Most important Info about Twin Souls- ENERGY TEACHINGS ©

Dear Twin Soul Hearts out there!

First of all: Thank you God, for this miraculous and sudden Summer!

Today, we want to analyze something very important. See, here, we are on Earth. And on Earth are certain rules, energies, duality. There is so much talking about twin souls/twin flames, that actually it is really sometimes getting on our nerves, and when I say OUR nerves I mean US REAL TWIN SOULS incarnated who experience serious challenges into the deepest of their being/soul that most who never felt it consciously yet cannot even IMAGINE.

I will try my very best to formulate and analyze together with you all there is going on to avoid any negative interferences in Twin Souls, especially when it comes to the MERGING PROCESS. Disturbing this process, I believe is like the hardest punishable spiritual crime possible in God’s views, because God made us all, he “invented” Twin Souls and after reading what I will describe here, it will make sense to you regarding WHY God does not approve of DISTURBING THE TWIN SOUL MERGING PROCESS, in action, word or even THOUGHT from another/others.

Just for Fun: Twin Souls Merging -2 Pics into 1 Face
Just for Fun: Twin Souls Merging -2 Pics into 1 Face

Q: Now let us start maybe with the basic question, a core point:

What is a MERGING of Twin Souls exactly?

The above fun pic has been made with and is a fun and symbolic way of describing this merging process and what it means. It means literally and simply: 2 become 1

It means, that two separately defined beings or bodies, merge and melt into one slowly. It means, in physical explanation, that both might develop due to the merging process, visible physical “adjustments” to the other’s look and appearance PHYSICALLY. It means, that all internal feelings also merge into each other’s feelings, and both start feeling increasingly the same feelings at the same time. When one gets sad or happy, the other boosts sadness/happiness by feeling the same feeling. So, it becomes like a double amount of the same feelings. When reunited, Twin Souls feel each DOUBLE of the emotions and energies, due to them both being merged and intensifying each other’s feelings like a mirror with which you can make even sunlight reflections burn a hole into a paper or such, when holding it in the correct angle.

Sounds to many today still like a crazy concept, but it is real and can in real cases even be proven medically and scientifically!

So, until here we summarize!

Twin Soul Energy Teachings- Channeled from Archangel Michael 777
Twin Soul Energy Teachings- Channeled from Archangel Michael 777

When Twin Souls merge, it means a MERGING PROCESS on:

1. The Spiritual /Soul Level    ( All Layers, Light Body, Astral Body, Etheric Body, Double etc…)

2. The Mental Level   ( Work style, Creativity, Ways of thinking, Opinions, even issues etc…)

3. The Emotional Level /Heart   ( Feelings, happy and sad all at once)

4. THE PHYSICAL LEVEL     ( Physical manifested Body, form, appearance etc…)

It is important we first look in detail into what happens exactly to begin with, when Twin Souls Reunite and Merge, and THEN and only then, we have a realistic chance to understand exactly the forces (methods) that try to keep twin souls apart inside this duality earthly plane. Such negative forces/energies have been built up for a long, long, long time and therefore, looking at such topics superficially, won’t help in understanding on a deeper level.

ONE OF THE MAJOR METHODS OF INTERFERENCE FROM THE DARK ENERGIES AGAINST TWIN SOULS IS ABUSING THE POWER OF THE WORD! (Such as spreading confusing and wrong information to mislead you into a false direction so you can never find your twin soul on Earth and live together etc.)

Imagine, if you had a COMPASS which pointed you in the wrong direction and does not function properly, how can you find the Coconut trees at the west side of the Island? (Just an example, to visualize)

That is why, we must always first try to get to the bottom of things and find the correct, truthful information coming from real Twin Souls, Angels teaching and guiding us or God, never general Books, Blogs and TV/Internet! They filled those plaforms already with lots and lots of bs information to cloud and clogg the whole path of searching and learning. That happens increasingly in the past few years, on purpose, since we are in an important time on this planet with some central TWIN SOULS REUNITED TO HELP HEAL THE WORLD.

