The Mystery Schools of Osiris & IsIs

Dear Readers

Quite a while ago, I was like every summer, in vacation in Egypt. We visited a sporting club and met with several friends of my parents, including a friend working at a big bank in Alexandria.

As we sat there talking, in the yard at this nice little table, this older Egyptian Business man started to pause with talking and looked at my face closely. He said then to me, and I will never forget:

“You have such an Egyptian face. I mean, really ancient Egyptian like the Pharaos. Your eyes and your profile is like Nefertiti’s. You should make some pictures, with full pharaonic make up and all, you will see, it will look “antique” and “unique”.”

I remember how I thought about what he said and after noticed a different perspective on my own looks when looking into my mirror and comparing my face and profile…

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