THE BLUE STAR/ BLUE LOTUS: IsIs & The Hopi Indians

As usual, people who have no sense or respect or knowledge make popular hypes of the spiritual teachings of the Ancients. The Vatican, for example, has used many times fear mongering, to make people feel bad about other folks history and prophecies.

So, here comes a Message directly from the unmasked Helper, which happens to be me, the ancient Egyptian IsIs:

I understand it can be hard for people to imagine and remember today, but in ancient times, we have had already GLOBALIZATION.

We communicated with each other, without invading each others countries, fields and homes. We visited other civilizations far and wide. Osiris, my husband, even taught people inside and outside of Egypt to arrange and prepare fields, water them, clean them, and grow crops for healthy vegetarian foods, instead of meat.

Original Sioux Indian with Feather for Educational Purpose
Original Sioux Indian with Feather for Educational Purpose

Image Source Link and more Info on Sioux Indians:

Osiris (Un Nefer) with BLUE FEATHERS on his head surrounding WHITE CROWN HAT  (Symbol of his raise to KING OF HEAVEN)
Osiris (Un Nefer) with BLUE FEATHERS on his head surrounding WHITE CROWN HAT (Symbol of his raise to KING OF HEAVEN)

Original Image Source:

MA’AT was also a very important Archangel (yes, that is the correct modern word, not “Gods”). She was one of the last securing the Gates to Heaven for any soul and if Ma’at found a soul to be clean and balanced, innocent and ready, she would open the last door leading to Osiris’ final hall of Judgement of the Soul. Osiris, after giving permission, would open the Gate to the NEFER LANDS, which is how the ancient Egyptians called HEAVEN. Heaven is a modern, English word. And btw, all the imagery with Angels with Wings, is also an ANCIENT EGYPTIAN KNOWLEDGE that they simply stole and repeated in “European appearance”, making Angels even part of their political agenda: BLONDE, WHITE, roman clothes wearing, war clothes wearing ANGELS!

That is NOT how Angels look like. They can be blonde, but also black as in Afro American. You seriously cannot throw your earthly racism issues at Angels, sorry but it’s a joke.

Now, compare MA’AT and the Sioux Indian Man. Notice the Feather???

MA'AT, Archangel of Balance
MA’AT, Archangel of Balance

And as you can imagine, as a last side note here, the spiritual and visual symbolism even has been twisted and changed and mixed up by the ONE’S WHO CREATE LIES AND POWER for their low self. I have never worn HORNS, the Greeks and Romans put that on my head.

My original symbol is THE EMPTY THRONE OF OSIRIS ON MY HEAD. Throne, Chair, Seat. Pick a name, but this is what the truth is my friend. Here is a very good description of all Angels of Egypt by Laternix:

(Wonderful Short Video about IsIs’ energy)

All my life I feel a very strong connection to the Native Indians. I remember, back in school they used to show us a bit of what happened in America and where it came from. I was shocked. I will never forget the films we watched in high school and that in Switzerland. I am sure, such films are NOT SHOWN to American kids at school.

One image stayed in my mind until this very day, and I do have tears in my eyes thinking about all the suffering of my beloved Native Indians:

Big mechanical diggers and loud machines crushing their way through the trees and lands, killing all in its way, including many buffalo’s not just human beings. As this imagery was showing, one saw in a second layer on the film screen an Elder talking, dressed typical in the Native Indian Clothing and he said words I still remember after many years:

” The (white) man must change, before it is too late. For coming here and invading our homes, the men who came have a curse on them. The more he destroys, the more he will be destroyed. No peace shall enter the man’s life on this land. They come with their machines, with their violence and take away our lands. Soon the curse of the Ancestors shall purify the Earth again.”

I cannot guarantee the exact correctness of the words of course, I just expressed it the best way possible how I remember it. That is like, 15 years ago when I saw this movie, and yes, I do have a unique memory.

During this Native Poem, we saw big scenes of destruction as caused today by the industrialized World, how they titled it.

In early 2007, I visited privately real Indian Reservoirs in America, traveling for it from California to Arizona. On the land map of the United States, you can find brown marked land areas. These are the remaining rests of the lands the Native’s once had.

I would have to even say, what I witnessed literally traumatized me. I was angry, I had tears in my eyes, I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry over the injustice I saw with my own eyes. After having been taught openly and honestly about Europeans taking away lands from the Native Indians in Swiss school, now I was seeing the truth with my own eyes for the first time.

We drove with the car to a very empty, desert area looking for a particular address. The wind was blowing, like a sand wind, and the sky was reddish and dark. No joke. Like the weather supported as in a motion picture, the depressing atmosphere.

We drove by a mobile home. I remember, as the others checked the map, I stared at this little mobile house in the middle of nowhere. Trash piled up next to it, no American Trash Service goes there! A horse, a donkey, a cow, and a dog. That is ALL THESE PEOPLE HAD!