Let us now analyze more about each merging layer/level:

1. The Spiritual /Soul Level    ( All Layers, Light Body, Astral Body, Etheric Body, Double etc…)

This is probably the most complex area to understand since it is unlimited. The auras merge, the soul bodies, the male and female energies, each integrating more of the other within themselves, like a fusion in spiritual matter. The biggest issue here is for people to understand and see the different bodies, auras etc., because simply said, many people do not know how to read such higher dimensional energies or even see them clearly. Some psychics and mediums can, and so that would be a skill worthy of training, also for your own twin soul reunion I think. Generally, this is a skill God gave all of us, but over the past about 2’500 years, it has been censored from society and forgotten, until human beings in most countries (especially Europe, U.S.A.) only could perceive superficial PHYSICAL truth.

In Ancient Egypt, ancient India and many other places on Earth, we knew thousands of years ago MORE about this than people know today. People are so ignorant today sometimes, that even if Jesus  would come back to Earth and walk into a big hall with people greeting them, they would probably attack him and call him moron, psycho and such personal insults we all keep receiving as we do our work. Quite a few friends of mine, Light workers, Reiki masters or especially twin souls (very few), tell me of the same disrespect they experience as I do.  Back then, people knew about the different bodies and had respect for that. Nobody thought, the visible physical body is the only body around. That thought was considered limited and stupid THOUSANDS of years ago.

Today, it is so bad with this, I receive regular insults on a personal basis from strangers and like 99% or even a 100% of these come from ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES SUCH AS THE UNITED STATES OR ENGLAND. Not one single time have I received such childish and negative reactions from any other countries as China, Egypt, Japan (lots of super sweet people in Japan!), Brazil, India, Africa, Latin Amerika. ALWAYS AND WITHOUT EXCEPTION from English Speaking People do such negative personal attacks arise. That is worth deeper analysis, since it shows exact roots of who and why things have been manipulated within these past 2’500 years. More about that later.

2. The Mental Level   ( Work style, Creativity, Ways of thinking, Opinions, even issues etc…)

Mental level means logical things like math skills, if one has strong math skills and the other weaker and THEN they merge, you will see the twin soul automatically and suddenly become mentally better in math! Twin Souls separate only in a physical illusion to learn and benefit the twin soul relationship with their separate experiences at the time of reunion. So, if one like in my case, has lots of experience and life success in SONGWRITING, which is a mental process I would say, the Twin Soul becomes increasingly more similar in SONGWRITING STYLE AND SKILL, when the merging process is happening for the masculine counterpart and the feminine counterpart, as explained, take in more of the other on all levels and integrate it within themselves when merging together. Often many things are also seated there when it comes to personality traits such as, certain words liked or disliked, the way of formulating sentences on certain languages because mental merging is like 2 BRAINS BECOMING 1 BRAIN, including wiring and sensitive reactions to similar situations. Since Twin Souls though always COMPLEMENT AND COMPLETE each other, balancing each other, it means together they are 100%.

When one is weak in something, the other might be stronger in it to balance the weakness of the other in it out a bit. That is how it works. For example: Michael Jackson was super introverter in public when it comes to his aggressions. He endured a lot of false accusations that hurt him so bad, he was burtsting almost from anger in private, but kept it inside. I, on the other hand, was like that too and by the time he passed, all this anger Michael had “saved inside” had to release itself. I became aggressive like never before and kept screaming and yelling for quite a long time, sometimes even now still, about the exact things that hurt him but he didn’t defend himself enough, his soul feels now. So, I balance it out for us both by letting out anger, not like him keep it inside. If someone insults me out of jealousy or similar, not even knowing me, I crush them verbally and energetically sometimes and stand up to defend myself, in order to balance it for me and Michael now.

3. The Emotional Level /Heart   ( Feelings, happy and sad all at once)

That is one of the most confusing and hardest parts. You sit there and suddenly you feel sad. You know it is somehow a feeling of “someone else”, but in the same time it feels like you are sad and it feels 90% like your feeling. I would say this is a central task for twin souls to learn to handle, because logically it makes sense for both to separate for individual experiences to become each stronger INDIVIDUALLY within their own female or male self, and THEN when they reunite, they sense the difference between the man and woman inside the twin soul easier and better. I wonder, many people talk about twin souls who “have met but were not ready”.

