14th April 2013: Celebrating 3 Years of Spiritual Pop (New Music Genre!)

Based on a very unique true story, Spiritual Pop´s very first official Debut has been published on April 14th 2010, by Susan Elsa in a mysterious spiritual Cooperation with Michael Jackson in Heaven. (ONE LOVE- Spiritual Pop Debut 777) This is the MINIMAL RITUAL VERSION of the Original Song.

The Original Story of the Girl that channels Ghosts to help her write Songs. All orchestrated by her Twin Soul and real life friend Michael. – April 14th 2010

This story and official publishings of our concept, have been FIRST published by us before anyone else that later claimed similar stories and “ideas”. Of course, they did so without asking us for any permission or showing any respect.

Stay tuned for more Music by Susan Elsa (COMING SOON), plus additional Artists as our revolutionary Pop Concept blossoms and grows.


ONE LOVE- Ritual Dance Version 777 by Susan Elsa (Minimal Ritual Version)
Published: April 14th 2010

DEBUT SINGLE CD with 2 Songs: ONE LOVE (Spiritual Pop Debut 777)
Including ONE LOV- Radio Edit (Original Version)

This Song has been a Birthday present from Michael Jackson to Susan Elsa, from Heaven, prepared and channeled ready-to-use, NO PEN NO PAPER RHYME fashion. This Song has been channeled (meaning, composed and lyrically channeled) within only 10 Minutes by Susan Elsa early April 2010.

RE-OPENING May 1st 2013


Unique Productions Methods

All content of this video as well as presented internal concepts are sole property of MGP Publishing, Susan Elsa and Mystery Garden Productions (as well as Michael in SPIRIT).

Mystery Garden Productions GmbH was founded on 8th August 2008 (08-08-08) and continued to revolutionize and inspire the whole World.

Specialized in SPIRITUAL ENTERTAINMENT with a new karma-free business concept to inspire the Economy to take new directions and heal.

“Mutlicultural Communication through Art”

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