In that moment, I realized who AMERICA is, they are not a civilized country that respects human beings. They are not the Natives from those Lands. They have NO RIGHT to throw the Natives in their own land into a corner like abused animals and let them rot out. Yes, here is the factual numbers:

When Europeans walked into the Native Indians Lands, there were 60 MILLION Indians.

Wanna know how many still exist as they keep making war with other countries, kill more, steal more, steal oil, sell weapons to both sides to make money off of killing, hate and war?

HALF A MILLION ONLY IS LEFT BY NOW! Abandoned by the World living in tiny, empty, abandoned strips of land, as if not part of the U.S.A. WITHIN the U.S.A.

You didn’t seriously think, I will watch white people abuse their names now and mock their spirituality?

White people now, not THE MASTERS who know the material, write books about them. After killing them, they disrespect their soul by writing even spiritual books about the Native Indians and their Teachings and re-tell things as they like. As it fits to their dirty strategies, AGAIN. Just like white people now making up TRASH RUMORS ABOUT ANCIENT EGYPT’S SPIRITUAL SYMBOLS AND MOCKING VICTIMS OF AN ANCIENT STORY, BUT NOT MENTIONING OF THE EVIL ONE THAT KILLED A KING. Weird isn’t it? THINK and use your brain God gave you, before you go talk LATIN ROMAN ILLUMINATI VATICAN CRAP about EGYPT, it’s a different country that was INVADED by the power hungry Romans and it is a historic fact, that Invaders change the HISTORY OF THE INVADED COUNTRY AFTER TO WIPE AWAY THEIR TRACES AND TRACES OF INJUSTICE, KILLING, RAPING OF EGYPTIAN HIGH PRIESTESSES BY THE ROMANS ETC…

And this is EXACTLY why, the Twins have returned to help. If you ever wondered, what the HOPI BLUE STAR really means, THIS IS IT.

Note For Educational Purpose:

See, Michael read many books and followed always his intuition. He SAW how human beings can twist and turn the truth, so he was skeptical and kept researching history, especially also Afro American Origins. When he sings DOGGONE, OR DOGONE, he means the tribe of the “Dogons”, look it up. When he sings in this song at the start “Boy, is that girl with you? Yes, we are ONE AND THE SAME, he means his TWIN SOUL COMING and that all people will know, this Girl is Michael’s Girl and she does not care if he is white or black or in between, she loves him still. A Twin Soul does not care about race, it’s the soul that matters! And when Mike chose the different cultures featured in this BLACK OR WHITE Short Film, who did he pick to represent Americans? Yes, historically correctly: THE NATIVE INDIANS. Michael had some Native Indian influence in his family as well.

After Michael passed, these racist Business people in America who kept disrespecting him and torturing him with jealousy attacks and lies and all that, took his Black or White Short Film, and edited OUT at the final scene the RACIST WRITINGS on the glass he crashes. That was done on the OFFICIAL MICHAEL JACKSON’S VISION SHORT FILMS DVD RELEASE ON PURPOSE! I know it wasn´t always there and Mike placed it because exactly there was critique and misunderstandings, but once re-released by Michael for such reasons to make sure he is not giving misunderstood signals about “violence” etc…, they change it after he passes and remove it all, for manipulation reasons. In this posted version you SEE THE FULL WORK OF MICHAEL’S REAL VISION.

The message is clear: Michael is raging against Racism and feeling, that what is being done to him with the witch hunt in the press and so forth, IS BASED ON RACISM. I am seeing it myself now, he was right. Look when he screams, in the background, what does the sign say that falls down from his ARCHANGELIC screaming? ROYAL ARMS, as in British Royal Weapon Business etc…open your eyes, man. They kept harassing the man behind the scenes and threatening him and being jealous of him and spreading lies about his d….and sexuality to distance women from him and all they could, over the years. HE SHOWED HIS TRUE FEELINGS AND WHAT HE WENT THROUGH IN HIS WORK.

But People focused on: Oh, Michael grabs his crotch, why?

Well, first of all it’s a gesture between men, a hidden insult to these fat, white men who were fighting Michael, being all jealous. Do I need to mention that men like to “compare things”?

Second, there are many cultures, including Italy having learned it from times long ago when the ancient Egyptian influence was big, use the phallus symbols as a PROTECTION AGAINST NEGATIVE ENERGY AND JEALOUSY. Italian men literally grab their crotches, to avoid “bad luck” or negative energy, or put their thumb sticking out between their two closest fingers, try it. And of course, all that leads back to the “Golden Phallus of Osiris”, which was placed in form of OBELISKS all over Egypt, and then some stolen and placed all over THE GLOBE, because they bring heavenly blessings and protect against the devil, negative energy, bad luck and all that jealousy energy.


THE TWINS: Osiris & IsIs (Michael & Susan)

And it started in 2007, not now, not 2012, not after and all these lies that people keep telling to sell books, make cash, get attention and follow negative instincts inspired by the liars who polluted the Earth.