I am not sure this is even possible. God never allows a TWIN SOUL TO MEET IF NOT READY. It would be too much for both, to meet, love and then go separate ways again on Earth. It would damage both or one severely, it is almost impossible to separate even for going to work on a daily basis, after any meeting, looking into each other’s eyes and touching and hugging each other. IMPOSSIBLE I tell ya.

Because emotionally, in the core heart centre, both become pulled extremely toward each other, it is like


4. THE PHYSICAL LEVEL     ( Physical manifested Body, form, appearance etc…)

Yes, yes that is my favorite level of merging, because it is so dramatic and sensational, most people don’t know what to say or think when confronted with two beings who look like twins or brother and sister, and are not related in a classical known way as same family, genetics and so forth. But THAT is like the most reliable and important SING OF TWIN FLAMES/ TWIN SOULS!

All other points can be lied about. But your eyes, what you see in front of you and CAN TOUCH even and measure and prove, is in modern time the most reliable sing of Twin Souls Merging and defining REAL CASES.

If you think about it logically, it make sense that when all levels of two beings start to merge/melt together and becoming more and more ONE, it must also have an effect on the physics and physical appearance. It is logical and any other explanation is illogical. When two Twin Souls have NOT MET YET and maybe have been born in two different ethnic backgrounds, sure they will not necessarily look like physical twins. Sometimes, they are not even supposed to meet at all during a full lifetime or several lifetimes, depending on the individual plans each Soul has made prior to Birth. When Twin Souls are not separate any longer and MERGING, it is a solid rule that some changes MUST BE MEASURABLE OR VISIBLE. Else, it is bs talking trying to distract and attack Twin Souls searching for each other.

Especially, the most visible physical merging process, takes place when 1 is incarnated, the other is incarnated as well, and then one passes. I say this exact combination because I know it best and because one has COMPARISION POINTS in such cases. If one is incarnated and the other not guiding from spirit, we do not have enough physical information to judge the physical appearance or adjustment phenomenon, since 1 of them we NEVER SAW here or took pictures of.

But when both are here, and then one passes, and it even happens to be the most photographed person ever to live, one has enough material to filter out all doubts, even confronted with science. After 2009, my soul is merging with Michael’s in a higher dimension actually, but because of this merging process, my physical appearance immediately started to shift. I don’t know in detail how it all functions, but I know how it feels and how undeniable it is looking in your own mirror and seeing yourself suddenly overnight basically look different than ever before all your previous life.

When I met Mike in L.A., some merging already started. I would even say, mentally and emotionally it started around the time of his second trial (2003-2005), because his soul needed my support and so, as usual with twin souls, it did not matter if we are in the same geographical location or not, I felt his soul reach out for me and sent him light, energy, did some serious spiritual work to help him and protect his soul from afar during the trial. And it worked.

But after he passed and has no separate physical body any longer, his soul is closer to me and my soul than ever before possible. In 2010 it began with sudden growth of my lips and eyes first, then my nose kept getting smaller and more narrow, and slightly shifted on the tip upwards. One can see the difference comparing pictures.

Then, the whole body, the shape of my silhouette. Before I had kind of narrow shoulders and a huge hips. It always bothered me and I felt often fat, in this area. Within 2 months after Mike had returned, I found myself constantly touching my hips and behind with an open mouth and shocked over how suddenly all this fat has flown away! I kept asking Michael, how, how, how does it work, what did you do, he just giggles.

