL and merge on all levels, while remaining TWO INDIVIDUAL BEINGS AND IN THE SAME TIME ONE. Then, the twin soul continues to the next life form when ready, and there are no single, lonely beings there anymore as on Earth.

Only couples of two’s, only UNITED TWIN SOULS.

Okay, so again, when one twin only incarnated while the other stays in spirit to guide, the purpose is to make it easier for both, still learning much ahead and if one has the spiritual overview (spiritual eye), this half of the twin soul can help the incarnated one in daily details. It also means, that one or both are not finished with this incarnation cycle yet and still have planned journeys. Enjoy it, life is eternal and you have all the time you want or need.


I think it should be very logical and clear to people, without explaining too much, that it is absolutely the hardest to communicate while in human form on Earth, with a twin soul in spirit and be able to SWITCH PERSPECTIVES AND SEE FROM SPIRITUAL SIGHT, WHILE BEING IN A LIMITED HUMAN BODY.

This is something that only famous spiritual masters have achieved. But it is a goal worthy, because it brings more learning out of the journey’s, a complete learning. Nobody ever said, you cannot start learning about Heaven while on Earth. Or even, visit Heaven during sleep.

I would even say, to be able especially for people here in human form to channel any real information from twin souls IN SPIRIT of other people, it takes even more. I am able only able to do it, because it is God’s will and plan for my life purpose. All has been planned for it. And I have been in heaven before. I remember it. In detail. I have been incarnated as the ancient Egyptian IsIs a long time ago and already developed spiritual skills back then. Now, all that EVOLUTION PROCESS cannot be left out, I had to go through the hardest challenges and experiences you can possibly imagine, and overcome them. That is how one evolves to such degree. I am also here to say, that THIS IS THE CORRECT WAY of doing things, not for example Set’s way. Set was my jealous brother, which killed my husband and twin soul Osiris when we both lived together back then, and therefore, Set was banned from his twin soul and I and Osiris were reunited and evolved. As IsIs, thousands of years ago, I already experienced this ascension process of half of my soul while I was still here, and THAT facilitated gaining the famous ANCIENT EGYPTIAN EYE OF ISIS. More about what this spiritual sight is, later.

What I mean to stress very clearly here, is that some people talk so much crap, I cannot approve of it, because if they said false information which only harms them, well, alright, I would have to say, it is their free will.

But spreading false information on purpose at times, that hurts another’s free will or even twin soul mission, journey’s of learning and sharing, or high spiritual tasks as twin souls who come here to give an important message, is something that triggers my inner “female Archangel Michael”, because it reminds me of Set’s methods and I will keep standing up against all lies as long as I am here and able to type and talk.

To be able to switch perspective with a twin soul above in spirit, one usually is very highly evolved in spiritual skills over many lifetimes and it is also a sign, that one is more a soul with a mission with focus on helping humanity, since to be able to LOOK from such perspective, airplane view onto the World, is always and without exception a sign for a last incarnation. It means, a lot has been understood and learned and therefore, we all will be able to do this when we train our spiritual muscles. Keep the faith!


Oh boy, where do I start. This is, for sure, the rarest constellation possible, yet. It was been more wide spread a few thousand years ago, and now is a hot topic rising again as people are awakening spiritually again. But sadly, the last about 2’500 years have been hellish for twin souls. Therefore, God had to protect them by incarnating mostly only one, so the other can keep watching over the incarnated one, protecting him/her from those dark forces that had a grip on the Planet in that time. (last 2’000- 2’500 years)

I really mean to say clearly, that we are NOT talking about even twin souls incarnated in different countries, but at the same time, but just not meeting or such, as many wannabe sources in the Internet throw around nice words right now, as the truth is rising, and tell things as if everyone can simply find a human being somewhere and that is then the twin soul. They mix up this sacred spiritual union with earthly thinking, wanting again, taking again, and even claiming in mass amounts, that they met their twin soul, but it “didn’t work out”, that “they weren’t ready”, all kinds of things that can help you filter that they are not telling the truth. Soul mates we agree with to meet up and separate ways again, to learn temporary, are NOT TWIN SOULS. It is not possible to meet your one true twin soul and feel this extreme attraction on all levels and then just walk away from it. Whoever says that, does not have a real twin soul experience, sorry. MEETING YOUR TWIN SOUL ALWAYS MEANS YOU ARE IN THE PROCESS OF REUNITING AND MERGING SPIRITUALLY.

Sure, one could panic and run away, that is a completely different thing though, the inner unresolved fears, the interferences from dark forces, energy vampirism, so much twin souls need to handle when together here, that some try to run a way at first. But that is only another thing to work on together, no real twin soul, for example, has sex together and then is able to “break up” and have sex with someone else. Before the meeting, it can happen, not AFTER.


I mean, it was not even possible to incarnate both at even 1 day in which both would be parallel in human bodies. Only the most exceptional and ANCIENT twin souls, working on this for longer, were able to do such constellation and rely on direct guidance by replacements like Angels above, Special Twin Soul Guardian Angels that take the guidance job for the twin when the seat in spirit is not occupied. I hope I formulate it clear enough, it is hard to put in words.

Let’s try to put it in the most easy words:

There are different TWIN SOUL EVOLUTION STAGES. Within those stages, the twin souls incarnate both into several life times, in various combinations that reach from the female counterpart also experiencing some life times incarnated in male gender, while the masculine counterpart also incarnates in some life time as a woman physically. Sometimes, twin souls incarnate as sister and brother, as father and daughter, as mother and son. There is no limit to the variations we go through to learn and complete our earthly experiences.

It’s like a SPIRITUAL TRAINING, with slow, dense bodies that make all kinds of things easier, some more difficult, all part of the learning process for the soul. As if the soul is the driver, that sits into a car for a temporary time, to LEARN DRIVING.

The more stages the twin soul already mastered in their evolution, the more they will be “in tune to each other”, even looking similar, having similar jobs, hobbies, thoughts, writing similar poems without knowing consciously just out of the soul, walk to the same places by “seeming coincidence”.

The more a twin soul is ready and at the end of these evolution stages, the souls BOTH ready for a new chapter of experiences and evolution, for starting anew to learn all about a new life form, having learned all there is possibly to learn from here, this life form of training, the more likely it is that they meet and are both incarnated.

Susan Elsa Summer 2011: Filming a Dance Scene on Stairs
Susan Elsa Summer 2011: Filming a Dance Scene on Stairs- IDENTICAL SHADOW WITH MICHAEL JACKSON




With all my Love,

Susan Elsa

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  1. Wow amazing Sis 🙂 You explained very clearly 🙂 ❤ All people should read and learn from your post ❤ Love and Light ❤

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