I have not so openly shared this before, but think now is a good timing to open up about the ECONOMIC CRISIS that happened in 2008, and actually, is not over yet. It was, just like the Arab spring, an OBVIOUS surprise to people around the World. They may say whatever they like, to twist the truth and make themselves appear as if they always have the super control, but the truth is a bit different.

I and Michael, in our past life, have been through the first evil attack on light, twin souls and all that is good and love. Set and his jealousy brought into our Earth this bad energy thousands of years ago. Set IS the so called devil, satan, or however many names they gave him to confuse people about his real identity. Today you have such behavior ACCEPTED AND NORMALIZED in modern Society, people compete, steal, lie, hurt, harass, rape, damage, all things regularly all over the Globe done by people TO GET WHAT THEY WANT. Like Set.

Now, we are back and tricked Set to finish him. Osiris is the full grown Archangel Michael now, after he finished the Devil, just as stated in all stories about him actually. Some things are lie-resistant.

In 2007, I connected with Anubis help, in Los Angeles, to all deceased of the Native Indians. I called ALL THE GHOSTS of the Native Indians, a second time on their original lands where their bodies have been buried. And the focus was to backfire cleansing karma onto the U.S. and especially, it’s ECONOMY. You are NOT allowed to rape, kill, crush, spit on and steal from all others to get your economy going. You are not allowed to kill my beloved Osiris/Michael Jackson and try to via poison get rid of me with him in one hit.

Because you touched my health, and my blossoming love with Michael Jackson while I was guest in your country, studying, living, sharing good vibes with people and being there for friends never having done anything to you bastards, YOUR ECONOMY WENT DOWNHILL. Anubis said in 2008 in L.A.:


He was angry like I have rarely seen him in all the time I know him, and that is a looooong time. He was angry, at how you poisoned me and Michael trying to kill us and damage us healthwise and then, they seriously keep spying on my Computers and tracking me globally as I am miraculously healing with God’s help, that can make all things possible.

Some things don’t work out over time, as jealousy, killing innocent people, stalking a woman that does not love you but loves another and and and. Set taught with this action people who were open to such low energies to hate, to compete, to lie, to manipulate history and spiritual teachings to lead people astray.

This has been going on now for a long, long time. Not all people are like this or have some darkness inside of them, but I have to admit it is rarely that I witness a clean soul in modern time. Sometimes, when I see the difference between where Michael is now and here, I get angry at how God’s wonderful creation, the Earth, is being treated and polluted. I know for a fact, that if we do not change, the Earth will rise up and cleanse us off of her once and for all, and we have to start anew the physical evolution process, the physical experiment God made for us as a learning tool for the LIGHT BODY.

Now, after Dec 21st 2012, I can inform you about a very big secret of Michael’s work:

THE DEVIL IS DONE, FINISHED. He does NOT wander around the souls incarnated on Earth any longer and is simply, not available.








It is a time we all are asked to conclude all our incarnations and bring our beings back into the planned positions. A few have corrupted the Planet so badly, we need to endure unclean air, lakes and sometime whole landscapes. Our minds are being polluted parallel by negative expressions on TV and in modern Books and Music. The Internet is FILLED WITH LIARS, trying to harass anyone that dares to speak up for TRUTH. All signs show clearly, we arrived in a critical time, where all this unclean energy must be cleansed away in order to heal the Planet.

Love sat by long enough now and watched, hoping that Hate would change and remember LOVE. The people who go against Spiritual truths, TWIN SOULS MERGING, history facts twisting them, Native folks all over the globe who live peacefully in their home God created for them, people who abuse modern tools to spy and attack rising truth, people who attack the Ones that FIGHT to help other souls and share truths with them, all those types who DO NOT STOP will have to go, sorry.

See, Heaven is not so far away as you think. All is connected. Therefore, to make a new start, to make sure the INNOCENT SOULS can now continue their evolution of the self and souls, the one’s who stand in the way throwing in disrespectful way dirt into their eyes must neutralized, as Metatron said, to HEAL THE WHOLE.

It does not mean any soul will die or stop existing, that is not even possible is the truth. Archangel Metatron explained it that way in 2011:

The Souls who will be neutralized will lose all that makes them Individuals. Their memories from incarnations and spirit, their personality traits, their names all will be set back to original matter. The basic MATTER the soul is made of, will be the only thing remaining of people who abuse others and tell lies and try to harm HUMANITY. It is a very merciful solution, because if a soul goes that bad, sometimes it cannot be reversed anymore. Some souls are “too sick” and simply won’t stop suffocating other innocent souls. After, from the basic soul material the next revolutionized LIGHT PEOPLE living in Light Bodies will have the opportunity to FORM new children out of the basic material of the souls that God had to purify/neutralize.

Michael Jackson (Osiris)& Susan Elsa(IsIs): Twin Soul Couple
Michael Jackson (Osiris)& Susan Elsa(IsIs): Twin Soul Couple

Video directed by:
Bernardo Antonacci

Music by:
The Enlightened Time

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