But the craziest and funniest is the phase of 2012. I thought, okay now this is it and maybe my lips will get a bit fatter over time and nose a bit smaller, eyes bigger? Hair more curly? But no, I was wrong, it keeps going deeper. Suddenly during 2012, BEARD STUBBLES POPPED UP ON MY CHIN! It is so embarassing to even talk about it, but I want to help people learn true teachings about Twin Souls and at the moment, it is visible so there is no need for me to hide it or lie about it and I also would not know how to cover it to be honest. Parallel with it, my voice started to change right after Dec 21st 2012, during these early first months of 2013, I noticed how when I talk I sound more like Michael all of a sudden. I seriously can’t stop laughing right now as I write this out loud, because I KNOW it sounds crazy, but then again it should be logical because of Michael’s own famous METAMORPHOSIS and changes in the opposite direction (feminine), after my birth which made him feel my twin soul part “going away to get born” and he from then on missed this part and turned more feminine, by nature, by intuition and soul feeling. He never wanted to be a woman nor look like one.

And didn’t people claim he took FEMININE HORMONES TO KEEP HIS VOICE HIGHER? I honestly think today, it’s bs like most people talk about him. It has to do with all this right here, these twin soul dynamics and makes complete sense to me.

However, the more Twin Souls look alike, the more it shows how far in the Reunion process they are and that they are close to finish their earthly Journeys and continue to a next life form, always united, two’s, two’s and two’s everywhere in heaven.

So, you could say:

1. Twin Souls do not necessarily have to look alike.

2. But when they do, it is a definite sign that they are made out of the same “substance which finally forms the manifested body”

2012- Michael Jackson's Twin Soul PHYSICAL Merging Process- Unique Documentation
2012- Michael Jackson’s Twin Soul PHYSICAL Merging Process- Unique Documentation

Note to Picture: A little already older picture from a changed Face already. The nose part is to me the most crazy and unbeliavable, because I thought, Michael had a bigger nose before surgery, the small nose wasn’t his “original”. So, that point shows that maybe in his spiritual real identity, Michael always had a small nose and when he found his nose big (Joseph Jackson Genes etc…) he did not like it and felt as if it is not his and changed/adjusted it. I have not had ANY plastic surgery on my face and I can MEDICALLY PROVE IT. If you compare the nose, the nostrils, it is crazy as if Michael knew the exact details adjusting his nose to mine before we physically met in L.A.?

Now, we will get to the methods of INTERFERENCE during that merging process in general and how dark forces operate trying to keep Twin Souls apart. Please feel free to share with us your own points as well or methods you experienced, so we can help each other with truth. TRUTH SETS FREE.


1. ONE OF THE MAJOR METHODS OF INTERFERENCE FROM THE DARK ENERGIES AGAINST TWIN SOULS IS ABUSING THE POWER OF THE WORD! (Such as spreading confusing and wrong information to mislead you into a false direction so you can never find your twin soul on Earth and live together etc.)

– Information War is the most common method of distracting from a twin soul message rising or any twin soul merging on Earth which affects the whole planet or can.

2. Black Magic energy attacks, trying to attack the binding chord between twin souls. Very evil, I know, but some rare secret societis including American Music Business/Hollywood do that and they tried with Michael as well. Luckily, and I had to learn that the hard way, it is IMPOSSIBLE to break that connection between twin souls. Even if you cut a twin souls corpse apart as it happened to Michael when he was incarnated as OSIRIS IN ANCIENT EGYPT, the soul stays whole and protected. Some bodies can be hurt or damaged as the astral body, but some not at all as the LIGHT BODY.

3.  General issues in society which are to be healed, like a virus resisting its eradication: Jealousy or any people who have jealousy issues inside of them get provoked easily seeing or feeling any twin soul real energies and attack, insult and so forth. Look around, it’s so obvious.

Then also things like lack of self confidence, lack of love in life, all things that are opposing energies to the HAPPINESS, LIGHT AND FAITHFUL LOVE between Twins, come to the surface in people who get confronted with merging twin soul energies. They facilitate a sharing of energy and healing as it happens inside the twin soul couple, it reflects parallel to the whole masses on the globe and can be felt. In Michael’s case due to his fame and success in life, naturally the situation attracts spiritual parasites and crazy people as well, who have let out their crazy onto him before.

But also the wonderful people, who have sensed Michael’s truth, energy, understood his mission of his soul at some point in their life, become now more aware of what is really going on and I really cannot thank you enough for your support and compassion. You help me to stay strong and together we can make a change and healing. Someone like Michael has agreements with MANY SOULS on Earth to help the Twin Soul mission. And all who join in this march of love, will receive automatic blessings, because it is a rule in the Universe. You support and respect Twin Souls (real one’s who belong together), your own twin soul gets pulled closer to you by God, blessing you both. You attack or insult twin souls, or even publicly lie, your own twin soul gets pulled away from you and God distances you both because you showed him you GENERALLY don’t have a far enough developed sense for all of this yet and aren’t ready to even find your twin soul, if you show such jealousy or disrespect toward another twin soul couple.

4. A whole SYSTEM in Arts, Music, TV, News Channels, Internet that is PROGRAMMED TO MISLEAD ABOUT TWIN SOULS THE WHOLE TIME. The posing of Americans in Music Clips covering 1 eye which symbolized an ancient attack by jealous Set against Osiris & IsIs (Twin Souls), the Books that are promoted by big Book publishers and placed everywhere to be fed to the people. Sure, nice covers with colors and this and that, smiling faces of authors and nice words being thrown around. But a lie is a lie and stays a lie, if it is spoken or presented with flowers or not. Don’t let them fool you, this is about YOUR SOUL’S HAPPINESS. Let em sort their own issues out, follow your own heart and soul, it knows the truth, trust me.

News and Films, always falsly presenting in general the topic LOVE and ROMANCE, to mislead people constantly and brianwash them to think of it in certain ways, like a partner is a property, like, it’s alright to get intimate and even have sex with someone for fame reasons, money reasons, adventure reasons, a kick, a party, a one night stand and they label this behavior as “ENJOYING LIFE”. It is spiritually NOT GOOD for women to have sex with various guys, without respect, love and deep trust. If a guy has negative energy in himself or his aura, the women even takes it in during sex and has an “infected aura” afterwards, which again influences her and her twin soul at the same time. Choose well with whom you sleep, if you care about your twin soul!

ANALYZE the songs they promote into people’s faces so extremely, the one’s they allow and pick to become viral, and you will see what I mean. They try, typical devil’s mind, to harass, stalk and CONSTANTLY put NOISE AROUND YOUR MIND, FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS TO KEEP YOU OCCUPIED AND DISTURB YOUR HARMONY WITH YOUR TWIN SOUL.

There is so much more to be said, so let us leave it at that for right now and continue with a PART II, once my dear readers digested this one first.

I just want to say one thing last but not least:

NO MATTER WHAT, I really mean NO MATTER WHAT, literally no one and nothing can separate you from your TWIN SOUL, ever. They can talk, they can try to use your fears, past negative experiences you are healing inside and such things against you to SLOW YOU DOWN, but they cannot stop you. Trust and rely on God, he made TWIN SOULS PERFECT AND INVINCIBLE.

Your Susan Elsa


Dec 12th 2010:  OSIRIS UN-NEFER   (Michael Jackson Spirit Song)

From the Album I REMEMBER by Susan Elsa, published Dec 21st 2010

2 thoughts on “Most important Info about Twin Souls- ENERGY TEACHINGS ©

  1. Oh WOW ! OH MY GOD ! Susan, I can’t thank you enough for such beautiful messages.
    It was really helpful & very much educating spiritually. Trust me, you have the gift of educating souls.
    Beautiful amazing informations,descriptions, evidence etc.
    Seriously right now I have no words to describe how motivating you truly are as I am deeply overwhelmed by your concern, love & compassion for the other souls.
    Keep up the good work & believe me : you have my full support & love.
    God knows your Divine motherly compassion towards the planet ; YOU ARE GONNA CHANGE THE WORLD.
    Big hug ! LOVE and LIGHT.

  2. I love this very much and it’s so nice of you to teach about spirituality. Every human being must know about Twin soul energy…. I love you and thank you so much for your wonderful teaching.
    Love and Light…. 777

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